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Gayatri Yantra: Astrology That Heals Your Body and Soul!

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Gayatri Yantra

Have you ever heard of the Gayatri Yantra and wondered what powers it holds? This ancient Vedic symbol can heal your body, mind and soul. The Gayatri Yantra represents the Goddess Gayatri, the mother of the Vedas and the embodiment of knowledge. Placing this yantra in your home or workplace can bring you wisdom, prosperity and spiritual enlightenment.

Here, you’ll learn the meaning and significance of the Gayatri Yantra, the story of Goddess Gayatri’s birth, and the best directions to place this Yantra for maximum benefit. The Gayatri Yantra radiates positive energy and divine grace. Once you understand its power, you’ll want to make it a part of your daily life. Keep reading to get the best out of this Yantra!

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What is Gayatri Yantra?

The Gayatri Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram used in meditation. It represents the goddess Gayatri and how it is used for added blessings for her. Placing this Yantra beside God’s idol, we pray to ask for her blessings for the well-being of family and friends. It is used during Gayatri Pujan and associated hymns.

Components of the Gayatri Yantra

The Gayatri yantra symbol meaning features a lotus flower with 8 petals, representing purity and spiritual unfoldment. In the centre is a triangle, the symbol of creation, knowledge and enlightenment.

  • The 5 triangles inside the central triangle represent the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and space.
  • A circle binds the triangles, signifying the cycle of time.
  • A horizontal and vertical line crosses the triangles, indicating the harmony between the inner and outer worlds.

Who was Goddess Gayatri?

The Goddess Gayatri is a representation of the Divine Mother in Hinduism. According to mythology, she emerged from the body of God Brahma as a goddess with five heads and ten arms. Each of Gayatri’s five heads recited one of the five hymns of the Rig Veda, the most ancient of Hindu scriptures. Goddess Gayatri meaning indicates the mother of the Vedas, the source of all knowledge and wisdom.

Gayatri is often depicted seated on a red lotus, symbolising beauty, purity and divine truth. In her ten hands, she holds objects representing the power of knowledge: books, rosary beads, water pot, lotus, discus, conch shell, bow, arrow, trident, and a sword. Gayatri, the mother of wisdom, knowledge and truth, leads us from darkness to light.

Her most hymns or mantras are a prayer for wisdom, truth, and enlightenment. Chanting the mantra or meditating on her yantra awakens the wisdom within us and helps us achieve moksha or liberation. 

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Significance of Gayatri Yantra

The Gayatri Yantra holds deep significance in Hinduism. It has been in Indian Pujas for ages.

  • The Gayatri Yantra acts as a portal, allowing you to connect with the divine energy of Goddess Gayatri. 
  • By meditating on this yantra, you can tap into her power of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. 
  • The geometric shapes and patterns represent the heaven and the divine energies of the universe. 
  • The Gayatri Yantra grants the power of knowledge and wisdom. The Yantra inspires logical reasoning and an analytical mind.
  • During old Vedic times, priests used to wear this as Gayatri beej yantra. They believed that can transform your life for the better. 
  • These days, it is quite popular as Gayatri Yantra locket. 
  • The Gayatri Yantra illuminates your path to lead a purposeful life filled with knowledge, wisdom and prosperity.

Top 5 Gayatri Yantra Benefits

The Gayatri Yantra offers some powerful benefits when used correctly and with reverence. Here are the top 5 benefits of the Gayatri Yantra:

1. Physical Healing

The Gayatri Yantra is said to have healing powers that can cure diseases and promote health and longevity. When placed in the northeast corner of your home or in the worship room, it helps balance the elemental energies in the space and strengthen your health and immunity. It looks after your proper blood circulation, bone structure, memory power, strength, and digestion.

2. Spiritual Growth

The Gayatri Yantra enhances spiritual progress and awakens higher consciousness. Meditating on the yantra helps one attain peace of mind, overcome negative emotions, and achieve self-realisation. By focusing your awareness on the yantra, you can experience great spiritual insights and a deep sense of calm. This allows you to connect deeply with the divine and allow her qualities to reflect onto you.

3. Protection

The Gayatri Yantra offers protection from negative influences and unseen forces. Placed in the home, it protects the occupants from accidents, misfortunes and dangers. It also shields from the evil eye and wards off bad luck. Any obstruction or hurdles in the path of your success are well managed when the Yantra is worshipped with God’s idol.

4. Prosperity

The Gayatri Yantra brings abundance and prosperity when kept in places of business or work. It helps attract wealth, success and new opportunities. The yantra enhances the growth of finances and careers. It fills your life with professional opportunities, money and fortune. In any career field you choose, this Yantra may offer you the highest satisfaction and also reduce work stress.

5. Wish Fulfillment

The Gayatri Yantra has the power to fulfil desires and accomplish goals. When your wishes and aspirations are focused upon the yantra during meditation or prayer, they gain power and come to fruition with the blessings of Goddess Gayatri. The yantra helps manifest your heart’s deepest longings and life’s purposes.

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Best Vastu Direction For Placing Gayatri Yantra

The Gayatri Yantra, representing the Goddess Gayatri, should be placed in the northeast, east or west area of your home or workplace for the best results. To activate the power of your Gayatri Yantra, proper placement is key. Let us look at them briefly.

1. Gayatri Yantra Direction for Home Vastu

The Gayatri Yantra should be placed in the north-east direction of your home. According to Vastu Shastra, the north-east direction signifies spiritual and intellectual growth. The north-east direction is also associated with the element of water. Since the Gayatri Yantra gathers the goddess Gayatri, who is depicted as seated on a red lotus in water, keeping the yantra in this direction will maximise its energy and benefits.

2. Gayatri Yantra Direction for Office Vastu

The north direction enhances your name, fame and reputation. Placing the Gayatri Yantra facing north in your office will boost your growth. It helps attract more clients and networking opportunities. The north also signifies abundance, so you may find greater results and profits. For the best results, place the Gayatri Yantra on the north wall of your office or on your desk facing north. Make sure there are no obstructions. Clear the space around the yantra and keep it in an elevated position.

3. Gayatri Yantra Direction for Business/Shop Vastu

For a business or shop, the best location is the northeast corner. This activates the energies of wealth and prosperity. Placing your Gayatri Yantra in the northeast corner of your business space brings the natural energies of this direction. This direction is associated with abundance and new beginnings – exactly what you want for your business! Position the yantra so it is visible and can release its beneficial energies throughout your space, i.e. either on the North wall or the East Wall.


Now you know why the Gayatri Yantra holds such power and significance. This sacred symbol can bring tremendous healing and spiritual benefits into your life. Place it in the northeast direction of your home or workspace and meditate on its divine light daily. For more such information and guidance on life, connect to our in-house astrologers at InstaAstro.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of Gayatri Yantra?

Worshipping the Gayatri Yantra is said to grant spiritual enlightenment, remove obstacles, and fulfil desires. It helps one achieve peace of mind, good health, wealth and prosperity.

2. How to energise Gayatri Yantra?

The best way to energise Gayatri Yantra is to face east in the pooja room or meditation area of your home or workplace. It should be at eye level so you can easily see and worship the Yantra.

3. How should I worship the Gayatri Yantra?

The Gayatri Yantra should be worshipped daily or at least once a week. Offer vermilion, turmeric, sandalwood paste, flowers and incense while meditating on the Yantra with associated hymns.

4. What does the Gayatri Yantra represent?

The Gayatri Yantra is a sacred geometrical design that represents the Mother Goddess Gayatri. It signifies the unity of the inner and the outer world and the ultimate reality of the universe.

5. Where should you avoid placing the Gayatri Yantra?

Avoid placing the Gayatri Yantra in the south, west or southwest areas of your business or shop. These directions govern endings, obstacles and challenges.

6. Can I place other items on or around my Gayatri Yantra?

It’s best to keep your Gayatri Yantra in a dedicated space away from other objects. Only place items that boost its power, such as God’s idol, gemstones, crystals or candles.

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