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Crown Chakra (Sahasrara): Opening The Seventh Energy Wheel!

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Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Do you know how our body is connected to the wheels of energy? The Crown Chakra is the energy centre at the top of our head. It’s associated with spirituality and higher consciousness. Opening Chakras are the spiritual technique that allows the energy to flow in our body and connect with the universe. The Sahasrara chakra meaning in Sanskrit, is associated with the thousandfold Chakras.

The Crown Chakra is the 7th and last chakra, the gateway to the higher sense of spirituality and enlightenment. However, with that being said, let us head down to explore what does the crown chakra do and the ways to activate Crown Chakra. 

  • Crown Chakra Location: Head Area
  • Crown Chakra Colour: Violet
  • Crown Chakra Element: Consciousness

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What is Crown Chakra? 

The crown is the topmost chakra from where the energy travels throughout our body. It’s the most significant chakra that allows the energy to travel through the body. This chakra is located in the cerebral cortex of our head which is associated with our spiritual energy and divine awareness. However, this chakra is not associated with any of the physics elements like any other chakras in the chakra wheel. Moreover, the colour linked to the crown chakra is white and violet, and the thousand-petalled lotus symbolises it. 

Moreover, the crown chakra meaning allows individuals to connect with their inner spirituality and wisdom, letting them feel enlightened and have faith in the universe. The Sahasrara Chakra allows us to be more connected spiritually with people, animals and planets as well. Also, this Chakra gives you the opportunity to be selfless and connect with the universe on a deeper level. However, if the Crown chakra is cleared, it opens the gate for all the other chakras to be activated and function well. 

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How does Crown Chakra Work? 

The Sahasrara, or the 7th chakra, is a blissful and spiritual chakra that allows you to manifest and bring your dreams into reality. It gives you the allowance to connect deeply with your higher self and understand the purpose of your existence. Also, this chakra is a sacred chakra that attracts you towards the beautiful things around the world. You always feel connected with people around you and are always ready to offer gratitude and selfless service to people.

Moreover, crown chakra benefits include the wisdom and clarity to look at the universe more clearly. However, when your 7th chakra is balanced, you feel happy and satisfied with your life from within. You do not feel the urge to compare your life with others; rather, you are always satisfied with what you have. You will always be at ease when relaxed and mentally stable because you are always connected to the spiritual realm. So, to know what is your crown chakra symptoms, then head down below. 

Crown Chakra Blocked Symptoms

When individuals face a blockage in their 7th chakras, they experience certain physical and mental symptoms that can affect their overall chakra functioning. So, read below to learn about the crown chakra imbalance symptoms. 

  • If the individual crown chakra is blocked, they may face severe headaches and migraine pain that can get worse when not treated well. So, for that, you need to make sure that your crown chakras are well-balanced. 
  • During this period, you feel that you are disconnected from the spiritual world. You feel detached from your inner self. 
  • The unbalanced and closed Crown chakra leads to a lack of focus and spiritual growth. It makes you feel more confused and distracted all the time. 
  • The disturbed crown chakra can also lead to insomnia, physical exhaustion, stress and dizziness. 

How to Activate Crown Chakra 

So, if you’ve been facing the above-mentioned crown chakra blocked symptoms, then it’s the best time for you to get your hands on the crown chakra activation techniques, which have been mentioned below. 

Crown Chakra Affirmations 

  • I am loved, adored, and valued by this Universe.
  • I am always connected to spirits. 
  • The Universe always guides me.
  • My life is beautiful and sacred.

Crown Chakra Crystals 

  • Amethyst: This crystal stone allows you to keep your state of mind at peace. It improves your sleep schedule and keeps your headaches and migraines at ease. 
  • Clear Quartz: The clear Quartz is a beneficial stone that gives you mental clarity, so that it enhances your ability to think clearly. 
  • Diamond: The diamond crystal gemstone can keep your crown chakra balanced by connecting you to your inner consciousness. It activates and aligns your divine energy. 
  • White topaz: The shiny white crystal stone can help you manifest your dreams and desires. It also helps you remove negative energy and keeps you active and joyful. 

Crown Chakra Yoga Poses

  • Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose): This yoga posture makes your spine, head and shoulder flexible, which can also activate your Sarasrasa Chakra. 
  • Headstand: The headstand yoga posture enhances your ability to visualise and think clearly. 
  • Uttanasana: This yoga posture allows you to keep your mind free from clutter. Also, it improves the blood flow in your brain. 
  • Sarvangasana: As the crown chakra is associated with the head, this yoga can enhance your mental ability and strengthen your power to retain things in your head. 

Meditations for Crown Chakra 

  • AUM or Om is the sound you chant while meditating, which is believed to be the sound of the universe. 
  • Sitting in a silent place and giving yourself space is one of the best techniques for balancing crown chakra. 
  • Sound healing sessions such as gong baths and Tibetan singing bowls can allow you to connect with the divine. 
  • Making a Maha Mayuri Mudra for balancing Crown Chakra with your fingers while meditating can also be the best way to connect with your energy centres. 

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The 7th chakra in the head is an essential aspect of the Chakra that connects you to all the other spiritual energies. So, make sure to keep your crown chakra balanced by practising the above-given crown chakra activating techniques. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is the 7th chakra?

The 7th Chakra is the crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit. This chakra is the most important chakra among all the other chakras because it is the gateway for spiritual energy that flows throughout the body.

2. What is the crown chakra responsible for?

The crown chakra is responsible for the ability to enhance your spiritual energy and wisdom. This chakra allows you to see the world around you with more clarity and to be sympathetic towards others.

3. Where is crown chakra located?

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head. This chakra allows you to connect more deeply with your inner self.

4. What happens when the crown chakra is activated?

When your crown chakra is balanced and activated, it means that you have confidence in yourself, inner peace, a feeling of being connected to your life purpose, and an ability to understand it.

5. What blocks the crown chakra?

The crown chakra can be blocked due to various reasons, like if you let your thoughts and ideas overpower. Also, limiting yourself from opening up with people around you can be the reason for the blocked crown chakra.

6. What are the symptoms of crown chakra?

The main symptom of Crown Chakra is that you feel disconnected from people who are even close to you, be it your family or friends. Moreover, you will have a very negative outlook towards your life. Physical ailments can also affect your crown chakra.

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