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Choose your Zodiac Lucky Charm for 2023

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Zodiac Lucky Charm

Everybody loves having a little extra luck on their side. Although hard work has always been the key to success, keeping a good luck charm or a talisman could take you a step ahead. They could not lead you to financial success. Still, they could change your personality entirely, like filling up your spirits with positive energy, motivation, curiosity in life, and wanting to be happy. To grab all the luck and opportunities in 2023, get to know your lucky charms according to your Zodiac signs. 

Good luck charms list for each Zodiac in 2023


The planet Mars, a planet of passion, governs an Aries. So, Generally, the person with this zodiac sign is passionate about everything in their life. They could be the best lovers you have or the worst enemy. A Carnelian Stone is the Aries lucky charm, balancing out their energies and bringing in a lot of luck. Additionally, this orangish red diamond helps them cope with any health issues.

Aries Zodiac Sign


In 2023, the Taurian zodiacs should go for an Emerald accessory. It could be a ring or a pendant, or even a bracelet. Emeralds enhance intellectual and vocational skills bringing in a lot of perspectives. So, this bright green gemstone could bring a lot of positivity and luck to a Taurus in 2023.

Taurus Zodiac Sign


This Zodiac is the most effervescent of all. They are filled with so much zeal sometimes you might feel that they don’t get tired even after a hectic day. And this is because this air sign is associated with Mercury, the fastest-moving planet. So Agate Coasters would be a lucky charm for this zodiac sign; also, it will stabilize their physical energy.  

Gemini Zodiac Sign


The best Zodiac-related lucky charm for the compassionate Cancer sign would be a moonstone. Since the Moon governs this Zodiac, a moonstone ignites the cancer sign’s original qualities and brings them good luck in 2023. In addition, they could do meditation practices while wearing this gemstone; it will further increase their intuition power.

Cancer Zodiac Sign 


Leos are the most confident and self-centered people you will ever meet. Sun being the parent planet, sometimes makes them lose their temper quickly. They are born leaders; their parent planet also governs this quality. Citrine rings would be an absolute good luck charm for any Leo in 2023—Citrine stone tones down the negativity from surroundings and relationships.  

Leo Zodiac Sign


Virgo is the only zodiac sign with two opposite personality traits because it is governed by the earth, as its element and parent planet is Mercury. This combination makes them balanced, sorted, and at peace with life. Moreover, Virgos are known to be the most well-organized beings. Therefore, for 2023, a lucky charm for a Virgo would be a fancy pen so they could organize things and their thoughts with extra clarity. Also, they would love a beautiful good luck pen box.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

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A Libra won’t complain easily. A libra can bottle up their feelings to themselves for the longest. As their parent planet being, Venus, a planet of love and beauty, blesses them with profound love and beauty in their life. They will also love you unconditionally, but it could take a click to shove you out of their life. Rose Quartz allows them to heal emotionally and brings peace to their mind. It would be a perfect lucky charm for them.

Libra Zodiac Sign


“Eagle” would be the lucky charm for all the scorpions in 2023. It is not an actual eagle, but it could be something with an eagle made on it, like a painting, jewelry box, earring, or a key chain. As Pluto and Mars rule this water sign, it keeps fluctuating from its original state. An eagle motif will help allow it to perceive things with more clarity. Moreover, it will let them take a stand for themselves. 

Scorpio Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius is the most flexible and adaptable sun sign on the entire zodiac chart. Blue topaz, the birthstone of every Sagittarius, is also their lucky charm for 2023. Being a fire sign, it craves peace and wisdom, and a blue topaz ring or a good luck pendant necklace would bring it all for them at an eternal level.  

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign


Being controlled by the planet Saturn, a Capricorn is “a soldier never off duty.” Extremely motivated, dedicated, and workaholic are a few traits of this earth sign. Although they are grounded because of their element, the parent planet never allows them to stop. Therefore, an Amber ring or amulet will bring a lot of luck and clarity to this Zodiac.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign


Anything with blue color will bring extreme luck to this Uranus-governed Zodiac. Blue brings tranquillity and peace to mind, which helps in calming down this changing water sign. However, gifting a Garnet, a shiny red, yellow, or green stone, brings in the same effect for an Aquarius. Garnet-based jewelry will make them lucky and stylish at the same time.  

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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In 2023, an amethyst would bring in all the luck for a Pisces. This changing water sign is associated with Neptune, a planet of imagination and dreams. Now wearing an amethyst calms down their wildest fantasies and allows them to shape them practically and put them to some use. However, a lavender-based oil or scents would also bring in the calm by balancing their sleep cycle and Vastu chakra. 

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs):

1. Are lucky charms the same as birthstones?

Birthstones remain fixed, but the lucky charms keep changing with time.

2. Is Leo man gold lucky?

According to astrology, the elements present in gold are perfect for bringing health and wealth to this Zodiac.

3. How does wearing lucky charms help?

Yes, wearing a lucky charm tends to help an individual attract positivity and also good luck in their life. Along with this, the lucky charms also bring fortune for the individuals.

4. Which zodiac sign is the luckiest?

The luckiest zodiac sign is known to be the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The natives are known to be one of the most lucky individuals.

5. What is the lucky gemstone for 2023?

The lucky gemstone for the year 2023 is Aquamarine. The stone is said to bring positivity, luck and fortune to an individual’s life. Thus, it is the lucky gemstone for 2023.

6. How can I find my lucky charm?

In order to know your lucky charm, you will have to look for an abject that holds meaning to you. Moreover, you must choose an object that you feel is connected with you. The feeling of having something brings luck in your life can be termed to be your lucky charm.

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