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Understanding the Basics of Chandra Kundali Analysis 

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Chandra Kundali

Wouldn’t it be great to know how emotionally strong or weak you are? Or maybe if you got a chance to sneak inside the future and know what’s going to happen in the future already. Meet another interesting aspect of astrology: Chandra Kundali analysis or Moon Chart, ready to spill the secrets of your emotional side.

Do you know that just by looking at the position of the Moon at the time of your birth, a Moon chart can tell a lot about your overall personality? So, do you want to know about your emotional side in a bit more depth? If yes, then be with us till the end to learn how you can analyse your moon chart in simple steps. 

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What is Chandra Kundli? 

If we get into the basics of Chandra Kundali, the position of the Moon at the time of an individual’s birth plays an important role. Well, the Moon chart or Chandra kundali is prepared only when an astrologer knows about the position of the moon at the time of the birth. But what does a moon chart do? Why is it so important in astrology?

How emotionally stable you are, how well you perceive ups and downs in your life, all this can be revealed just by the position of the moon. Basically, the planet Moon is responsible for all the chaos or ups and downs inside your mind. This is because it plays with and also controls your mind. Knowing about your emotional side in advance lets you deal with the upcoming challenges or obstacles in your life. 

What is the Significance of the Moon Chart in Vedic Astrology 

Calling a moon chart or Chandra kundali the heart of vedic astrology would not be wrong. Why, you may ask? Well, since the beginning, the Moon has always been given a different importance in vedic astrology. Let us take you back to ancient times when no instruments were available to calculate the exact birth time of an individual. So, this is why days were given much more importance than hours. This is when our star planet, Moon, took centre stage. Reason? Unlike the Sun, the Moon changes its position from one zodiac to another in two and a quarter days. Since then, astrologers included the most important factor while analysing the birth chart of an individual. 

Along with this, the lord of an individual’s birth sign is the Moon. Not only this, the horoscope we read every day is prepared on the basis of the moon sign. Not only this, but at the time of Chandra kundali marriage, the moon sign of both the bride and groom are analysed. 

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How to do Chandra Kundli/Moon Chart Analysis? 

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the world of Chandra Kundli? Well, a Moon chart analysis is no less than a mirror that reveals a lot about your emotions, hidden secrets and instincts. Do you want to take a deep look inside yourself with the help of Moon chart analysis? So, come with us as we tell you the basic steps to analyse your moon chart in astrology. 

1. Obtain a Moon Chart:

The first and foremost step in Moon chart analysis is to get your moon chart or Chandra kundali prepared. For this, you need to take the help of an expert astrologer who would read the actual position of the Moon at the time of your birth and make you a Moon chart. 

2. Identify your Moon sign: 

Once you get your hands on your Chandra Kundli, the next step is to look out for your moon sign. The planet of inner emotions and feelings, the Moon, could be placed anywhere in your birth chart at the time of your birth. For example, if it is placed in the fiery sign Aries, then the only thing that describes your personality is bold and emotional behaviour. Or if it is seated in the zodiac sign Cancer, then instead of being bold and courageous, you choose to be a little sensitive and emotional. 

3. Consider the important aspects: 

It is not possible that the planet Moon would be sitting alone in your kundali. There are strong chances that any other planet is giving company to him in your Chandra Kundali. The combination of the moon with other planets came to be known as an aspect that plays an important role in shaping your personality. Let’s take an example: Suppose the planet Moon is making a duo in your kundali with Jupiter, then it can shake things up on your emotional side. On the other hand, if the Moon decides to be friends with the planet of delays and obstacles, Saturn, then emotional challenges are guaranteed. 

4. Interpret the houses 

After the analysis of planets and aspects, it is time to give some attention to houses in astrology. The next step involves knowing in which houses Moon decides to rest. For example, if the Moon in your Chandra kundali decides to rest in the 4th house, it indicates a lot about your family life. Well, the 4th house in astrology revolves around familial bonds, roots and lineage. So a better and better position of Moon in your 4th house not only strengthens your family bonds but also gets rid way of any disputes or arguments. 

5. Consider the other factors: 

After analysing the exact position of the Moon in your Chandra Kundli, you need to mix all the points you noted down during the moon chart analysis. Combining all these points together gets you an exact picture of your life’s destiny. Moreover, it also sheds light on the chances of your Chandra kundli marriage and even details of childbirth. To analyse your moon chart, again, you can take the help of an expert astrologer who will decode your moon chart in detail. 


Now you know how important a Chandra kundali is to sneak inside your inner emotions and secrets. It not only lets you discover the side you were totally unaware of but also drops hints of your destiny. We hope that you may shine the brightest like the Moon and take a step closer to your emotional journey. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Does Kundli change with time?

No, as per vedic astrology, a birth chart or kundali of an individual does not change with time. This is because a kundali is prepared based on the positions of planets at the time of birth, date of birth and location of birth of an individual.

2. Is Chandra kundli important?

As per vedic astrology, a Chandra kundali is one of the important aspects. A Chandra kundali is prepared on the basis of the position of the moon at the time of birth of an individual. The planet moon reveals a lot about a person’s hidden personality as well as his future.

3. What is the difference between Chandra Kundali and Lagna kundli?

The most important factor that separates a lagna kundali and the Chandra kundali is how it is prepared. A Lagna kundali is prepared only when the position of the planets is known at the time of an individual’s birth. On the other hand, a chandra kundali focuses on the position of the moon at the individual’s birth.

4. Which house is good for Chandra?

Of all the twelve houses in vedic astrology, only the 4th house is considered the best for Chandra. This is because it revolves around the themes of home, familial bonds and roots. The placement of the Moon in the 4th house makes a person connected with his family and lineage.

5. What is Chandra Kundali used for?

Other than lagna kundali, a Chandra kundali focuses on reading an individual’s real and hidden personality. Along with this, a moon chart can also tell a lot about a person’s characteristics and overall personality traits.

6. Is Chandra kundli important for marriage?

Not only does a chandra kundali is important for marriage, but also it reveals details about childbirth. While looking for details about Chandra kundali marriage, an astrologer also tries to look into the details about emotions, instincts and responses of a person only to know how his relationship will be.

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