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Chaitra Navratri Day 6: Worship Maa Katyayani for Prosperity

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Chaitra Navratri Day 6

The navratra 6th day denotes Shashti or Sashti, the sixth day after the new moon in the Hindu month of Ashwin. So, on this day, the Goddess we worship is in the form of Katyayani. She is the warrior goddess and symbolises the power of all nine forms of Maa Durga. People worship and offer her prayers in order to gain the blessings of the Goddess. To know more, read below. 

Chaitra Navratri Day 6: Muhurat and Tithi timings

  • Puja Muhurat Start Time: 13 April 12:04 PM
  • Puja Muhurat End time: 14 April 11:44 AM
  • Date: 14th April 2024, Sunday

Chaitra Navratri Day 6: Maa Katyayani Story

The story of Goddess Katyayani traces back to ancient Hindu mythology. According to legend, a powerful demon named Mahishasura had received a boon from Lord Brahma that made him invincible to all male beings. The demon became arrogant and began to cause destruction and chaos in the world.

The Gods were powerless to defeat Mahishasura and turned to Goddess Parvati for help. So, Parvati took on the form of Katyayani and went to the forest to perform intense penance to seek the blessings of Lord Brahma. She meditated for thousands of years, standing on one leg with her arms raised.

Impressed by her devotion and determination, Lord Brahma granted her the boon she sought – the power to defeat Mahishasura. Thus, Katyayani went into battle with the demon. The fierce and powerful Katyayani could defeat him and restore peace.

Maa Katyayani

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Chaitra Navratri Day 6: Rituals, Daan and Mantras

Chaitra Navratri day 6 holds great significance for devotees of the Goddess, who observe fasts and perform special puja rituals to seek her blessings. Here are some of the puja rituals associated with Navratri Day 6:

Maa Katyayani Puja Vidhi

Devotees begin the day by performing a special puja dedicated to Goddess Katyayani. The puja involves offering the Goddess flowers, fruits, and other items, chanting mantras, and lighting incense and lamps.

  • Fasting: Devotees observe fasts on this day as a mark of devotion to the Goddess. They abstain from eating grains and consume only fruits, milk, and other light foods throughout the day.
  • Havan: Devotees perform Havan, or fire ritual, on Chaitra Navratri Day 6 to purify the environment and invoke the blessings of the Goddess. Moreover, the ritual involves chanting mantras and offering ghee, rice, and other items to the sacred fire.
  • Navratri Bhog: Devotees prepare unique dishes on this day as an offering to the Goddess. These dishes are later distributed among family and friends as prasad.
  • Donation: Giving donations to the needy is essential to Navratri rituals. On Day 6, devotees donate clothes, food, and other essentials to the poor and the underprivileged.


Mantras are powerful sacred utterances used in Hinduism to invoke the blessings and guidance of the divine. There are several mantras connecting to Goddess Katyayani, and chanting these mantras helps devotees connect with her and receive her blessings. Hence, here are some of the most popular mantras for worshipping Maa Katyayani:

  1. Maa Katyayani Mantra: “Om Devi Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari Nandgopsutam Devipatim Me Kuru Te Namah”. This is the primary mantra associated with Maa Katyayani. It helps devotees overcome challenges in life and to bless them with the power to choose their path in life.
  2. Katyayani Gayatri Mantra: “Om Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari Nandgopsutam Devipatim Me Kuru Te Namah”. This variation of the Katyayani mantra helps devotees attain spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Katyayani Maha Mantra: “Hreem Shreem Kleem Katyayani Sarvajagadadhatri Swaha”. This mantra encourages devotees to overcome negative energies and to bless them with prosperity and abundance.
  4. Katyayani Stotram: “Chandrhasojvalakara Shardulvarvahna Katyayani Shubham Dadyad Devi Danavghatini”. Finally, this hymn dedicated to Goddess Katyayani helps devotees attain spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

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Maa Katyayani

A lot of you might wonder, ‘katyayani mantra works in how many days’? We have the answer to that too! The effectiveness of the Katyayani mantra can vary depending on several factors. These include the sincerity and dedication of the devotee, the purity of the intention, and the specific situation or problem being addressed.

Thus, regularly chanting the Katyayani mantra with devotion and faith can help attain blessings from the Goddess. However, the time it takes for the mantra to work may vary for each individual.

Chaitra Navratri Day 6: Do’s and Don’ts

What to do?

  • Respect all the puja vidhis and wash your hands before touching any puja items.
  • Also, the Diya should be burning throughout the puja.
  • Moreover, take a bath in holy water at the beginning of the day.

What not to do?

  • Avoid onion garlic, and other non-vegetarian food.
  • Also, do not cut your nails or hair.
  • Avoid wearing leather-made clothing like belts and wallets.
  • Someone should be present to keep the Akhand Jyot burning. Hence, do not leave the house empty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the 6th Day of navratri colours and flowers associated with Maa Katyayani?

The colours and flowers associated with Goddess Katyayani are Colour Red – Maa Katyayani colour; red represents power, strength, and determination. Flowers: Jasmine – Jasmine flowers are auspicious for worshipping Goddess Katyayani.

2. What is the significance of the sixth Day of Navratri?

The sixth day of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Katyayani. This day is auspicious for seeking the blessings of the Goddess for strength, courage, and determination.

3. Which rituals to practice on Chaitra Navratri Day 6?

The rituals associated with the sixth day of Navratri include performing a special puja dedicated to Goddess Katyayani, observing a fast, donating to the needy, performing Havan, and offering unique dishes as prasad.

4. What is the 6th day of Navratri mantra?

There are several mantras associated with Goddess Katyayani for the 6th day of Navratri, including the Katyayani mantra, the Katyayani Gayatri mantra, the Katyayani Maha Mantra, and the Katyayani Stotram.

5. What are the benefits of worshipping Goddess Katyayani?

Worshipping Goddess Katyayani blesses the strength to follow the right path in life. Moreover, she helps overcome obstacles and challenges in life and guides devotees towards spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

6. What to avoid during Navratri fasting on the sixth day?

During Navratri fasting on the sixth day, devotees should avoid consuming grains, onions, garlic, non-vegetarian food, and alcohol. Instead, they should consume only fruits, milk, and light foods throughout the day.

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