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The Birth Chart Analysis of Independent India

By September 11, 2020September 19th, 2023No Comments
India Astrology Chart

Independent India

Since 1947, India has changed a lot and faced countless challenges to keep itself united. The time when India got freedom was not favourable at all. Popular belief says that the stars cursed August 15, 2020. As India was bound to choose between August 14 and August 15, it chose a timing that was less inflicting. According to the writers of Freedom at Midnight book, astrologer Swamin Madamanand wrote to Mountbatten, saying, “For the love of God, do not give India her independence on August 15. If floods, famine, and massacres follow, it will be because free India was born on a day cursed by the stars.”

Let’s read the horoscope of India According to India Astrology Chart and check out what it has in its bags for Indians. Also, let’s find out more about the horoscope of India and India astrology chart.

Horoscope of Independent India

Indian Independence Details

  • Date of Independence: August 15, 1947
  • Independence Time: 00:00 (12:00 AM, Midnight)
  • Place of Independence: New Delhi, Delhi, India

The position of Rahu is in the Lagna or ascendant of the horoscope.
With the positioning of Rahu in the ascendant, it is clear that skepticism and western culture will prevail the Indian society. It also shows that Indian religion and culture will face incessant exhaustion. Moreover, exploitation by the higher authorities will be a common feature of the new India.

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Ketu occupies the seventh house

It means that it is hard for India to establish good relations with neighboring countries like China, Pakistan. It also indicates to the war-like situation and lack of coordination.

Five stars in the third house
In the India Astrology Chart, there is a big unification of five planets such as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. It points out to the domination of women in the nation. The placement of Sun in the third house along with Saturn clearly indicates the division of India and Pakistan at the birth of the nation. The combination of five planets called Panchagrahi Yutis in the horoscope of the country was unfavorable for not only the country itself but also society.

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Jupiter in the sixth house
Jupiter is the planet of religion and its placement in the sixth house in the horoscope of independent India indicates the defilement of Indian culture and religion. Moreover, India will always face financial crisis and debt like conditions.

Exalted Mars in the horoscope
This positioning of Mars in the house of Gemini is weak and the exalted planet shows that India will get high youth power and will make a beautiful future.

If Lord Mountbatten had listened to Indian astrologers, the future of India would have been different. Moreover, you are not stuck in a Mountbatten choice formula, talk to astrologers to know the right time to start new things and avoid the ill-effects of bad planets positioned in your horoscope on your life.

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