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Is Raj Yog In Kundli The Reason For Bill Gates’s Success?

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Bill Gate Kundli

Bill Gates is a very influential person and is known for being one of the richest persons. Understanding Bill Gates Kundali will be quite interesting and we can also look for the same factors in our Kundli as well to understand the money matters in our Kundli. Let’s move ahead and see what are Bill Gates details:


Bill Gates’s Birth Details

  • Date of Birth: 28 October 1955, 20:58:00
  • Day of Birth: Friday
  • Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Rashi or Moon Sign: Pisces
  • Nakshatra: Uttarabhadra
  • Ascendant: Gemini  

Is the Sun Sign and Moon Sign Favourable for Bill Gates?

We have learned about Bill Gates date of birth and time. Now, we will understand whether the Sun sign and Moon sign are favourable for Bill Gates and how these signs affect his personality. Let’s move forward to understand it.

1. Bill Gates Sun Sign: Scorpio

According to the Bill Gates birth chart, the Sun sign is Scorpio. We know how much a Scorpio is passionate about whatever they want and we would agree that a Scorpio personality works really hard.

He is not only known for his hard work but staying loyal towards what you want and what you have also plays a very important role in being successful as this makes sure that you are not getting distracted from your goals and manifestation.

The planetary placements in Bill Gates Kundli create a happy, peaceful and safe environment for him and this supports him in achieving his goals and this inspires him and other people to be dedicated to what they want.

2. Bill Gates Moon Sign: Pisces

The Moon Sign Pisces in Bill Gates Kundali makes his personality very sensitive. He is also very good at being intuitive and his intuition guides him in good or bad times. 

Bill Gates is also a very logical person and his logic helps in winning the situation which makes them happy being a competitive person. His tenth house is being blessed with Mercury and this blesses him with great communication skills. 

We can say that the Pisces Moon Sign works very well for him and the Venus Mahadasha also helped him with the planetary positions to be at the place where he is now. 

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Bill Gates Kundli Analysis: How Planets will Impact his Life? 

Now, that we have understood how the Sun sign and Moon sign have worked in the favour of Bill Gates and now we will do a Kundli Analysis and we will see how Planets have been impacting his major parts of life and how it will continue to effect him.

1. Bill Gates General Events

Bill Gates Kundali shows the General events which has been done or will happen in future, this shows his personality where he believes in equality and treat everyone equally. 

He has a pure heart and would never prefer to hurt anyone even when he is upset. We should learn to control our emotions when we are emotional with him. He is wise, knowledgeable and has a powering personality. 

Bill Gates Kundli shows he is a true person to his family and can do anything to save them. He also believes in forgiving people where he can forget them who hurts him.

2. Bill Gates Education and Career

Bill Gates was not from a very wealthy family but with his hard work, skills and knowledge he is here and became a very influential person. He was a bright student and has deep interest in the fine arts. 

Not only this, he was never scared of being a failure as he knew even if he failed he would do his best the next time. He was interested in learning stuff practically with experience according to the Bill Gates Kundali.

3. Bill Gates Health

We can see in the Bill Gates Kundli that there will be no major challenges related to health and we can also see that there will be major changes in life that could have happened in the age of 19, 21, 28, 30, 35 and 42. 

4. Bill Gates Family Life

Bill Gates Kundali shows that he would have a supportive spouse and we can see that in the reality as well how Mrs. Melinda French Gates supports him in everything and appreciates him.

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Bill Gates Yoga Formation in the Kundli

Bill Gates Horoscope has different Yoga in it which helps Bill Gates with the wealth and Influence over people he has on people. 

1. Adhi Yog:

The planets Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus form Adhi Yog in the 6th, 7th, and 8th positions from the Moon in the birth chart. This yoga brings enjoyment, happiness, luxury, and a long life. Bill Gates has all three beneficial planets well-placed, strengthening yoga and bringing him wealth and happiness.

2. Neechabhanga Raj Yog:

The Sun in the 2nd house is weakening in the 4th house in Bill Gates chart, but its weakness is cancelled due to its conjunction with high-ranked Saturn, forming Neechbhanga Raj Yog. This yoga contributes to Bill Gates king-like status and fortune he has.

3. Dhan Yog:

The conjunction of the 2nd Sun and the 11th Venus in the 4th house in Bill Gates Kundli creates Dhan Yog. In Bill Gates chart, this yoga has extra strength as it is formed in an auspicious house, and Venus increases its auspiciousness.

4. Malvya Yog:

Venus posited in the 4th house with it’s own sign forms Malvya Yog in Bill Gates chart. This yoga, being one of the Mahapurushayogas, makes him wealthy, good-looking, and happy, and ensures a happy family life, long life, and a lot of luxuries.

5. Shasha Yog:

Saturn posited in its sign of High ranked in the 4th house forms Shasha Yog in Bill Gates chart. This Mahapurushayog gives him many people ready to agree with him and provides him with all the good facilities in life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is Bill Gates Zodiac Sign?

Bill Gates Zodiac Sign is Scorpio.

2. Which planet blesses Money in Bill Gates Kundali?

The planet Jupiter blesses Bill Gates with money in his Kundali.

3. Which Yoga is formed in the Bill Gates birth chart known as King Yoga?

The Neechabhanga Raj Yoga is known as the King Yoga which is formed in the birth chart of Bill Gates.

4. What is Bill Gates age?

Bill Gates age is 68.

5. What is Bill Gates's lucky number as per numerology?

The lucky numbers are 1, 5 and 6.

6. What is Bill Gates lucky colour according to his zodiac sign?

The lucky colour, according to the Scorpio zodiac sign, is Black, maroon, deep purple and navy blue.

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