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The Perfect August Gemstone: Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel!

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Perfect August Gemstone

Did you know that each month has its own unique gemstone? Well, in August, there are not just one but three beautiful birthstones to celebrate! These sparkling gems are Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel. Each one is unique and has its own special meaning. Wearing these gemstones can open the door to good luck and fortune for you. However, there are certain ways to wear these stones to receive the maximum benefits. Let’s dive into the world of August gemstone and discover their beauty and significance!

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What are August Gemstones?

August gemstones are stones which benefit those who are born in August. These stones are extremely lucky for Leos and Virgos. August is an extraordinary month. It is because this month has three captivating birthstones: Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel.

The vibrant green Peridot is a symbol of strength. It brings good luck and protects us against negative energies. Sardonyx, on the other hand, has layers of red and white bands, promoting stability and happiness. This stone is also famous for its grounding properties. Lastly, Spinel, with its wide range of colours, including red, pink, blue, and violet, represents beauty and inspiration.

Spinel is famous for its durability and beauty, making it a popular gemstone in various jewellery pieces. Those born in August are fortunate to have this trio of birthstones, each possessing unique qualities. Wearing or keeping these stones can help you receive many great benefits.

1. Peridot Stone

The peridot stone is a beautiful green stone which is highly beneficial for its wearer. It is a mineral olivine stone which has great historical significance. People use this stone for many astrological and spiritual purposes. Furthermore, this stone acts as a healer and helps in meditation. So if you are looking to bring a Peridot home, the Peridot birthstone month, August, is the best time for you.

The Peridot stone meaning comes from the Arabic word Faridad which means gem. This gemstone is one of the rare gemstones which only have one colour. Therefore, its colours range from yellowish green to deep green.

Interesting Facts about Peridot Stone

This august gemstone has various historical stories which highlight its amazing qualities. According to gemstone experts and scholars, this stone is used as a tool of protection in Europe. Ancient priests and religious leaders often wore this stone.

Peridot also has its roots in ancient Rome. Historians say that Romans wore the Peridot stone for protection against evil forces or magic. Because of its colour, it is often mistaken for emeralds. The Three Holy Kings shrine was also built with these stones.

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How to Use Peridot Stone

  • To maximise the benefits of Peridot stone, you can wear it as jewellery items like earrings, pendants, and bracelets are the most common Peridot jewellery.
  • You can also use this stone for meditation. Focus on the stone while meditating and connecting with your spiritual nature.
  • The best place to keep the Peridot is on your window. This is because sunlight gives it energy.
  • According to Feng Shui, you should place this stone in your home where you store money or valuable items. This attracts wealth and abundance to your house.

Benefits of Peridot Stone

  • This magical August gemstone has the influence of Mercury. Therefore, people use it to remove the negative effects of Mercury from their Kundli.
  • It is also a healing stone. Hence, many people use it to balance their chakras and practice healing. It helps us in dealing with any past trauma or wounds.
  • Furthermore, this stone has associations with qualities like warmth and compassion. It is a useful gemstone in promoting friendships as well as relationships.
  • The colour green represents harmony. Therefore, people with Peridot as their birthstone attract fortune in their lives. They can also achieve success in their careers.
  • This birthstone can also help with managing your emotion. It can help drive away negativity and ill thoughts. This is because Peridot has a strong connection to the Heart Chakra.

2. Spinel Stone

This August birthstone is bright and charming. It can come in various colours like orange, blue, violet and purple. However, the red Spinel is the most widely used Spinel in astrology. The origin of its name comes from Spina, which is a word in Latin. This word means thorn.

This gemstone has various medicinal properties. Therefore, it was widely used in curing diseases of the blood. Moreover, the Spinel symbolises having control over your anger. It is a beautiful stone, and people born in August can wear it in various jewellery items.

Interesting Facts about Spinel Stone

Spinel is a magnetic stone. Therefore, sailors used this stone to activate their compasses. Throughout history, spinel gemstones found their way into the treasuries of kings, queens, and rulers across different civilisations.

Spinel was often confused with other gemstones like ruby and sapphire due to its similar appearance. One of the most famous instances of this confusion is the “Black Prince’s Ruby.” It is a large red spinel that adorns the British Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom. The gem was believed to be a ruby but was later identified as a spinel.

How to use Spinel Stone

  • You can use Spinel by placing it under the full moon, as this stone receives its power from the moon.
  • Furthermore, you can receive great benefits if you keep this stone close to your body, as it improves blood circulation. Therefore, if you are making a Spinel pendant, make sure that you keep the caging open so that the stone can touch your skin.
  • You can also wear it with other stones like yellow turquoise, tiger eye, amber and onyx. These will give you benefits in different areas of life.
  • Additionally, keeping the Spinel stone next to your pillow can improve sleeping and reduce nightmares.

Benefits of Wearing Spinel Stone

  • This is an excellent stone for managing your anger. It gives you better control over your anger and prevents you from acting impulsively.
  • Spinel is great for recharging your energy. Meditating with a spinel stone can help you let go of stress and bring positive energy to you.
  • Furthermore, this stone is extremely helpful for issues related to blood circulation.
  • The planet Mars rules over Spinel. Therefore, wearing Spinel can give you blessings from Mars and get rid of the ill effects of Mars from your Kundli.
  • Spinel can attract success and prosperity in various aspects of life. It also has the power to remove obstacles and help the wearer achieve their goals.

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3. Sardonyx Stone

Sardonyx birthstone is a variety of onyx stones. It has bands of brownish-red and white colours. These colours are the reason behind Sardonyx meaning. This is because it is inspired by the Greek words Sard meaning red, and onyx, meaning nail. The stone has been used in jewellery and decorative arts for centuries. Therefore, it holds significance in various cultures. Sardonyx brings courage, happiness, and stability to the wearer.

Interesting Facts about Sardonyx Stone

Across history, this stone has represented strength and courage. In the Roman Empire, soldiers wore this stone and went to war. This is because there was a common belief that Sardonyx would protect them on the battlefield.

Sardonyx also has had great value in Islamic and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries. Many ancient texts talk about this stone. Many Folklore and traditions also mention its protective properties. Furthermore, it was used in Egypt as a protector against various negative energies.

How to use Sardonyx Stone

  • Sardonyx is a great stone for meditation. You can place it in your area of worship, and it will bring out its positive energy.
  • According to Feng Shui, keeping this stone in the southwest part of your home can bring success to relationships.
  • Keep this stone in the centre of your home to attract harmony and overall peace.
  • Additionally, it would be very beneficial to keep this stone with you at all times.
  • Furthermore, you can charge this stone with water or by keeping it under the sun.

Benefits of Sardonyx Stone

  • Sardonyx birthstone blesses those born in August with courage and resilience. Wearing this stone can help overcome various obstacles as well as fears.
  • Furthermore, this stone is also connected with the throat chakra. This means that this stone gives individuals the ability to speak the truth and communicate easily.
  • It also gives individuals stability and balance. Therefore, people who wear this stone are calm in all situations.
  • This stone helps cure diseases of hair, kidneys and heart. Therefore, the Sardonyx stone has healing properties.
  • Wearing this stone also gives a person clarity of thought. They do not let negativity enter their minds. Additionally, it also helps individuals sleep better.

In conclusion, wearing an August birthstone brings beauty and good luck to your life. Spinel, Peridot and Sardonyx are beautiful options for you to choose from. These birthstones are not just pretty stones; they carry the power to transform your life. To know more about such interesting birthstones, visit the InstaAstro website and download the app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Why are there three birthstones for August?

The American Gem Trade Association is responsible for deciding the birthstones of a particular month. Initially, only Peridot and Sardonyx were august gemstones, but later on, Spinel was added.

2. What is the power of the August birthstone?

The three August birthstones offer different benefits to an individual. They can give you various astrological, health and spiritual benefits.

3. Can I wear more than one August birthstone together?

Yes, you can wear the three August birthstones together. This will increase the benefits and also add to your style.

4. What is Virgo Birthstone?

Peridot, Spinel and Sardonyx are birthstones good for Virgos. However, blue sapphire is another Virgo Birthstone.

5. What are the unique features of Sardonyx as a birthstone for August?

Sardonyx is beautiful with its unique red and white stripes. It can also provide an individual with benefits like courage, calmness and healing.

6. What is the most common birthstone for August?

Peridot is the most common August gemstone.

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