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Ashok Elluswamy: What The Future Holds for Tesla’s First Autopilot Team Hire

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Ashok Elluswamy


Elon Musk’s Tesla has hired its first Autopilot Software team member as Indian-Origin Ashok Elluswamy. Elluswamy has taken over the position of director of Autopilot Software at the electric vehicle company. Ashok’s recruitment news came shortly after Tesla announced the building of a new Autopilot Team. Musk confirmed it further by saying that the electronics engineer was hired as soon as the first tweet went live with Tesla’s new team announcement. He stated that the Indian-origin genius was the first person to be hired as part of the team.

Elluswamy has been associated with the company for 8 years. He is a robotics engineer with a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from College of Engineering, Guindy in Chennai. He is fluent in 4 languages which include English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. After his bachelors he pursued a Master’s degree in Robotics System Development from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. Ashok has been married with a young daughter. He started his career as a Software Engineer with WABCO Vehicle Control System in Chennai where he held the position till 2012. After this he proceeded into a short internship with Volkswagen.

He was known for his work with real-time performance guarantees of actuators through brake actuation modules. His work extended into development and validation of onboard and offboard diagnostics software for the automobile’s E.C.U.

Tesla welcomed Ashok in the year 2014 in their Autopilot Division as software engineer. Since then, he has had a varied profile in the company at senior level. Ashok’s notable contribution is that of head of the Autopilot Software where he and his team worked on creation of large-scale automatic ground truth pipelines to train neural networks with much diverse, high-quality data. It is this and many such unique projects which Ashok has seen to success that got the Tesla-head to notice his talent and zeal. But where does it head from here? InstaAstro’s expert astrologer base can give a peak into this…

Future Predictions By InstaAstro: 

It is clear to see that Ashok Elluswamy has good foresight and skills to be successful anywhere. This present opportunity is also clearly predicted in his astrological chart cycle for 2022. As a professional he is also not averse to taking risks and can play for high stakes and an even bigger role in the company the near future. His work life seems to be going in the right direction for 2022 and much appreciation will be in the card by the month of October to December for the new Director of Autopilot Software, Tesla.

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