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What is Anapha Yoga In Vedic Astrology? Find Out!

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Anapha Yoga

Yogas! What comes to your mind when you hear this word in astrology? Combination of planets, right? Well, we have come up with another interesting Yog in kundli, which is Anapha Yoga in astrology. Anapha Yoga is associated with the planet Moon or Chandra. 

So, here we will be discussing about anapha yoga meaning, how it’s formed, the planets associated with it, its effects, remedies and many more. So, without any further ado, let’s get going to explore the various aspects of anapha yoga in astrology. 

Anapha Yoga in Astrology 

Anapha Yog is considered an auspicious yoga that can greatly benefit natives and help them in the long run if the positioning is positive in their kundli. So, the word Anapha has been derived from two Sanskrit words, ‘Ana’ meaning ‘coming after’ or ‘another’, while ‘Apha’ means ‘to meet or welcome.’

As mentioned earlier, the planets Sun and Moon play a vital role in forming Anapha Yoga in individual kundli. Their positioning is significantly important. So, before we discuss its formations, let’s explore the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. 


Relationship Between Sun and Moon 

In Vedic astrology, the relationship between the Sun and the Moon is of great significance. The Sun represents the self, vibrancy, and ego, while the Moon symbolises the mind, emotions, and intuition. 

The position of the Sun and the Moon close to each other in a person’s birth chart has a great influence on individual lives. This closeness defines the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind and also during the formation of Anabha Yogam in Astrology. 

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How is Anapha Yoga formed? 

The most important part is the formation of Anapha Yoga in the birth chart. This takes place when the Moon is placed in the 12th house with any other planet apart from the Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Ok, let’s make it simple. Anapha Yoga is formed when the planet Moon is placed in the 12th House along with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. 

However, the effects of Anapha Yog in astrology are powerful and more effective when the Moon in the 12th House sits with Saturn, Mercury and Rahu. So, this is how Anapha Yog is formed. Also, most importantly, if these planets placed in the 12th house Moon are afflicted, individuals might encounter negative impacts. 

Do the positions of planets with the Moon have different effects?

Yes, definitely. All the planets placed in the 12th House Moon, which leads to the formation of Anapha Yoga, have different effects. 

1. Saturn: 

If the Moon in the 12th house is placed with Saturn, they will be animal lovers who are very affectionate towards animals. They will be very kind-hearted and sympathetic towards people who need them. On the other hand, if planet saturn is malefic, individuals might be lazy, cruel and ill-mannered. 

2. Mercury: 

When the Moon is placed in the 12th House with Mercury, individuals will be very fond of singing, dancing, astrology, and the arts. They will be very multi-talented and entirely self-motivated. 

3. Jupiter: 

Jupiter, placed in the 12th house with the Moon, suggests that individuals will be self-made people who are very ambitious and focused on their goals. They also have the potential to be good teachers or professors. On the negative side, the malefic placement of Brihaspati can create Sakata Yog, which can lead to failure and loss of income. 

4. Venus: 

The positioning of Venus (Shukra) with the Moon in the 12th house states that they will have an attractive physical appearance. They are blessed with good facial features that make them good-looking. Moreover, they have the ability to get into the film industry and fashion shows, where their beauty is appreciated and recognised. 

5. Mars: 

The placement of Mars with the Moon in the 12th House during the formation of Anapha Yoga suggests that individuals with this placement can become successful actors or actresses. They might also join the military or police force. However, if Mars is afflicted, it can create Mangal Doshin kundli. 

Anapha Yoga Effects 

Here are some of the effects of Anapha Yoga in astrology and how it impacts individuals’ lives. This will allow you to understand what aspects of life this yoga impacts. So, read all the pointers to know it’s effects. 

  • Anabha Yogam in Astrology makes the natives have strong and fluent communication skills. They will be able to deal with any situation with their strong and diplomatic communication skills. 
  • These individuals have an artistic pursuit that gives them a wide perspective on life and allows them to use their senses to explore the world.
  • With Anapha Yoga in kundli, individuals will have a strong and affectionate bond with their mothers and will never have to crave motherly love again. 
  • These natives will have balanced and healthy relationships that allow them to strengthen their bonds with others and keep those relationships for a lifetime. 
  • Individuals with this Yog in their kundli will always have long-term career goals and will strive to make them come true. They always set goals and work hard to achieve them at any cost. 

Anapha Yoga Benefits

The presence of Anapha Yoga in astrology benefits individuals to a great extent. The benefits achieved through this yog make their daily life easygoing. So, let’s take a look at it. 

  • The first benefit is that the relationship between their partners, parents, siblings, and spouse will be filled with love, trust, and loyalty. This will help them achieve great things in life due to their love and support. 
  • As this yoga is associated with the planet Moon, Anapha yog will benefit individuals by gaining balanced emotional well-being. This allows the natives to bounce back from difficulties faster.
  • The Anapha Yog in kundli gives the natives a creative mindset that makes them always think outside of the box. This makes them multi-talented, which allows them to attract various opportunities. 
  • In an individual’s birth chart, the influence of Anapha Yoga makes the natives mentally strong, allowing them to take risks and adapt to challenging situations easily. They never give up easily and would prefer to learn from their failures. 
  • With this yog in kundli, individuals will always have an optimistic outlook on life. Even in the most challenging situations, they will be able to see the brighter side. 

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Remedies to strengthen Anapha Yoga in Kundli 

Even if you have a strong and positive Anapha Yoga in horoscope, these remedies will strengthen the power of this yog and will always benefit you.

  • Chanting Mantras related to the planet Moon, such as ‘Om Shram Shreem Sah Chandraya Namaha’ or ‘Om Chandraya Namaha,’ will greatly benefit you in strengthening your planet Moon and enhancing the power of Anapha Yoga. 
  • Selfish service (Seva), such as offering food and necessary things to underprivileged people, can benefit you and work as a remedy to strengthen Anapha Yog in kundli. 
  • As this Yog is in respect to planet moon, wearing Pearl or Ruby every day can be an effective remedy. This helps you keep your emotions under control and stay positive in life. 
  • Spending most of the time with your family and close friends can strengthen its power. Make sure you always respect your parents and serve them. 
  • Regular spiritual practices, such as meditation or quiet time, prayer, and service to their community, can also be the best remedy for keeping Anapha Yoga activated and balanced. Spending time in nature and yoga can also be beneficial. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is anapha yoga meaning?

Anapha Yog in astrology is a combination of the Moon and certain planets. In astrology, ‘Ana’ refers to ‘coming after’ or ‘another’, while ‘Apha’ means ‘to meet or welcome.’

2. Is anapha yoga rare?

Anapha yoga in astrology is considered to be rare because not many people have this yoga in their kundli, unlike Raj Yoga, Gaja Kesari Yoga, and Panch Mahapurush Yoga.

3. What happens in anapha yoga?

In Anapha Yoga, the Moon is placed in the 12th House from the planet Sun. This astrological combination leads to the formation of Anapha Yog in individuals’ kundli in astrology.

4. What are the benefits of Anapha Yoga in astrology?

Some of the most interesting benefits of Anapha Yoga are that natives will be spiritually inclined, have good relationships with close ones, be ambitious, and possess excellent skills and talents.

5. Which planet should be placed with the Moon for Anapha Yog formation?

The positive placement of the top five planets, which are Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, in the 12th House from Moon.

6. How to activate Anapha Yoga?

Anapha Yog will always be activated if individuals are true and honest, indulge in seva and charitable activities, engage in religious activities, and chant the Moon or Chandra Mantra.

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