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Importance of Amatya Karaka Planet In Life Events

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Amatya Karaka Planet

Did someone say Amatya Karaka Planet? Have you ever wondered why certain events happen in your life when they have to? There may be an astrological explanation. Your Amatya Karaka planet, which is calculated based on your birth chart, plays a significant role in the timing of key life events. Also, have you ever felt like some unseen force was influencing the major events in your life? The ups, the downs, the twists and turns that led you to where you are today. 

In Vedic astrology, this concept called the Amatyakaraka can reveal a great deal about how your life may unfold. The Amatya Karaka represents the planet that has the greatest influence over your career and the important milestones you’ll experience. Let us know how it influences your life in brief.


What Is Amatyakaraka?

Amatyakaraka refers to the planet that acts as the “significator of profession, career and destiny”. The word Amatya meaning comes from Sanskrit. “Amatya” means “minister or counsellor”. This planet plays an important role in determining your profession, career path and key life events. An Amatya Karaka planet also points to your soul planet, i.e. Atma Karaka, and its journey through life. Therefore, your Amatyakaraka is a caretaker of your Atma Karaka.

When a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus becomes your Amatya Karaka with, let’s say, Mars Atmakaraka, it brings success and growth in your career. If it’s well placed in your birth chart, it can lead to fame and recognition in your field. However, when a malefic planet like Saturn is your Amatya Karaka, it may create obstacles or delays in your career.

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Significance of Amatyakaraka

Knowing your Amatyakaraka is significantly important as it helps you tackle life challenges and sail through life events smoothly. Let us understand how important it is to keep updates on your Amatyakarka planet through a client’s journey who reached out to our astrologer on our online astrology app.

When a client reached out to our astrologer with questions about difficulties in their career and relationships, the first thing our astrologer looked at was their Amatyakaraka. The Amatya Karaka planet, also known as the planet of action or effort, plays a significant role in life events and areas of activity.

For this client, Mars was their Amatyakaraka and Rahu as Atmakaraka. Mars governs ambition, courage, and aggression. With Mars Atmyakaraka, our astrologer could see why this client approached life and work with passion and determination. However, Mars and Rahu’s influence also meant that they struggled with impatience, quick temper, and selfishness at times.

In relationships, the client’s Mars energy often came off as irritation, jealousy and desire to control their partner. They frequently argued and struggled with trust issues. Our astrologer advised the client that awareness and keeping control of their Mars tendencies were key.

The client also felt frustrated in their career, changing jobs frequently due to conflicts with co-workers and managers. Again, our astrologer saw Mars at play – the client’s ambition and aggression were assets, but their impatience and temper caused issues.

By gaining insight into how their Amatya Karaka influenced their life events and behaviour, our client was able to make positive changes. 

How To Calculate Amatyakaraka

To understand your life’s path, identifying your Amatya Karaka planet is key. This planet signifies your career and life goals – basically, what motivates you. 

To calculate Amatyakaraka, first, locate the strongest planet in your birth chart. This is the planet with the highest degree (Atmakararaka), placed in its own sign or exaltation. If two or more planets have the same degree, choose the one closer to the ascendant. That is the 

Once you’ve found your Amatya Karaka, see which area of life it rules. For example, if it’s the Sun, your career and ambition will be very important to you. If it’s Venus, relationships and finances may drive you.

Now, identify if your Amatyakaraka is positive or negative. When your Amatya Karaka is beneficial, you’ll pursue your goals and purpose with optimism, ethics and harmony. However, if your Amatya Karaka planet is malefic, your life path may involve more struggle or chaos. The key is using your free will to overcome challenges.

Effects Of Amatyakaraka

The effects of your Amatyakaraka depend on whether it’s a benefic or malefic planet. If benefic, it can bring positive influences in your life. If malefic, it may cause obstacles or difficulties.

1. Benefic Amatya Karaka

If your Amatya Karaka is Jupiter or Venus, considered natural benefics, it will likely bring good fortune in life events connected to its significations. For example, if Jupiter it could indicate success in education, children, spiritual pursuits or travel. If Venus, it may bring happiness in relationships, the arts or material comforts. The areas of life the planet signifies tend to flow smoothly.

2. Malefic Amatya Karaka

If your Amatya Karaka is Saturn, Mars or the nodes (Rahu/Ketu), considered natural malefics, you may face challenges in the areas of life it signifies. For example, if Mars, you could encounter conflicts with siblings, courage or vitality. If Saturn, difficulties may arise with career, longevity or property matters. However, malefic planets also strengthen the areas of life they signify so that you can overcome obstacles with determination and hard work.

3. Amatya Karka in 12 different house

Your life events get altered through the impact of Amatyakaraka in different houses. Let us see Amatyakaraka’s effects on each house of your kundli. 

  • First House: The 1st house indicates the planet has a strong influence over your personality and physical characteristics.
  • Second House: The 2nd house shows the planet shapes your financial situation and how you handle money matters.
  • Third House: The 3rd house means the planet influences your communication style, short-distance travels, and relationships with siblings.
  • Fourth House: The 4th house indicates the planet impacts your home life, property matters, and relationship with your mother.
  • Fifth House: The 5th house shows the planet influences your creative talents, children, speculation, and recreation.
  • Sixth House: The 6th house means the planet shapes your daily work routine, health, and relationships with coworkers.
  • Seventh House: The 7th house indicates the planet influences your partnerships, spouse, and business relationships.
  • Eighth House: The 8th house shows the planet impacts your longevity, mysteries of life, and your spouse’s finances.
  • Tenth House: The 10th house indicates the planet influences your career, profession, status in society, and relationship with your father.
  • Eleventh House: The 11th house shows how the planet impacts your friends, social groups, hopes, and wishes.
  • Twelfth House: The 12th house means the planet shapes your subconscious mind, expenses, losses, and enlightenment.

Role of Planets As Amatyakaraka

The Amatya Karaka planet in your chart signifies your career and profession. It indicates the area of life in which you will likely find success and recognition.

  • Sun Amatyakaraka – Indicates leadership roles and spotlight careers like politics and entertainment.
  • Moon Amatyakaraka  – Caregiving professions, emotion-based jobs like counselling teaching.
  • Mars Amatyakaraka – Dynamic, physical jobs like sports, military, and engineering.
  • Mercury Amatyakaraka – Analytical, communication-based jobs like writing, teaching, and accounting.
  • Jupiter Amatyakaraka – Spiritual vocations, philosophy, higher education.
  • Venus Amatyakaraka – Artistic, creative jobs, hospitality industry.
  • Saturn Amatyakaraka – Government, administration, law careers. Long-term professions.
  • Rahu Amatyakaraka– Unconventional, rebellious jobs, often connected to foreign places or things.
  • Ketu Amatyakaraka– Isolated professions, research-based, metaphysical or mystical jobs.

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Remedies for Amatyakaraka

As there are negative effects seen in your life if your Atamakaraka is found malefic, here are some tips you can consider to handle messy situations in life:

  • Chant Mantra associated with your Amatyakarka planet 108 times every morning over meditation.
  • Make the most of your potential and stand tall against all hurdles that malefic Amatyakaraka lays.
  • Performing a fire ritual like Yagya or Havan while chanting mantras associated with your Amatyakaraka.
  • Donate items associated with your Amatyakaraka. For example, if your Amatya planet is Saturn, donating black sesame seed and mustard oil can help. 


The Amatya Karaka planet shows your potential for success and the area of life you can excel in. When this planet is well-placed and strong in your chart, it indicates you will find fulfilment and prosperity through the career areas it signifies. However, if the Amatya Karaka planet is afflicted or debilitated, it can show your profession’s struggles or lack of satisfaction. Knowing your Amatya Karaka planet provides valuable insight into your ideal path. 

Greetings! I’m Ritu Mahali, a content writer at InstaAstro. Your positive feedback motivates me to continue creating valuable content. If you found this blog beneficial, feel free to connect with our in-house astrology experts by clicking here and gain insights to stay ahead of life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Amatyakaraka in Kundli?

Amatyakaraka in Kundli is a mentor or guide that assists our soul planet or the king of our horoscope to lead and indicate the timings of major events of our lives.

2. What role does Amatyakaraka Mercury play?

Mercury as Amatyakaraka enhances your communication abilities. It offers you an analytical mind.

3. What happens when the Sun is Amatyakaraka?

Sun as Amatyakaraka signifies that you have the great qualities of a leader. You are suitable for management roles.

4. Which planet is best as Amatyakarka?

Venus (Shukra) is best known for being a great soul’s manager during a native’s journey. When it is your Amatyakaraka, it protects and guides your progress.

5. What will happen with Moon as Atmakaraka?

With Moon as Atmakaraka, a person is very emotional, caring and compassionate. However, It is almost unpredictable to guess what they are thinking.

6. What if your Amatyakaraka is weak?

If your Amatyakaraka is weak, you will not get the full benefits of your Amatyakaraka planet. You may also get delayed results, and the number of challenges in life may increase.

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