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9 Facts About World Largest Temple: Srirangam

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Vaishnava temple


Srirangam is one of the world’s biggest working temples. Lord Vishnu’s eight self-manifest temples include this one predominantly. Furthermore, it is also popular as Thiruvaranga Tirupati, Bhogamandabam, and Periyakoil. The expression “KOIL” has its mentioned in the Vaishnava speech. It refers to the temple located on an island surrounded by the twin rivers Cauvery and Coleroon.

Lord Vishnu

Here you can take a look at 9 Fewer known facts about Srirangam

  • Thiruvarangam is a Hindu temple for Ranganatha. It is a reclining image of Shri Vishnu.
  • It has Dravidian engineering architecture. Moreover, is a very illustrious Vaishnava temple in South India that has a wealthy legend and history.
  • Srirangam is on an island in the Cauvery waterway. Above all, it has withstood defenceless against natural disasters and the attack of Muslim and European armed forces. Which, unfortunately, overlaid hold of the site for a military settlement.
  • The entryway is known as the Rajagopuram. The royal temple tower starts from the base area of 5720 feet. Additionally, it has eleven tiers that rise to 236 feet (72 m).
  • The 21-day annual festival is organised during Margazhi (Tamil month of December–January). During the festival, it attracts around 1 million people.
  • The temple has an area of 157 acres and a perimeter of 10,710 feet. Evidently, It is the largest temple in India. Furthermore, it is among the most prominent religious complexes.
  • The temple has seven concentric walls enclosing them. It is termed prakarams (outer courtyard) with a total length of over six miles of 32,592 feet.
    Vaishnava Temple


  • It has 21 gopurams (towers), fifty shrines and 39 pavilions. The Ayiram Kaal mandapam i.e Hall of 1000 pillars has numerous small water bodies inside. 
  • The Hall of 1000 pillars is an example of a well-planned theatre-like structure. Opposite it, “Sesha Mandap” is a delight with its intricate and beautiful sculpture. Granite makes up the hall since the Vijayanagara period on the old temple site.

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