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7 Ways to Stay Away From Your Ex

By December 28, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments
Stay Away From Your Ex

It can be challenging to resist the temptation to reach out to your ex after a breakup, especially if you are feeling lonely or unsure about the future. Your ex was someone you built plans, dreams, and goals with, and it cannot be easy to fit into the transition from being in a relationship to being single. In addition, it can be highly difficult to forget all the memories and past experiences. However, it is only sometimes a good idea to go back to your ex or stay in touch with them. Every movie, book, and TV series has warned people of the implications of getting back with your disappointing ex. So, the next time you want to get back with your ex, just read this blog, listen to your favourite music, and stay calm!

Here are seven ways you can try to stop yourself from trying to reach out to your ex:

1. Remind yourself of the reasons for the breakup: Reflect on the reasons for the breakup and try to remind yourself of the challenges or issues that led to the end of the relationship. This can help you to recognize that reaching out to your ex may not solve your problems or lead to a healthy resolution.

Remind reasons for the breakup

2. Identify and address your feelings: Take some time to identify and process your feelings about the breakup. Talking to a trusted friend or a mental health professional about your emotions may be helpful. Acknowledging and dealing with your feelings may make you less likely to turn to your ex as a coping mechanism. In addition, spending time with people who care about you and support you can help you feel less alone and help you move on.

3. Create and maintain boundaries: Set boundaries for yourself to prevent you from reaching out to your ex. This may include deleting their contact information, blocking them on social media, or asking a trusted friend to hold them accountable. Cut-off contact means no texting, calling, or interacting on social media. It can be hard to do but giving yourself space to heal and move on is important.

 maintain boundaries

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4. Find healthy ways to cope with your emotions: Find healthy ways to cope with your feelings, such as through exercise, spending time with friends and family, or engaging in activities that bring you joy. These activities provide a sense of purpose and support and may reduce the temptation to reach out to your ex. In addition, try something new or take up a hobby you’ve always been interested in. 

5. Seek support: Surround yourself with supportive people who can provide emotional and practical support during this time. It can be helpful to talk to friends and family. In addition, it would help to join a support group to connect with others who are going through similar experiences. If you’re struggling to cope with the breakup and are having trouble moving on, consider talking to a therapist or counsellor. They can provide you with support and guidance as you navigate your feelings.

Seek support

6. Take time for yourself: Take some time to focus on yourself and your own needs. This may include practising self-care, setting goals for yourself, or finding ways to engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfilment. It’s essential to allow yourself time to grieve the loss of the relationship and adjust to being single again. It’s okay to take things one day at a time and be patient with yourself as you heal.

7. Seek professional help: If you are struggling to cope with the breakup or are having difficulty resisting the temptation to reach out to your ex, consider seeking professional help. A mental health professional can provide support and guidance and help you develop coping strategies to manage your emotions and move forward.

Seek professional help

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