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Will You Fall in Love? Know Your Love Relationship Status with Astrology

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love relationship

Love is a great feeling that binds two different people to each other emotionally and mentally. Be it a married couple or a live-in couple, both must enjoy a mutual love relationship status. These days, the concept of love marriage is being accepted by society, to some extent. Love marriage between the same gotra or outside the gotra has been a part and parcel of Indian society for centuries. When it comes to knowing more about one’s love life and relationship, the study of planets and their combinations in a horoscope determines the results. It especially solves dilemmas like, “love or arrange marriage prediction” or provides predictions for love marriage or arrange marriage astrology. With this content, readers will know more about astro combinations that decide the bond of love between two people in a relationship.

What Stars have to say about your love life?

Love affairs and relationships before and after marriage bring two different people close to each other. Coplues share the same feelings and enjoy the company of each other. The results of a love relationship can be determined by studying a horoscope where stars predict everything about the success and failure of a relationship. Broadly, it is the analysis of the dasha of planets and their placement of a horoscope that controls the outcome of a relationship.

5th house and love relationship

Venus is the lord of love and it owns the 5th house, the house of love. This house analyses a love relationship between the two. This house of romance gives fruitful results to the native if the 5th house planet is going through its dasha period. It is likely that the natives feel attracted to the opposite sex. On the other hand. Some malefic planets can bring obstacles to an association. As per Vedic astrology, the 12th house is the house of sexual pleasure.

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9th house and love relationship

When it comes to establishing a relationship, the analysis of the 9th house plays a vital role. According to the calculation of horoscope, the 9th house from the 5th house is considered. If the lord of the 9th house is sitting in the 5th house and it is going through the dasha phase, it means the native will fall in love and will form a love relationship status with the native of the opposite sex.

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7th house and love relationship

The analysis of any love relationship is incomplete until you have a close look at the 7th house. This house also indicates the formation of a partnership between the couple. Moreover, it also binds them in a marriage relationship. The native will feel attracted to the opposite sex and make a relationship if the lord of the 7th house is rising.

If you want to know whether the stars have something for your love relationship or not, simply call an astrologer over the phone and check your report card.

There are also some combinations in the native’s horoscope that contribute to making love relationships firm. Venus in various houses has a significant role in all our relationships. The Dasha of Lord Venus brings the most favourable outcomes in love and marriage relationships. The dasha of Moon and Rahu also makes the natives fall in love. Moreover, Mercury can also make the native feel frisky and get into a relationship.

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