Rashmika Mandanna : What Stars Say About Her?

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About Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna is an Aries(born in 1996, 5 April). She is an Indian film actress and model who works predominantly in Telugu and Kannada-language films. The media and Kannada film industry popularly dub her the ‘Karnataka Crush’. But, first, let us wish Rashika a happy birthday and long life ahead. Come have a look at the National Crush of India’s Zodiac sign and what the stars say about her.

Rashmika Mandanna


How Rashmika Mandanna Appears to Others:

The rising sign and its degree is the most personal point in a birth chart. It represents subjective reactions to life and the need to thrive in the environment and health. Often it is the face Rashmika that is visible to the world and says a lot about how she relates to others and herself.

The Essence of Who Rashmika Mandanna Is:

The Sun corresponds to her identity, the essential nature with which she may or may not identify. It also represents her growth over time as she becomes more aware of herself. 

Rashmika is a person who thrives on challenges. Hence, she often feels that she must battle her way through life. So, it depends upon no one and nothing but her strength, intelligence, and courage. She believes in being honest, and true to oneself and one’s vision and convictions, even if that means standing alone. Since she craves the freedom to do things her way and work very well independently. Therefore, she likes to be the chief. Rashmika loves action, and if others are settling down into a nice, comfortable little rut, she is always ready to stir things up.

Rashmika Mandanna


Rashmika Mandanna’s Love and Romance:

Venus rules how you evaluate whatever is around you. It represents your capacity to love and who or what attracts you. Venus shows your ability to have a good time and how you enjoy yourself. In love, she is more interested in a person’s sense of humour and intelligence than their physique.

Rashmika likes a lively partner who keeps her on her toes. She will get restless and bored with someone who never asks questions, changes, or surprises her. She is open and progressive in her attitudes toward love and romance and spontaneous and free in her love expression. The actress is always willing to experiment and try anything new that her partner suggests

Drive and Ambition:

Mars is about your motivation and drive, essential to any accomplishment. It shows the quality of your energy and how you express it.

She has a warrior’s attitude – decisive, courageous, and bold. Rashmika always prefers to DO something, even when waiting for an appropriate time or not doing something would be more efficient and effective. She cannot tolerate being patient about getting what she wants. Hence, feels that it is up to you to take the initiative and aggressively go after your goal. Above all, she is also self-reliant and does not depend on others to do things. 

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