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Indoor plants for Vastu for positivity & prosperity

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It is a belief that indoor plants bring positivity and prosperity to the house. That’s why you should always have indoor plants at your place. It connect us with nature, and being in nature means being surrounded by natural entities that add positivity to our life. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping plants in some specific corners of the house is auspicious. One can get huge benefits and blessings from indoor plants that bring prosperity.

We will tell you about some lucky plants that will bring good luck to your life. So, let us know about them…

Indoor plants bring positivity and prosperity to the house:

This is an excellent time to get the best indoor plants for prosperity and positivity.

Indoor plants bring positivity and prosperity to the house. In addition, they provide health benefits such as purifying air, reducing stress, improving mood etc. Many different indoor Vastu plant for positivity can be used for any environment, but certain ones are more beneficial than others, depending on your needs.

As a Feng Shui enthusiast, you know plants are good for the environment by bringing fresh air into your home. But did you know they’re also good for the inside of your home? Placing plants in the right corner of your house will bring prosperity to feng shui.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air, which can accumulate indoors if there aren’t enough plants to clean it up. They also naturally filter toxins and allergens in the atmosphere—all things that will help improve your health and comfortability in any room where they exist.

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Indoor plants

Here are some steps you should follow when choosing an indoor plant:

  • Consider where you want to place it; light exposure matters! If it doesn’t get enough sunlight or direct sunlight (in which case it will look droopy). Choose something else because less oxygen will reach its leaves compared with those that thrive under this condition. Thus less effective at cleaning/purifying air inside your home/office building/room space were placed on windowsills with sunlit hours during daytime).
  • Some plants might need the bright light of the sun to grow, whereas there are plants that do not require direct sunlight for their growth.
  • Check if there are any allergies in your family before buying any houseplants because not everyone can tolerate being around certain types, so take precautions beforehand!

Auspicious Plants to be kept in the house

  • Basil plant should be on the north or east side of your house. However, it should not be in the northeast corner. If there is no suitable place for this plant inside the house, you can put it outside your home on a sunny day.
  • Tulsi (holy basil) is a good plant that brings prosperity and success. It has to be planted near a window or door facing towards the south direction with proper sunlight. Water the plant regularly for its growth and maintenance as the Tulsi plant requires a good amount of water for its development.
  • Money Plant—It is believed that the money plant brings wealth and prosperity in life by just looking at it; hence its name, Money Tree. The ideal place to put a money plant is either the northwest corner of the center point of any room where there is sufficient light during the daytime so that it can multiply without any problem. Hence remember this fact while planning out where exactly you should keep your Vastu plant for positivity when you bring them into your house.
  • Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is one of those plants that can be grown indoors and outdoors. It has many health benefits when consumed internally and externally by gel or juice extracted from its leaves. According to Vastu shastra, having an aloe vera plant at home means prosperity because these plants represent money flow into your life, so make sure to place one on your dining table if you want some financial gain!
  • Jasmine Plant- Jasmine flowers are in various kinds of scents, such as perfumes. Still, jasmine plants are popular for flowers and aroma, which help improve air quality inside homes. When windows are closed due to cold weather conditions outside.

Auspicious Plants

1. Basil plant-

Basil plant is considered very auspicious for home and office. This is because the basil plant gives oxygen throughout the day, improving the house’s air quality. Apart from this Vastu plant for positivity is believed that the basil plant also emits negative energy from home. Therefore, the Basil plant is a great indoor plant for prosperity, positivity and overall health.

The Basil Plant also increases oxygen throughout the day, improving your home’s air quality. In addition, it aids in digestion and circulation and is suitable for those with digestive issues like bloating or constipation. Finally, since it is high in vitamin C, it helps strengthen your immune system and fight off illnesses such as colds/flu or cancer cells!

The basil plant is considered to be very promising for home and office. This plant gives oxygen throughout the day, improving the house’s air quality. Basil emits negative energy from the house, clears all types of bad energies from your surroundings and helps with concentration problems so that you work efficiently on your tasks.

2. Tulsi-

Tulsi is a sacred plant in the Hindu religion. It is a “sacred plant” in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. Tulsi or Holy Basil has many medicinal propertieas. It cures various skin ailments from acne to wrinkles. Tulsi also helps to calm you down by releasing endorphins in your body when inhaled or consumed, which can help relieve stress and anxiety.

If you have a tulsi plant in the courtyard of your home, it will bring wealth and prosperity. Tulsi is considered to be very auspicious for home and office. It multiplies in warm climates as long as there is enough sunlight throughout the day, but you can also grow it indoors if you cannot keep it outside.

Tulsi has medicinal properties that help with digestion problems such as indigestion or bloating after consuming too much food on an empty stomach. If someone decides to grow Tulsi on the main road or near their shop, he should take care of one thing: Tulsi should not be near any shop or store where alcohol is sold, or there is any such kind of business because it reduces property income.

 Basil plant

3. Money Plant:

The money plant (Pachira Aquatica) is a symbol of wealth. Planting money in your home or office helps you maintain the flow of money and gain success in business. Vastu plant for positivity also brings prosperity, good luck and good vibes to your life.

If you have plans to start a new business or buy any property, then a money plant is a must-have indoor plant for prosperity & positivity. Money Plants should be kept near cash registers or cash boxes so that they can absorb the positive energy emitted, which will further improve its growth and help you gain financial stability.

Facts Related to Money Plant:

If you want to grow a money plant indoors, it is essential to know what type of soil is best for it. A good rule of thumb is that the potting soil should have some amount of lime in it. This is because limes help prevent root rot and other diseases from affecting your plant.

Choose the container you use to grow the money plant carefully. It should be of ceramic, glass or metal only and not wood because wood conducts heat poorly and damage your precious petals in the summer months.

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4. Snake Plant:

Snake Plant, the Mothers In-law plant, is an essential corporate plant in most offices and workspaces. The important thing about this plant is that it can manage to grow and tolerate low light, and this plant provides oxygen for the complete twenty-four hours. In addition, it is used as home decor and can manage to grow well. There are various benefits of the Snake plant like it helps you purify the environment, boosts your mental health and fills your room with positivity.

Snake Plant

5. Jasmine Plant:

One can find the common jasmine plant in the gardens of various people. It is a beautiful Vastu plant for positivity with various medicinal and emotional benefits. The jasmine plant helps reduce stress and gives you the strength to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. The jasmine plant oil is good for skin care as the medicinal ingredients make your skin glow. There are other plants such as star jasmine that are also good for skin and can manage to build a sweet environment.

Apart from this, the plant also emits negative energy from the house. It is very auspicious for home and office because of its value, positive impact on health and environment, and ability to purify the atmosphere. The Jasmine plant gives oxygen throughout the day, improving the house’s air quality.


The money plant should be kept in the southwest corner of your house. This is the place where it gets abundant sunlight. However, do you want to increase prosperity in your life? Do not forget to keep some money planted at home and office. Various plants such as rubber plants, lilies, jade plants etc can beautify your house or workspace with their presence. So next time you search for indoor plants, check the Vastu tips to grow the money flow index of your business.

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