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Astrologers explain 5 Reasons For Divorce

By May 23, 2022November 21st, 2023No Comments
Reason For Divorce

Reasons For Divorce Explained By Astrologers

Do you have a happy marriage? Marriage is one of the most blissful experiences in a person’s life. Everybody wishes to have a joyous and obstacle-free married life. A happy marital life brings two people closer to each other and leads to mental peace and stability for the entire family. But unfortunately, with a rapid increase in divorce rates in India, most marriages are falling apart due to various factors wreaking havoc on most families. Moreover, individuals in a happy and prosperous marriage are haunted by how their holy matrimony has taken a 180 for unknown reasons. Hence, today we bring to you reasons for divorce, analysed and explained by astrologers.

The Interplay of  Planets As Reasons For Divorce

Planets are much more than inanimate objects revolving around the sun and the sky. The magic of planetary forces can change a person’s entire life. It’s a proven fact that the highest divorce and marital discords occur due to the planets’ maleficent work. Thus, we must know how planetary influence can become a reason for divorce. 

Planets such as Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun act together for separation and are known for marriage breaking, divorce, etc., in kundali.

Moreover, Venus and Jupiter’s positions also play an essential role. Venus looks after Love, sex and romance in a marriage. Thus, its position is of paramount importance. Furthermore, in a male chart, Venus points towards the wife. Thi s means that if Venus is malicious, then there will be no marital coherence. Moreover, Jupiter is representative of a husband. Thus, malefic conditions because of Jupiter in a woman’s chart can cause marital incoherence.  

Important Houses Identifying Reasons For Divorce

According to Astrology, the 4th House, 7th House,8th House, and 12th House decide all the marital conditions. Moreover, the Upapada Lagna and the second House can also help explain the reasons for divorce. Furthermore, the Navavamsa Chart helps identify and detect any marital issues for the couple. Therefore, thoroughly checking the 7th House, the Ascendant, 6th House, and 8th House of Navamsa is essential for a harmonious marriage.

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The 4th House

Now, the 4th House is representative of the family. Therefore, any malefic influence by this House can lead to distress in a family. However, if the 4th House is prosperous and strong, nothing can cause gloom in a marriage.  

The 7th House

The 7th House is responsible for governing relationships in a marriage. Therefore, the malfunctioning of this House can cause discord and disharmony in marriages. Furthermore, it can be a direct cause of divorce. 

The 8th House

The 8th House is responsible for the sex life of partners. Malefic influences of this House become the primary reasons for divorce. This House predicts all the extramarital affairs in a marriage.

The 12th House

The 12th House represent sexual pleasure. Therefore, this House explains poor sexual pleasure in couples.

How Can This Be Avoided?

  • The couple should worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati regularly. 
  • The placement of the idols of Gouri Shankar should be correct.  
  • Horoscope matching is of primal importance before marriage. 

Moreover, a couple should seek an astrologer for a more specific understanding. And, if the charts do not align or are malefic, they must not be disheartened and consult professions as there is no better way than following astrological advice for a blissful married life. 

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