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Divorce Agents in Kundali: Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Sun

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Divorce Agents in Kundali

We have heard that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth. For a successful married life, the husband and wife need to follow the path of marital harmony. When a married life passes through the rough phase of conflicts, disharmony, and differences, it leads to a possible divorce. There might be issues of premarital relationships; physical abuse; mismatch in sexual behavior; physical sickness, or poverty between couples. Such conflicts can lead to the end of a happy married life and the beginning of separation in the form of Divorce In Astrology. Proper horoscope matching is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of marital discord in the future. Let’s read the blog and find out what makes a married couple face divorce like situation.

Planets Responsible for the Separation

In astrology, planets like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Sun are considered as divorce agents as they are a symbol of separative nature. Apart from these four planets, two more planets can make one face the situation of separation in married life. They are Venus and Jupiter. Venus indicates love, romance, enjoyment, marriage, and physical relation. In a male birth chart, Venus indicates wife. A weak, afflicted, or retrograde Venus can lead to marital disharmony. In a female birth chart, Jupiter indicates husband. A weak Jupiter can bid unhappiness from the husband.

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Basic yogas responsible for the divorce

  • It is the association of Rahu in Lagna and the 7th house with the 12th Lord.
  • The wife of an individual leaves him when Mars or Saturn and Venus are the Lagna and the 7th house is distressed.
  • The Sun in the 7th house is affected by the malefic influence of weak 7th lord.
  • The strong combination for divorce occurs when Venus and Rahu or Saturn or Rahu placed in Lagna and the Sun occupies the 7th house.
  • The placement of 6th Lord in the 7th house or vice versa takes both husband and wife to the court. It happens because the 6th house symbolizes litigation and court case.
  • The chances of divorce brighten when divorce agents or malefic planets occupy the 8th house.

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High rates of divorce are caused by the presence of the 12th Lord in the 4th house. This situation can also occur when the 4th Lord lies in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house. The situation worsens when the 7th Lord bothered by Rahu, Saturn, Venus, or Mars.
Keeping the statue of Gouri Shankar a proper way can restore harmony in a conflicted married life. Another thing married couples can do is to worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati every day. Chanting Lalita Sahasranama is another remedy that astrologers can suggest via an online Astro platform for bringing harmony in married life.

Talk to astrologers over the phone and take their services to match the horoscope of both the boy and girl before marriage. This is the best prevention.

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