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Zodiacs Who Couldn’t Help But Betray Their Partners

By April 12, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

Zodiacs and Betrayal:

It’s the sad truth, but people born under all zodiac signs cheat on the person they love. No one is safe from it. Not you. Not your best friends. Not your favourite TV character. And certainly not your favourite celebrity couples. Now that Mandana has revealed how her ex-husband cheated on her during their marriage. It seems like a tragic story though it is nothing compared to her confession after her separation struggle in the show Lock Upp. A well-known director projected himself as someone who could be her friend. They planned pregnancy, but he left her stranded when she needed him the most.

With that buzzing around, we couldn’t help but wonder if stars have anything to do with people who couldn’t help but betray their partners:

Zodiacs Who Betray


Gemini tends to be very needy in a relationship. If you don’t give them around-the-clock attention, they will find someone who can! Furthermore, Gemini women can be pretty indecisive and like to have options. In terms of zodiac signs who aren’t loyal, Gemini is most likely to cheat if they don’t get what they expect from their partners.


Leos are dramatic and need to be the centre of attention. If you don’t treat them like the king or queen they believe themselves to be, they will do everything they can to make sure you start paying attention to them again, even by cheating. They can’t stand being paid attention to or not being made to feel important.


Virgos are known to be big flirts, which is why many people are hesitant to enter into relationships with them in the first place. While many people may think Virgos might stop flirting after getting into a relationship, it’s not so. And though it’s harmless, sometimes it does go too far. So, know and understand Virgo well before deciding on being with them. It is not so shocking after witnessing how the famous director has betrayed Manfdanna in the relationship. 

Zodiacs Who Betray


Aquarius doesn’t tend to cheat physically, but they can send flirty texts to an ex or an old fling. For many people, this comes under emotional infidelity. So it’s inevitable that their partner wouldn’t be too happy if they knew what was going on.


Though shocking, Pisces have a high chance of cheating on their partners. Being sensitive and super emotional, they can act upon the smallest of mood swings. If they are mad at you and are out for the night, there’s no guarantee of what might happen! However, one must also note that they are less likely to leave a relationship even if they are unhappy due to their fear of hurting the one they are with.

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