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World Heart Day: The Influence of Astrology on Your Heart’s Health 

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World Heart Day

For all these years, you have been told that a healthy lifestyle is your heart’s best friend and makes it healthy and happy. But have you ever wondered if astrology can be one of those factors that keeps your heart in good shape? What planets are responsible for your heart’s health? Is it Jupiter who goes the extra mile to keep your heart healthy? Or is it the planet Saturn who does not see your heart happy and sends diseases along the way? As on this World Heart Day, September 29, 2023, Friday we are about to discover the secrets of how the planets and stars might be responsible for your heart’s health as per heart astrology. 

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Astrology and World Heart Day: Revealing the Connection! 

Do you know what astrological factors are responsible for your heart’s health? Well, astrology is not only about predicting the placements of certain planets in your kundali. It is way beyond that! Interestingly, your heart health is in the hands of certain astrological factors such as 4th house, 6th house and much more. So, let us dig deep into the connection between astrology and World Heart Day! 

1st House Lagna or Ascendant 

If there is any astrological factor that actually wants your heart to be in good condition or shape, it is none other than your lagna or ascendant. Yes, you read that right! As per heart astrology, the 1st house Lagna ascendant takes care of the overall health of your heart and makes sure that your heart does not face any problems. All in all, the strong placement of your lagna ascendant boosts your heart’s health and makes it strong. 

4th House in Astrology

Generally, the 4th house in astrology revolves around family and home. But you would be shocked to know that the 4th house is also responsible for your heart’s health. How? Well, as per heart astrology, the heart resides on the left side of our chest. And guess which house takes care of the chest? The 4th house. So, being the caretaker of the heart, the 4th house takes the responsibility of blood circulation, pumping and the heartbeat. 

6th House in Astrology

Here comes the all-rounder when it comes to health. Besides taking care of your heart’s health, the 6th house also handles overall well-being. The bad placement of the 6th house in your kundli may bring some temporary health issues such as cold fever along with heart diseases such as irregular blood pressure and heartbeat as per heart astrology.

Planetary Alignments and Heart Health: What the Astrology Reveals?

All this time, you have been told that the planets hold the strings of our lives in their hand. If they are happy, then it would create some magic and bless us with the things we desire. And if they are not happy, then imagining the worst-case scenario won’t be enough. But can these planets really mess with our hearts? The answer is a big YES. When certain planets decide to join hands in our kundali, it can give birth to health ailments. So, what are the planets that can really shake things up in your heart? Let’s discover!  

1. Planet Rahu 

In a place where the malefic planet Rahu is present, and there are no problems or hurdles, is an impossible scenario. So, you can consider Rahu an enemy when it comes to your heart’s health. The presence of Rahu in an individual’s birth chart invites heart issues such as sudden heart attacks. Moreover, an individual suffers from constant chest pain if there is a weak Rahu in their kundali. 

2. Planet Jupiter

Here comes the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter. Usually, we relate this planet with knowledge and education. But besides this, it takes control of all the arteries and veins in the human body. You can think of Jupiter as the planet that has the power to control the blood circulating in your body. If Jupiter decides to reside in a weak position in an individual’s birth chart, then it can give birth to several heart ailments, such as blocked arteries and veins. 

3. Planet Mars 

In astrology, the planet Mars is famous for its fiery nature. This fiery nature and the high energy of the Mars tag, along with heart issues such as chest pain, inflammation of the heart or irregular heartbeats. The bad placement of Mars in your kundali can manifest stress and tension, pushing you a bit closer to health risks. You can consider Mars as the lord heart blockage combination. 

4. Planet Moon 

Since the Moon is considered a watery planet in astrology, it makes sense that it deals with the watery system of our body, blood. Consider this: if the Moon is pleased, then it will let the flow of blood in your body run smoothly. But what if the Moon is in a bad mood? Then, get ready for heart issues in the form of palpitations and hypersensitivity in the matters of the heart. 

5. Planet Sun 

The unfavourable position of the Sun in an individual’s birth chart can give birth to heart diseases such as excessive cholesterol buildup or hypertension. As per heart astrology, the king of all the planets, aka the Sun, is responsible for all the heart-related problems in your body. This is because the intense energies brought up by the Sun can cause an imbalance, leading to heart problems. 

Astrological Remedies to Keep Your Heart Happy and Healthy on World Heart Day! 

We just witnessed how the planets in astrology hold the power to impact our heart’s health along with our destinies. Are you the one suffering from health diseases? Or do you want to boost the overall health of your heart? Well, if yes, then we might have some astrological tips that would work wonders for you this World Heart Day 2023. So why wait any longer? Let us go through all the astrological remedies to keep your heart healthy. 

1. Offering Water to Surya Dev (Sun) 

Since the Sun is one of the planets responsible for your heart’s health, offering water to the Sun could be one of the ways through which you can keep your heart in good condition. You need to perform this astrological remedy every morning between 5-6 AM. Offer water to Lord Sun with true devotion and pure intentions, and see your heart living happily away from all diseases. Along with this, you can also chant Aditya Hridya Strotram daily for the removal of heart diseases. 

2. Donating Books 

Well, this astrological remedy seems a bit weird to some of you, but it is one of the effective ways to please the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter. As we know, Jupiter placed in a bad position in an individual’s birth chart may tag along with heart diseases. So, one of the ways to make him happy is to work on the areas related to education and knowledge. And what else is better than donating books to the needy or the students who cannot afford them?

3. Pleasing the Saturn 

Your health is directly proportionate to the amount of cholesterol you consume every time. And what planet takes the responsibility of controlling cholesterol in your body? No other than the planet of karma and structure, Saturn. Performing the remedies that bring Saturn in your favour could be a game changer for you when it comes to your heart’s health. For this, you can offer mustard oil to the Peepal tree (sacred fig) every Saturday. 

4. Wearing a White Coral Gemstone

If your blood pressure has the habit of throwing tantrums, this astrological remedy is for you. In other words, people suffering from high blood pressure can find refuge in white coral. This beautiful gemstone might act as a secret weapon to keep your blood pressure in control. 


As we celebrate World Heart Day 2023, we got to know that taking care of our heart’s health is not only about maintaining a good lifestyle; heart astrology also has some role to play in this. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are heart-related problems in astrology?

In astrology, heart-related issues aren’t just about your physical heart. They can involve emotional and relationship matters. Astrologers often look at the positions of Venus and the Moon in your birth chart to understand your heart’s desires, love life, and emotional well-being.

2. Which planet is responsible for heart health?

Of all the planets in Vedic astrology, planets such as the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Rahu are the ones that are responsible for the heart health of an individual. Per astrological beliefs, if any of these planets is seated in an unfavourable position in a birth chart, it invites health issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

3. Which house in astrology is responsible for heart health?

Among all the planets in astrology, there are only a few responsible for heart health. We are talking about 4th, 6th, 5th and 8th houses as per Vedic astrology. So, the 4th house takes care of blood circulation, while the 6th house handles the overall heart health.

4. Which zodiac signs are more prone to heart disease?

Of all the twelve zodiac signs, the fire sign, Leo, is more prone to heart disease. All this because of the intense emotions or high amount of energy that remains unexpressed takes the form of heart disease as per astrology.

5. World Heart Day is celebrated on which date?

Every year, World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September worldwide. This is done to spread awareness among people about taking care of the heart’s health. On this day, people commit to making good health style choices such as eating well, regular exercises or yoga, which makes a heart happy and healthy.

6. What are some astrological food remedies to keep your heart healthy?

There are several astrological food remedies through which you can keep your health in good condition. One of the simple and effective astrological food remedies is to donate food to the needy every Saturday. But here is the catch! The food should be given in a copper vessel. Doing this will make Rahu happy and will also remove the harmful effects of it from your kundli.

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