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World Cup 2023: India vs England Match Astrology Predictions 

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India vs England Match

Cricket lovers, it is time for another cricket clash like no other: India vs England. After taking down strong teams such as New Zealand and Pakistan, will Team India be able to defeat England as well? To bring the World Cup trophy home, India has to maintain a safe spot in the semi-finals first. And that will happen only when the Men in Blue dominates the Englishmen.

Well, the game of India vs England World Cup is not only about skills and strategies but also a clash of stars and planets up above the sky. This is when we throw astrology into the game! Will the stars favour team India on October 29, 2023, at Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow? Let astrology take centre stage, and let us discover how the universe influences the outcome of the India England World Cup 2023. 

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World Cup 2023 India vs England: Overview 

Let’s start the India and England match World Cup overview by rewinding to the first time when India and England came face to face in the ODI World Cup. Since 1975, both teams have clashed with each other eight times. Men in Blue, aka Team India, has emerged victorious three times while the Englishmen won 4 times and one match ended in a draw. But fast forward to the ODI World Cup 2023, when India is ruling the points table with 5 wins. On the other hand, England struggles to be on the list. Will India be able to maintain its dominance, or will England make a comeback in this game? Let’s find out.


After taking down all 5 teams, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand, the Men in Blue has become the talk of the town. Since World Cup 2011, team India’s batting line-up has never looked impressive before. Thanks to stars like Rohit Sharma, Shubhman Gill and Virat Kohli, that creates magic on the ground. Talking about the magic, factors such as a strong batting lineup and fantastic spin bowlers (Kuldeep Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja) will guide Team India to victory this time, too. But let’s not forget about the weak spots in the team, such as unstable middle-order or hit-or-miss pace bowling attack. These two factors may give a tough time to team India during ODI World Cup 2023 India vs England. 


One of the factors that has emerged as a threat for England for quite some time is injury. Some of its major star players, such as Jofra Archer and Jason Roy, couldn’t make it to the list of playing 11 due to injuries. But with the presence of Sam Curran and Jos Buttler, England’s batting line-up is still undefeatable. Along with this, when the deadly duo of Jonny Bairstow and Dawid Malan hit the ground, it was enough to destroy the bowling line of the opposite team. However, not everything is perfect in this one-time winning team, England. England’s past performance in ODI matches is nothing but a disappointment. Coming face to face with team India, England’s batsmen might struggle a little bit due to the quality spin bowlers of the opponent team. 

World Cup 2023 India vs England: Toss Prediction

Instead of the pitch’s condition and weather forecast, let the astrology take centre stage in the World Cup 2023 India vs England live match Toss Prediction. What about analysing the influence of zodiac signs on the captains of both teams? Do zodiac sign personality traits impact the decision of the toss? Let’s figure out. Being a Taurus, team India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, is famous for his measured steps on the ground.

On the other hand, Jos Buttler (England’s captain), being a Virgo, analyses every situation in depth and then plans his strategies as per the situation. Talking about the situation, the weather does not seem to be a threat for the toss prediction. With a clear mindset and clear weather, there are strong chances that Team India’s captain Rohit may take the lead in this arena and decide to bowl first. On the other hand, Jos Buttler, a Virgo, would accept this challenge coming his way. 

World Cup 2023 India vs England: Match Prediction

When the two worlds, cricket and astrology, decide to join hands, it is not only about the performance or game strategies that influence the game’s outcome but also the astrological factors. Now it is your chance to analyse the birth chart of both the captains and discover whose side the universe and stars will take this time. 


Team India’s captain Rohit Sharma’s birth chart the influence of the planet Venus and Mars. Now, this magical planetary duo blesses Rohit Sharma with the ability to adapt to the ups and downs of the cricket field. But among this duo, Venus takes all the spotlight and encourages him to keep the game’s strategy balanced and elegant. Now you know the reason why Rohit Sharma remains calm and composed even in the most challenging situations. With the blessings of Mars and Venus, team India, under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, has the upper hand in the England India cricket match. 

But we haven’t done it yet! Our astrologers are one step ahead and predicted the India and England match, playing 11 members who may get a chance to play in the match! 

  • Rohit Sharma (Captain) 
  • Ishan Kishan
  • Virat Kohli 
  • Shreyas Iyer / Suryakumar Yadav 
  • KL Rahul (WK) 
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Ravindra Jadeja 
  • R Ashwin
  • Kuldeep Yadav
  • Jasprit Bumrah 
  • Mohammad Siraj/ Mohammad Shami 


As we closely look into the birth chart of England’s captain, Jos Buttler, we discover the greater influence of the planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter. But how can a planet impact his cricketing game during the Bharat versus England ODI? Let’s find out! You can think of the planet Jupiter as an all-rounder who not only gifts him courage and strength to face the game’s difficulties but also works on his game strategies.

As per astrological predictions, during the England India cricket match, the influence of Jupiter will encourage him to work on the field placements as well as his batting capabilities. But wait for the little twist: Moon in Aries. The planet of inner emotions and feelings, Moon sitting in the Aries might make him impulsive and impact his decisions on the field during the England cricket match ODI. In the end, here is the list of India vs England live match probable playing 11 members predicted by our astrologers: 

  • Jonny Bairstow 
  • Dawid Malan
  • Joe Root 
  • Harry Brook
  • Jos Buttler (WK) 
  • Liam Livingstone/ Ben Stokes 
  • Sam Curran
  • Chris Woakes 
  • Adil Rashid 
  • Mark Wood 
  • Reece Topley 

World Cup 2023 India vs England: Final Overview 

Here comes the most interesting part of the India vs England World Cup 2023 astrology predictions. But have we forgotten to discuss the score range of the Bharat vs England Match time cricket match ODI? Well, as per the astrological predictions, the range could lie between 250 to 310 runs that either team could score. Now let us focus on our Men in Blue the only factor that shows as a threat to team India is the imbalance of energies caused by the planet Mars. To enjoy the taste of success, Rohit Sharma should devote some time to balance all the aggression due to Mars. 

But when it comes to Jos Buttler’s led team, England, astrological factors such as the Moon in Aries may create hurdles in the journey of victory. But as no one could ever predict the match’s outcome, another astrological factor, such as the strong influence of Jupiter, may act as a star batsman and come out as a surprise element. 

All in all, there are strong chances that Rohit Sharma’s balanced approach will make the team Bharat England match the World Cup victorious and get an entry into the semi-finals. It would be interesting to watch India vs Eng live, whether Rohit’s calm and composed approach takes charge or Buttler’s impulsiveness takes the win. 

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