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Work Nemesis: Why Do We Encounter Them and How to Deal with It?

By November 28, 2021October 19th, 2023No Comments

Work Nemesis Facts

We mostly meant to attract people with similar frequencies like us. Then why do we attract that absolutely horrible boss, that lazy colleague or the insubordinate team member?

There are many inter-personal and spiritual reasons leading to this. With today’s write-up we hope it will ease those Monday blues just a little bit.

Work Nemesis Meanings

Let’s open this dialog with the understanding that humans are a complex being. Each one is a fair mix of good and bad traits.

Through years of conditioning most of us are able to improve on the good traits while opting out of the bad ones. As spiritual upgrades happen and our lives are opened up to our Higher Destinies with each upgrade, the Universal law states, that our bad traits or shadow-self will be addressed.

As these shadows will be brought to the forefront, we will vibrate with the need of certain lessons which can only be provided externally. This brings in the necessity of, or alignment with, a work nemesis.

Nemesis, by virtue of its nature, will chase you till they have their vengeance and have satiated their ego. Then how do we deal with these toxic people on daily basis and address the lesson at the same time? There are a few ways of doing it :


What is this work-nemesis trying to address? Are they addressing your need to control by being insubordinate? Or, Asking you to be patient by testing it ever so much?

Maybe bringing forth a deep need of recognition by constantly questioning your worth in the organization? Whatever may be the lesson, you need to imbibe it with patience and faith. It may take a few weeks or maybe it doesn’t end at all. Until you are in the organization.


 these specifically toxic people have a way of improving the productivity of the protagonist. As they chip away more and more at the target person’s armor of safety and self-assuredness, it is an opportunity for the protagonist to bring out their best weapon at work. This is one of the best tips for workplace nemesis. It becomes a necessity and this brings out the invention from its core.

Big Picture

Keeping the bigger goals in mind will be a great deterrent in lashing out towards this arch nemesis. One may have traded peace of mind for working at the place but there are certain things that they will be grateful for like the salary, the work opportunity, the connections and a lot more. So just concentrate on this and work with your head held high.

All this is easier said than done. We spend a huge chunk of our active waking life in our office. Dealing with such people who contribute to toxicity isn’t something that we should aspire to do or engage. Do remember at this point that the Universe is aware of your struggle and internal needs (money, fame, security) which make you stick to the situation and honor it. If dealt with patience it is highly unlikely that such situations will persist, in fact it is more likely that you will end up with a lot more diligence and a sparkling professional reputation which shall attract the best of opportunities to shine.

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