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Will Suresh Raina Shine In His Commentary Debut IPL 2022? Tarot Prediction

By March 31, 2022November 20th, 2023No Comments

Suresh Raina — Popularly known as Mr IPL

The star cricketer, Suresh Raina, always seems to be making headlines, for one reason or the other. Be it his flawless performances in the Indian cricket team, his latest tweet supporting the film The Kashmir Files, or making his commentary debut in the newest season of IPL.

Fans were disappointed to learn about their favourite left-handed batter Suresh Raina going unsold in the IPL’s mega-auction. However, the news that followed surprised everyone with the release of the commentary panel. 

Suresh Raina — Commentator in IPL 2022

suresh raina

The announcement of Suresh Raina making his debut in the commentary was something nobody saw coming. The new role marks another milestone in the spectacular career of the star cricketer. Sounding excited about the new role, Raina expressed his happiness at a press conference and stated, “Very very happy and looking forward to this new role”.

His years of experience in cricket, especially IPL, will be handy for his new off-the-field role. The cricketer looks forward to commentating, learning, enjoying, and entertaining the audience. Along with him, the IPL viewers will also find Ravi Shastri with his return as a commentator.

Suresh Raina — Tarot prediction on his commentary debut

suresh raina

The audience has always witnessed the cricketer play on the field; hence, a segment of the cricket audience feels sceptical about his commentary role. “Will Suresh Raina be able to pull off the role of a cricket commentator?” is the question going on in the minds of many.

Hence, to clear the air, our in-house reputed tarot card reader, Shshank, has made some mind-blowing predictions about one of the nation’s most-loved cricketers.

“Suresh Raina, as a sportsperson, has time and again proven to be a real fighter. He always has his spirits high. After going unsold in the IPL 2022 mega auction, his chariot personality didn’t let him go weak. Considering his fantastic cricket career, he will also outshine in the commentary section of the game. Suresh Raina made his commentary debut this season, but if he continues with the role, he will soon be on the top 5 list of exciting commentators of the season and in the coming seasons.”

Although off-the-field, Suresh Raina continues to be a part of the nation’s most-followed game, IPL. So it’s indeed an exciting moment for his fans and followers to see their “favourite name playing a different game”.

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