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Which Hand to See for Men and Women in Palmistry?

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Palmistry Hands For Men And Women: Know Your Destiny

Would you believe it if we told you that you can learn about your future by looking at your palms? Well, it is absolutely possible with the help of Palmistry. Palmistry is like a pair of magical glasses which helps us look into our futures. Furthermore, there are different ways to know about your future, depending on your gender. Men and women have their destinies written in different hands. Therefore, Palmistry gives us an understanding of what these hands say. So let’s find out which palm to read for female and male. 


What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a fascinating branch of Astrology. This unique practice has the power to predict our future. Palmistry says that our future lies in our own hands, quite literally! This is because astrologers who specialise in Palmistry determine what lies ahead by looking at the lines in our palms. Therefore, this unique practice gives us valuable information about our personalities, career, relationships, etc.

Significance of Palmistry

Palmistry holds a lot of significance in the world of Astrology. This is because it is a tool which provides us with a look into our future. It can also help individuals explore their strengths and weaknesses and choose the correct life path. Moreover, Palmistry is an excellent source of analysing your own self and self-reflection.

Furthermore, Palmistry readings can help you prepare for your future. You can make plans and set goals for yourself with the help of this science. Additionally, Palmistry also helps one to find the reason behind their past. Therefore, this helps a person get over any negative events from their past.

Which hand is seen in Palmistry for Male and Female

Different hands hold the power of destiny for different genders. Your hands tell a story if you are a man or a woman. Therefore, a palmist will look at different hands to tell what life has in its bag for you, depending on your gender. So let’s look into which hand to see for female in Palmistry and which hand is seen in Palmistry for male.

1. Palmistry for Men

If you are a man and you’re wondering which hand holds the power to tell your future, your right hand is the answer! This hand is all the things that you have achieved till now out of your destiny. In Palmistry, the left hand of a male has his future written in it. Therefore, this hand shows what you are born with.

Whereas your right hand depicts how far you have come in the journey of your life. Therefore, astrologers read the right hand of men to predict different things about their lives. Furthermore, the right hand of a male gives insights into the personality as well as the future of the man.

Palmists consider various factors while reading the palm of a man. Men usually have larger hands. Therefore, Palmists derive that men can have a deep connection with the earth. They also enjoy doing things on their own and pay special attention to detail. Furthermore, long fingers in men put even more importance on their analytic nature.

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2. Palmistry for Women

The Palmistry hand for women is different from that of men. If you are wondering about in Palmistry, which hand is read for a woman, the answer is left. Unlike men, Palmists read the left hand of a woman. Therefore, they identify a woman’s destiny and give their readings accordingly. Additionally, the left hand of a woman can also mean various things in Astrology.

If a woman’s left hand is her dominant hand, it can predict various things about the woman’s present life. It tells us about the current scenario of life. Furthermore, it also predicts a woman’s future. Therefore, a dominant left hand can indicate upcoming blessings or challenges.

Whereas, if a woman’s left hand is not dominant, it tells about the personality of a woman. A non-dominant hand offers insights about things which we might overlook. By reading this hand, we can find out about the areas of improvement in our current personalities. Additionally, a non-dominant left hand also tells us about the hidden potential of a woman.

Which palm to read for Female and Male: Career

The amazing thing about Palmistry is that it tells us various things about our professional lives. The lines on our palms can tell us things ranging from the point of success in our careers, the right duration to start a business, and even selecting the right career. Therefore, palmists observe different hands for males and females to determine their careers.

The answer to which palm to read for female career is the left palm. The left palm of a woman holds the possible career opportunities for a female. Whereas, according to the Indian palm reading for male, his right hand depicts his career and professional life.

In both men and women, palmists observe the career line in their hands. This line usually starts from the base of one’s middle finger. Furthermore, this line goes all the way down to the base of the palm, just before the wrist. The darker and longer this line is, the stronger the career of a man or a woman will be.

Which palm to read for Female and Male: Marriage

Do you want to know what the lines in your hands say about your marriage? Many people have questions like “Which hand to see for female in Palmistry for marriage?” or “In palmistry which hand is read for a man for marriage?” Do not worry, as we have the answer for you.

In Palmistry, observing the right hand of a man can tell about how his marriage will be. Indian palm reading for male tells us that the size and shape of a man’s hand have interesting things to say about his marriage. Similarly, the left hand for a woman and the size of her fingers determine the future of her married life.

Palmists observe the line of marriage in both the woman’s and the man’s hands. This is the horizontal line below the pinky finger. The marriage line determines how happy and harmonious a marriage would be. There is a curve at the end of the line, which represents a happy marital life.

Which palm to read for Female and Male: Wealth

The fascinating study of Palmistry can predict the nature of wealth in an individual’s life. However, to understand these lines better, we need to study the correct hand of an individual. So let’s find out which hand to see for female in Palmistry and which hand is seen in Palmistry for male marriage!

In females, Palmists observe the wealth line in the left hand. This line represents the flow of wealth throughout the woman’s life. In Indian palm reading for male, palmists read their wealth on the right hand. It is because this hand contains the achievement of the man’s life. Therefore, particular hands for different genders give a clearer idea about their future.

Palmists read the wealth line to predict how money will treat an individual. If you want to find your wealth line, look for a vertical line before your pinky finger. However, remember to look for the money line in your right hand if you are a man and look for it in your left hand if you are a woman.

In conclusion, different hands for men and women give us a peek into their characteristics, personalities as well as futures. We can find out a lot about a person’s life by looking at just their hands. Furthermore, the left hand for women and the right hand for men is like an encyclopedia for the adventures of their lives. Reading your palm or getting your palm read can help you prepare better for the future and lead a meaningful life. We at InstaAstro have experts who can help you with palm readings, tarot and any astrological readings. Check out our website and download our app!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the right hand in palm reading for a female?

The right hand in palm reading for a female represents the work she has done in her life according to her destiny. At the same time, a woman’s left hand represents the destiny she is born with.

2. What is the lifeline in Palmistry for men?

The lifeline in Palmistry for men is the line between their thumb and index finger. It is a vertical line which depicts the nature and duration of their lifetime.

3. Do palm lines change with age?

Yes, palm lines do change with age. As a person grows, some lines might disappear, or some new lines may form. These changing lines represent the current state of life for an individual.

4. What is a double life line in females?

If you are a female and you have a double lifeline, it means great things to you. A double life line can mean good health as well as a long life in females.

5. Which Palmistry hand is male?

In Palmistry, different hands are read for different people. Palmists read the right hand of a male. It is because this hand contains the journey they have already covered in the path of life

6. Which line in hand is for love marriage?

The heart line and the marriage line in your hand can predict if you will have a love marriage or not.

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