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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 9th April to 15th April 2023

By April 8, 2023December 6th, 2023No Comments
Weekly Tarot Predictions

InstaAstro welcomes you to another edition of weekly tarot predictions. As we enter the second week of April, we can feel the energy buzzing with a vibrant and electric aura. And what is a better way to channel this energy than to tap into the mystical world of Tarot? 

Folks, what are you waiting for? Grab your crystals, light some incense sticks and get ready to slay the week ahead. Don’t worry. Whether you are looking for direction in your love life, career or personal growth, our Tarot cards prediction have got your back. Think of them as your consultant, helping you elevate your game. Without further ado, let us dive into Tarot Swati’s weekly tarot predictions and see what the universe has in store for us this week. 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions for the Upcoming Week 

Tarot cards are nothing but a glimpse of our future and a roadmap to reach our highest potential. So, let us take a deep breath, shuffle the cards and see where the universe leads us this week. 

Element: Fire 

Sun Sign: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

Tarot Card of the Day: Seven of Wands 

Seven of Wands Tarot Card

First on the weekly tarot card predictions list is the ‘Seven of Wands’ card. The Seven of Wands shows a figure holding a wand in hand and facing the other six wands coming at him from below. 

This week’s calls for the effort you are putting in are sufficient, but now it’s time to align them properly. It is advised to trust but not to overtrust people, so kindly invest carefully. In terms of relationships, if the seven wands appear, you will receive a newfound spark and happiness in your relationship. Your relationship with your partner was going a little stale compared to how it was at the beginning.

Element: Earth

Sun Sign: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn 

Tarot Card of the Day: The Lovers 

Lovers Tarot Card

A tarot spread for the earth element zodiac sign this week centres around the ‘The Lovers’ card. This card shows a man and a woman, representing the balance of masculine and feminine energies. The Lovers card in a weekly tarot spread encourages us to listen to our hearts and trust our intuition. 

The week helps you to find emotionally fulfilling relationships this week. A great time to spend with your partner, and you may grow your relationship more intensely! A promising future with the same partner can be seen! An abundance of good things is coming your way this week. The weekly tarot predictions predict that your zeal towards positivity will attract new friendships and relationships and new people that will bring success in your career, money, love, and overall health.

Element: Water

Sun Sign: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 

Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Cups

Two of Cups Tarot Card

Welcome to another element for this weekly tarot reading. It is the week of the water element zodiac sign, and this spread features ‘Two of Cups’. This card often appears as a sign of new beginnings or deepening existing relationships. This card depicts two figures standing opposite each other, holding a cup of water. The two cups are raised in a toast, indicating a celebration of love and unity. 

Let us hop onto the weekly tarot reading for the water element. Divine support will come to you in case you get stuck at any point where you need to prove yourself. As per your weekly tarot predictions a good time where you can explore your future opportunities, specifically in your relationships, and take a call for further commitments!!

In case you are looking for marriage alliances, there are possibilities where you end up getting a compatible partner, and you may get engaged too!! The weekly love tarot reading says you may prefer yourself to anyone else!! There are fair chance’s that you may come across your ex-lover who might need a second chance, so it is advised to let go of the negativity of the past and try to balance out your relationships.

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Element: Air 

Sun Sign: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius  

Tarot Card of the Day: The Magician

Magician Tarot Card

A tarot spread for the air element zodiac sign this week centres around ‘The Magician’. In this card, a figure stands in front of a table surrounded by a wand, a cup, a sword and a pentacle. The figure is raising hands towards the heavens, manifesting his desires into reality. 

This week it is suggested that you need to work out in all aspects of life. You need to make an effort not just in one respect, say your career but your health, career and things which make you into existence!! The weekly tarot predictions senses so many good things are ahead, but you need to prove your worth to achieve stability and progress. A balanced pattern of diet is recommended specifically for those who are in their mid-40s. In relationships, you need to create space for your partner as you may be overburdening them in the past week through your own perspectives.


Folks, the Tarot cards have spoken; now it is your turn to take action. Keep these messages in your mind and use them to navigate your energy. From the powerful energy of the Magician to the balanced energy of the Two of Cups, the cards have provided us with valuable insights and guidance. InstaAstro wishes you all a blessed week filled with love, light and growth. InstaAstro also has weekly tarot predictions on love, career, health, and more. Check them out once you’re done reading this week’s tarot predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How often should you consult tarot cards? 

There is no limit decided to consult tarot cards. If you gain clarity from the tarot readings, then you may consult tarot cards more frequently. Remember that consulting tarot cards depend on personal preference and individual needs.

2. How to read tarot cards more accurately? 

One should never forget that accuracy in tarot cards always comes with regular practice and patience. One of the tips to read tarot cards more accurately is to ask specific questions while doing tarot reading. This will help you focus on your intention better and provide more accurate readings. 

3. What are the benefits of tarot card reading? 

One can avail numerous benefits by tapping into the mystical world of weekly tarot predictions. You can see tarot cards as a tool that helps you in your spiritual journey and helps you provide problems with your solution. 

4. How do you purify tarot cards? 

It is believed that purifying your tarot cards occasionally helps you release negative energy and improve accuracy. There are several methods to purify your tarot cards, such as using incense sticks over your tarot cards or using positive affirmations. 

5. What does the Magician card mean in the tarot card reading? 

One of the major arcana cards in a Tarot deck, the Magician card, is all about manifestation. When the Magician card appears in your reading, it encourages you to have faith and inspires you to create the life you have always desired. 

6. What happens when the High Priestess card appears in your tarot cards prediction? 

If the High Priestess card appears in your horoscopes tarot reading, it has a certain message for you. It asks you to listen to your intuition and reflect on your inner thoughts and feelings. 

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