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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 7th Nov To 13th Nov 2022

By November 5, 2022December 4th, 2023No Comments
Weekly Tarot Predictions

Are you one of those who is constantly apprehensive about the future? Can you not do without knowing what will happen in the future? If yes, then calm down, sit back and relax because InstaAstro is here to help you with the most accurate Weekly Tarot Predictions from November 7 To November 13 2022, for your zodiac sign by Tarot Swati. So without further ado, scroll and see the weekly tarot spread laid for you!

Weekly Tarot Predictions

The tarot cards prediction is a highly convenient way to see what the future has in store for you. It builds a window and helps us decide what we should do in the present and mend things before it’s too late. Thus, with predictions for each zodiac sign, individually, read more to know what new doors will be opening for you in the coming week.


You will reach new heights in your professional life with many new opportunities coming your way. As you step into the new shoes of responsibilities and take up leadership positions, remember to prioritise and organise everything around you. A new business venture is around the corner and will likely bring favourable results for you. Moreover, your romantic life will also flourish this week, and you might find “the one” you’re looking forward to meeting. Socially, this is an excellent week for you, lined up with many gatherings. 

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The weekly tarot predictions for natives of this zodiac suggest that they will have a successful week in terms of business and work. In addition, a few old assets will likely bring in a lot of money and profits. Moreover, things at home will also be peaceful, and you will get to spend plenty of time with them. Romantically, you might have to put in extra effort and work things out with your partner to have a peaceful relationship.

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This week is all about being decisive for Gemini. Of course, it will help if you act on things before it’s too late. Students must make up their minds if they wish to travel abroad and seek proper guidance from a counsellor. For those planning on settling abroad, this is the best week to put things together and take practical steps in that direction. However, your health might become sensitive, so proceed with caution. Eat home-cooked meals and strictly avoid processed foods. 

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The weekly tarot predictions for Cancer suggest that natives of this zodiac might play a crucial role in the lives of others. You might assist or help somebody in a significant way. Professionally, use your social networking skills and form strong relations with those around you. Balancing between work and social life will prove to be difficult for you. Moreover, your prior investment will bring profits, and you will enjoy a good run with stocks this week. There might not be any major health issues, but taking care of your physical health is highly advisable. 

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For Leos, this week might require extra effort and push in all areas. You might be placed in a responsible position so take care of things. People around you might try to bring you down but do not pay any heed to them. This week is for your personal and professional growth. Carefully invest in the stock market as it is a risky business. Moreover, avoid spending too much as it can cause payment delays for loans and other necessary things. Academically, you will achieve great things; this will be your best week. 

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The weekly tarot prediction suggests that natives of this zodiac will attain a lot of praise in their workplace. And, by achieving various accolades, you might receive a promotion. Naturally, this might trigger your expenditure, so you must keep saving a decent amount. It is an excellent time to invest in stocks and real estate. Moreover, your personal life will be blissful with a lot of time with your partner and family. The weekly love tarot reading for you says that your other half will be extremely loyal to you. And they might surprise you with something by the middle of the week. 

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For Libra, the week is full of endless possibilities and prosperity. They will receive a lot of social appreciation and an award for their professional performance. Moreover, you will make new friends this week and form a great equation with them. However, do not do anything you wouldn’t do otherwise because of peer pressure. And don’t be afraid to seek help if you feel lost or stuck in a situation. With your social life thriving, you might need more time for yourself. Try to indulge in self-care and practice introspection for a brief period every day. 

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The weekly tarot predictions for natives of this zodiac suggest that they might be put in the spotlight this week. Things will revolve around you, and the people around will give you a lot of attention. However, take your time with that and focus on your primary goals. Moreover, an old ancestral property might bring profits and good money for you. So do not be precarious about money and spend wisely. Your love life will test your patience, and you must remain calm while dealing with your partner. Socially, this is a good week to catch up with old friends and have a good time.

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The weekly tarot spread for natives of Sagittarius suggests that they might be required to step into a new position in their workplace. However, your colleagues might not be happy with this. So, try to work it out with them and maintain a cordial work relationship. Academically, you might become extraordinarily successful and attain good grades. Money and wealth are no longer sensitive subjects, and you will experience many profits this week. For married people, try to understand your partner and avoid starting any fights with them. 

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Focus and determination will be your most significant strengths for the coming week. The weekly tarot reading for your zodiac suggests that, professionally, things might start rough but will pick momentum in the latter half. Selling real estate is a good idea, and you must go ahead. Financially, new opportunities will knock on your door so identify them carefully. Things with your romantic partner might be going poorly, so refrain from indulging in unnecessary arguments and giving space to each other. Exploring and discovering new things in health and fitness will benefit you. 

Tarot Card


The following week is full of challenges; you must stay focused on your career. In addition, there are chances of new employees entering your workplace. Thus, it would be best if you kept a watchful eye on them as this might help better understand their skill set. Financially, the week could be better for you, so avoid lending any money to others and focus on saving. Eat healthy food, as you might not be able to afford any hospital expenses this week. 

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The Weekly Tarot Predictions suggest that natives of this zodiac sign might reach a standstill this week. You might feel some dilemma in your work and personal life. A few things might also go out of your control, and you would be asked to think on your feet. It would help if you braced yourself and worked on your spontaneity. Remember to take a breather and drive away from work on a short holiday. Give time to your partner and family, and try to maintain a work-life balance. 

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Thus, wishing you all the best for the week!

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