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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 7th April to 13th April 2024 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 7th April to 13th April 2024 

Are you curious about what side your zodiac sign will be on this week: challenges or blessings? Or will you be able to manifest all your dreams and goals this week? Look no further than our weekly tarot predictions! Our talented tarot card reader, Tarot Swati, will use the wisdom of the tarot cards to provide you with clarity and confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Get the answers to all your burning questions with our latest edition of the weekly tarot horoscope. 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions for the Upcoming Week: 

Our tarot predictions for the week are no less than a glimpse into the future. Why, you may ask? Well, it not only makes you aware of the upcoming challenges or blessings ahead but also shows you the right path to reach your goals. So, here is the weekly tarot reading designed as per your zodiac element: 

1. Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Swords

Element: Fire 

Sun Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

The appearance of the Three of Swords in your weekly tarot predictions is not a green sign for you, Fire elements. The upcoming week will be all about dealing with the emotional turmoil going on inside you. However, your loved ones will be fully supportive and try to bring you out of this disturbed mental state. 

If this weren’t enough, you will face situations where people with higher authority will try to bully you or take advantage of you. In this case, the tarot cards prediction asks you to maintain a calm and composed behaviour and look for smart ways to deal with such people. 

When it comes to love relationships, the Three of Swords senses that some of you are struggling to cope with your past. This is when the weekly tarot spread asks you to prioritise your mental health and look for ways to heal and recover from this challenging period. 

  • Tip from the universe: Chant any mantra related to the planet Moon to overcome challenges
  • Signals from the guardian angels: Stay calm and patient and wait for the good period 
  • Key areas to focus on: Love relationships and mental health 

Three of Swords

2. Tarot Card of the Week: Page of Cups 

Element: Earth 

Sun Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn 

The energies of the Page of Cups will take you into a world of fantasies, daydreaming and manifestations. When it comes to love and personal relationships, living in the world of fantasy may be acceptable to some extent.

However, in the professional world, you need to adopt a practical and logical approach when dealing with work projects or deals. Your impractical or dreamy behaviour may land you in immature decisions. This is why your horoscopes tarot reading suggests you get in touch with experts or someone else before making any big decisions.

Financially, the overall energies of the Page of Cups tarot card might make you inclined towards shortcut methods to make quick money. Whether it is your career or finances, choosing the side of dreams or imagination may be dangerous for you, as per the weekly tarot predictions. 

  • Tip from the universe: Try to avoid being dreamy and imaginative 
  • Signals from the guardian angels: Adopt a practical and rational approach in your work or finances 
  • Key areas to focus on: Career growth and financial decisions

Page of Cups  card

3. Tarot Card of the Week: The Emperor 

Element: Air 

Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius 

For the Air Signs, this upcoming week will be all about growth, settlement and blessings. Not only this, but your weekly tarot predictions hint that you will witness several unfavourable situations turning in your favour. 

If you are someone expecting a raise or a promotion, this week will be when you might hear good news. However, there is a strong chance that you might have to handle a more responsible role at your workplace this week. 

In love and personal relationships, things might get a bit tricky since you would have to sacrifice your own happiness or comfort for your loved ones. Just like a true Emperor, you will lead the people around you and gain name, fame and popularity, as per the weekly tarot reading. 

  • Tip from the universe: Grab the blessings the universe presents you with 
  • Signals from the guardian angels: Try to be more responsible at the workplace 
  • Key areas to focus on: Work projects and business deals 


4. Tarot Card of the Week: The Hanged Man 

Element: Water 

Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 

Water signs the Hanged Man tarot card hints that all the decisions you have made to reach your desired destination are not sufficient or enough. Maybe you are fixated on only one side and neglecting the other side. This is why, despite several efforts and hard work, you are unable to reach your goals.

In love relationships, there might be some energies of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment. Your weekly love tarot reading suggests you take a short break and look for ways to restore peace, love, and affection in your love life. 

In career and finances, the Hanged Man tarot card predicts stuckness or stagnant growth. So, this week will be a time when you need a fresh perspective to bring growth and advancement in your career and finances. When it comes to health and well-being, the horoscopes tarot reading advises you to pay attention towards healing and proper treatment. 

  • Tip from the universe: Try to focus on making a ‘Plan B’ 
  • Signals from the guardian angels: Avoid negativity and look for a fresh perspective 
  • Key areas to focus on: Work goals and ambitions and love relationships 

The-Hanged-Man tarot card

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