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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 24th September to 30th September 2023 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 24th September to 30th September 2023

Welcome to another exciting edition of weekly tarot predictions by Tarot Swati. Wondering about what Cupid has planned for the week ahead. Or maybe your pending tasks at work make you worried? Well, whatever the problem is, our horoscopes tarot reading is here for your rescue and will guide you through the ups and downs of this upcoming week. Maybe to some of you, the tarot cards might suggest letting go of the painful things that happened in the past.

Or, for some of you, the tarot cards might come up with the idea of putting your energy into something productive this week. So, are you ready to discover the magic of tarot cards and ready to bring good luck and happiness to your life? 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions for the Upcoming Week 

Stepping into the world of weekly tarot predictions is no less than magic. Why? Well, every week, the tarot deck speaks to every one of you and guides you through the upcoming surprises, opportunities and challenges. So, let us explore what the tarot cards prediction has to say about your element this week. 

1. Tarot Card of the Week: The Judgement 

Element: Fire 

Sun Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

First on the list of weekly tarot predictions is the Fire element. As per your weekly tarot reading, this week is all about beginning a new chapter in your life and learning lessons from the past. When it comes to your health, the horoscopes tarot reading hints that you might get a better treatment if you have been suffering from a prolonged illness. Your weekly love tarot reading asks you to make adjustments in your love relationships. For quite some time, there are some factors that have made you deal with a rough patch. But this week, either you or your partner may think of making adjustments and bringing back the lost spark in your relationships.

But wait for the little twist. The Judgement tarot card hints that some of you might find your inner calling and realise you are destined to do something else. So spend this week analysing which path will lead you to your desired dreams and goals. Financially, you need to keep a check on your expenses and analyse how can you improve your financial situation. 

The Judgement

2. Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Swords 

Element: Earth 

Sun Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn 

Next on the list of tarot weekly horoscope is the Earth element. Let us decode the message from the universe and find out how this upcoming week treats the Earth’s elements. As per the ‘Eight of Swords’ tarot card, this week, you will be presented with a new opportunity or hope to move forward. The opportunity will make you realise that instead of searching for motivation outside, searching within yourself will be a game-changer. But things might become challenging for you with the arrival of challenges. This could be related to your career, love life or even finances. However, if you discover the hidden strength and will to fight, you will be able to overcome these challenges with ease.

Moving on to your weekly love tarot reading, the Eight of Swords tarot card senses that some of you have been blaming yourself for a past failed relationship or a betrayal from someone close to you. Instead of carrying the emotional baggage, this week is the time to share your inner feelings and ask for help. Career-wise, this upcoming week might disappoint you if you have been looking for a better job opportunity, as per your weekly tarot reading. All in all, the energy of this whole week asks you to be patient and wait for the wheels to turn in your favour. 

3. Tarot Card of the Week: Knight of Pentacles 

Element: Air 

Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius 

The ‘Knight of Pentacles’ tarot cards want you to join hands with patience this week, especially when it comes to your romantic relationships. Moreover, this week, stability and security in your relationships appear on the card per the weekly tarot predictions. Talking about stability and security, there are strong chances that you and your partner might discuss the long-term goals this week.

Moving on to your finances, your weekly tarot spread hints that making significant investments might generate fruitful results. So, whichever sector you invest in, the results will turn in your favour. Talking about everything in general, making a decision in a hurry or without proper thought might turn against you. This is why the tarot cards prediction guides you to be a little patient while making any decision, whether about your investment, career choices or even something personal. 

Knight of panticals

4. Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Pentacles 

Element: Water 

Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 

Last on the list of weekly tarot predictions is the Water element waiting to unfold the mysteries of the upcoming week. As per the ‘Three of Pentacles’ card, this week will bless you with an opportunity to strengthen familial bonds. However, this is not limited to your familial bonds; the weekly tarot spread says that even your love relationships will improve this week. Those looking for a suitable marriage proposal, this week will not disappoint you. Moreover, the energy of the week hints towards upgradation and collaboration.

Financially, you might get to handle a new project that will boost your sales this week. However, for some of you, this week will be dedicated to learning new financial concepts that will lead you to a stable future. Moving forward to your career prospects, being a team player might benefit you. There are fair chances that this week you might be asked to work on a project that involves your team as well. So, the Three of Pentacles tarot card advises you to acknowledge others’ opinions and trust their expertise. 

three of panticals


That’s a wrap on our weekly tarot predictions by Tarot Swati. Every week, our weekly tarot spread comes to your rescue and provides you with an accurate solution to all your problems. So, the cards have spoken; now, it is your turn to make the most out of the opportunities you are presented with.

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