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What Are Mounts On Palms In Palmistry?

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Mounts On Palms

Just look at your hand; you’ll see some raised or pointed flesh below your fingers and palms. Did you see it? Yes, those are called the “Mounts on Palm”. They are raised above like mountains, indicating various information about your career, attributes, and overall life. 

When a palmist reads your hands, they look at the mounts, which reveal a lot about your life. They identify your positive and negative traits by studying how raised, overdeveloped, or underdeveloped your hands seem. 


What are Mounts on Hand Palmistry? 

Mounts on palm is associated with different planets that have different meanings and significance. Palmistry mounts reveal your personality and features, allowing you to know a lot more about yourself. They also assist you in knowing your likes, dislikes, and the fields in which you are interested. Overall, palmistry mounts are a great way of knowing and gathering information about yourself and the things that interest you. 

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Different Mount on Palm 

Here are the seven major types of palmistry mounts named after different planets. Each mount has its own significance and says a lot about you. So, each mount in your palm can vary in height, being raised, overly developed, or non-existent. 

1. Mount of Jupiter 

  • Location: Below the index finger
  • Raised: Confidence, Knowledge and leadership qualities 
  • Overdeveloped: Arrogant
  • Underdeveloped: Low-self esteem

If the mount of Jupiter is properly raised, it means that you are ambitious, knowledgeable, and intelligent. It suggests that you are capable of doing anything in life. 

On the other hand, an underdeveloped mount indicates that you are rude and arrogant. You are very proud of your achievements and are not grounded. Another one is underdeveloped, which means that the mount does not exist; it means that you have low self-esteem and keep doubting your skills and capabilities. 

2. Mount of Saturn 

  • Location: Below the middle finger
  • Raised: Discipline, harmony and freedom
  • Overdeveloped: Hopefullnress and easily depressed
  • Underdeveloped: Lack of understanding

When the Saturn mount is properly formed and raised, it means that you are an independent individual living a disciplined and harmonious lifestyle. 

There are two other types: overdeveloped and underdeveloped. Overdeveloped means that you always question your decisions and feel hopeless most of the time, which can cause stress, frustration, and depression. Underdeveloped means that you lack understanding of situations and the ability to analyse them confidently. 

3. Mount of Sun or Apollo

  • Location: Below the ring finger
  • Raised: Ambitious, hardworking and creativity
  • Overdeveloped: Unproductive
  • Underdeveloped: Lacks imagination and vision 

The Sun mount palmistry is associated with the planet Sun, which makes you hardworking and capable of dealing with tough situations to achieve success and stability in life. You have a creative mindset that allows you to be creative and enhances your inner skills. 

Moreover, if the Sun Mount is overdeveloped, it means that you are lazy and unproductive. You procrastinate on important tasks that make you a laid-back person. Another one is the underdeveloped or non-existent Sun Mount in your palm, which means that you do not have a clear vision in your life. 

4. Mount of Mercury 

  • Location: Below the little finger
  • Raised: Intuition, intelligence and skilled 
  • Overdeveloped: Selfish 
  • Underdeveloped: Fearful and introvert 

The Mercury mount on palm is associated with the planet Mercury, which makes you a great leader with excellent communication skills. Being a skilled communicator allows you to grow and develop as a confident individual. 

Besides this, the underdeveloped or overdeveloped Mount of Mercury means that you are a selfish and arrogant individual. You are always comparing yourself with others, which makes you feel that you are not good or capable of doing. It also implies that you are a shy and introverted individual. 

5. Mount of Moon or Luna 

  • Location: Base of palm or below the little finger
  • Raised: Courage, pleasure and imagination
  • Overdeveloped: Always lost in a dreamy world 
  • Underdeveloped: Aloof and lonely 

If Moon mount is well developed, you will be very creative and imaginative in nature. You will be able to generate quick ideas that make you sharp-witted. 

On the flip side, if the moon mount is not developed properly or does not exist, you will always be lost in your dreamy world. You will just imagine a luxurious life but will never be able to own one because you will not be able to put in enough effort to achieve it. 

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6. Mount of Venus 

  • Location: Base of the hand between the thumb and lifeline
  • Raised: Love, sympathy and dignity
  • Overdeveloped: Lacks Courage 
  • Underdeveloped: Senseless and Dumb 

When the Venus mount on palm is well developed and raised high, it indicates that you will be a kind and warm-hearted individual. The venus mount meaning indicates deep emotion, love, and affection. As it’s associated with the planet Venus, you will have beautiful and sharp features. 

Moreover, if the Mount of Venus is overdeveloped, individuals will be fearful and always be scared to take risks. They will not have the courage to live an independent life. Also, if this mount does not exist or is underdeveloped, you will not have the will to seek knowledge and learn new things. 

7. Mount of Mars 

The last is the Mount of Mars, which is divided into two parts- The Inner Mars and the Outer Mars. The inner Mars is known as the positive Mars, and the outer Mars is known as the negative Mars. 

Inner or Positive Mars 

  • Location: Between the mount of Jupiter and Venus
  • Raised: Healthy and full of adventure 
  • Overdeveloped: Nervous and scared
  • Underdeveloped: Stubborn and doubtful 

The overly developed inner Mars is associated with a healthy lifestyle. You will be very adventurous and love to explore new places. On the other hand, if your inner Mars is overdeveloped, you will be fearful and always nervous about meeting people. You will lack confidence and be scared to face the public. Lastly, if it’s underdeveloped, you will struggle to take advice and become stubborn and reserved. 

Outer or Negative Mars 

  • Location: Between the mount of Mercury and Moon 
  • Raised: Do not fear taking a risk 
  • Overdeveloped: Lack of ability to face challenges 
  • Underdeveloped: Impatient and Lazy 

The Outer or negative Mars mount is associated with the planet Mars, which represents aggression, impulsiveness, and conflict. However, if the outer Mars is well developed, it means you are very fearless at taking risks. 

On the other hand, if outer Mars is not developed well or is overdeveloped, it indicates that you will be very impulsive and make decisions without thinking. These people struggle with staying calm at difficult times and usually mess up due to their impulsive decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are mounts on palm?

The shape of a mountain on palms is known as the mounts on palm. These mounts are pointed and raised like bumps. However, every individual has different types of mounts that reveal a lot about them.

2. What are the seven different types of mount on palm?

The seven most important types of palmistry mounts are the Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Saturn, Mount of Sun, Mount of Mercury, Mount of Moon, Mount of Venus and Mount of Mars.

3. What does the mountain in the palm mean?

The raised bumps below the fingers and palm are called mounts on hand palmistry that represent our traits, interests, likes, and dislikes. They also tell you about the career path that suits you best and offers you the most benefits.

4. What does the Mount of Venus on your palm mean?

The Mount of Venus in your palm is all about love, happiness, affection, and romantic feelings. If the Mount of Venus is well developed, it makes the natives charming and good-looking.

5. What is Jupiter mount on palm?

In palmistry, the Jupiter mount is located at the base of the index finger. It represents individual leadership qualities, ambition, and self-esteem.

6. What are good signs in palmistry mounts?

Each mount on the palm has a unique set of characteristics that can indicate different aspects of one’s personality and potential. If the mounts are well-developed, they yield positive results, while if they are overdeveloped or underdeveloped, they indicate negative results.

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