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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 24th March to 30th March 2024 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 24th March to 30th March 2024 

We are excited to present you with the latest edition of our weekly tarot predictions. Our talented tarot card reader, Tarot Swati, is here to provide exclusive insights into what to expect and how to overcome any challenges the upcoming week brings you. Maybe our weekly tarot reading could show you the Suit of Cups, hinting that you should work on your inner emotions and feelings.

Or perhaps this weekly tarot spread could be all about the suit of Swords, asking you to be courageous and confident towards life’s upcoming challenges. Whatever tarot card of the week you are presented with, Tarot Swati will guide you through every step of the way. 

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Weekly Tarot Predictions for the Upcoming Week: 

What side will your zodiac element be this week? Will this upcoming week be all about receiving the blessings of the universe? Or will you have to wait a little longer for your dreams to come true? Let our weekly tarot spread take the lead and uncover the mysteries and surprises of the week! 

1. Tarot Card of the Week: The Devil 

Element: Fire 

Sun Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

Wondering about how the Devil tarot card will serve you this upcoming week? Fire signs, while on one hand, the Devil tarot card, will fulfil all your desires but can make you a control freak on the other. 

Talking about control, the Devil tarot card makes you obsessed with taking full control of your relationship. This habit of yours may create some problems in your love life as your partner may object to you interfering with their personal space, as per the weekly love tarot reading. 

Health-wise, this weekly tarot prediction is all about working hard towards a good physique and overall good health. On the professional front, the tarot cards prediction hints at the energies of passion, authority, and success. 

This upcoming week, you will prove your leadership skills through a new work task or position. Lastly, the weekly tarot spread suggests you avoid any kind of addiction or dependency. 

  • Tip from the universe: Try to respect your partner’s personal space
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Avoid addiction and dependency
  • Key areas to focus on: Love relationships and work projects 

The-Devil tarot card

2. Tarot Card of the Week: Nine of Pentacles 

Element: Earth 

Sun Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn 

Wouldn’t it be great if you started the upcoming week with good news? Well, Earth signs, your weekly tarot predictions reveal a promising and positive week ahead filled with lots of good news and opportunities. 

Starting with your professional life this week, the Nine of Pentacles tarot card brings you all the opportunities you deserve. For some, it could be an unexpected promotion, reward or recognition at your workplace. For others, it could be all about witnessing drastic growth in sales and profit. 

Your horoscope tarot reading reveals a week of independence and romance for your love life. You both truly care for each other and are eager to build a strong and stable foundation. Financially, the energies of the upcoming week hint towards abundance, material prosperity and stability. This week is the time when you enjoy the hard work and efforts you have put in in the past. 

  • Tip from the universe: Work on the opportunities the universe presents you with
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Focus on your growth and development 
  • Key areas to focus on: Financial deals and investments

Nine of Pentacles 

3. Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Swords 

Element: Air 

Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius 

For the social and calm Air signs, the weekly tarot predictions are all about making important decisions. These could be related to your career, love life, or even finances, as per your weekly tarot predictions. Starting with your love life, your weekly love tarot reading predicts that you may have to decide what is more important to you: work or love. 

On the work front, you may find yourself stuck between two colleagues in a conflict. You will have to decide which side is right. Making this decision could be stressful and can impact your work relationships. So, it is better to take an impartial approach to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Financially, this week is the time to make tough decisions for your future. This week, you have to choose material comfort or a financially stable and secure future. Whatever decision you get to take this week, your weekly tarot horoscope advises you to use a clear and rational approach. 

  • Tip from the universe: Choose what is important to you
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Try to be rational and impartial 
  • Key areas to focus on: Peaceful work relationships 

Two of Swords

4. Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Swords 

Element: Water 

Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 

In love and personal relationships, the Ten of Swords hints at betrayal. Maybe someone very close to you may plan something against you this week. So, your weekly love tarot reading asks you to be careful around such people and avoid trusting blindly. 

On the professional level, things may get a bit tough for you this upcoming week. Your tarot cards prediction that the toxic work environment has forced you to think about quitting your existing job. Maybe a past controversy or gossip at your workplace has made it too difficult for you to continue the job. Whatever the situation, the message from the universe is to let go of the negativity around you and focus on your growth. 

Financially, too, this week will not be as rewarding or auspicious as per your horoscopes tarot reading. The investments or financial deals you made in the past may not be generating the results you expected. 

  • Tip from the universe: Let go of the negativity and focus on growth 
  • Signal from the guardian angels: Avoid trusting someone blindly 
  • Key areas to focus on: Career growth and love relationships

Ten of Swords tarot Card

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