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Weekly Tarot Predictions: 23rd to 29th April 2023

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Weekly Tarot Predictions

Tarot card prediction is one of the most exciting ways to know your future. A card depicting how your week will need precision and intuition to decode the received message from the universe. These InstaAstro’s Weekly Tarot Predictions by Tarot Swati help you know some interesting facts for the upcoming week. So let’s take a scroll down and read what those are.

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Weekly Tarot Predictions for the upcoming week (23rd to 29th April 2023) are as follows:

Tarot card of the week: Four of Wands
Element: Fire
Sun Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Four of Wands tarot card

The weekly tarot predictions for the fire element-based zodiac bring out the lucky card of the week as “Four of Wands”. This card shows a picture of two people dancing and celebrating in great joy. In the foreground is a wreath decorated with flowers, grapes and blossoms on the beam of four wands.

Which all together represent a celebration after a great victory. Moreover, in the background, there is a huge castle in front of which a group of people stands, symbolising security and home. So in a gist, this card brings you joy, harmony, relaxation and homecoming in the upcoming week.

The weekly tarot reading says in accordance with this card that the upcoming week will be favourable for relationships and emotional support. You will feel protected by the people around you and get help from your family and friends.

Be it your professional or personal worry, you will feel several hands reaching to you for help as per your weekly tarot predictions. Moreover, this week, the rejuvenation of old friendships and people you were attached to could happen.

Tarot card of the week: Four of cups
Element: Earth
Sun Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Four of cups Tarot Card

“Four of cups” is the predicted tarot card for the earth-associated zodiac signs per the weekly tarot spread. This card has a picture of a man sitting in deep concentration and meditation under a tree. This tree and the grass beneath him signify nature surrounding us.

He is so engrossed in his practice that he doesn’t even notice the outstretched arm coming from a nearby cloud and serving him a glass. Moreover, he doesn’t see the three cups before his feet. In its upright position, this card brings meditation, apathy and reevaluation but has come up in its reversed position for your zodiac sign.

As per the weekly love tarot reading, this upcoming week could make you feel dissatisfied. You could be missing out on opportunities coming your way. There will be a need for more motivation and confidence in your life. Moreover, you may have a lot of mood swings and don’t feel like going with the flow.

Feeling vulnerable for the entire week is expected as well. However, this week will teach you acceptance of whatever you have been given. Moreover, always work with it and not against it. Make your mind a friend, not an enemy. This will miraculously transform your life.” If you adopt this, life will be better and easier to live.

Tarot card of the week: Wheel of Fortune
Element: Air
Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

According to the Weekly tarot cards prediction, your predicted tarot card is “Wheel of Fortune”. A giant wheel in the centre of the card has letters symbolising “TORA”, which means law or tarot. However, it also means ROTA, a wheel in the Latin language. On the outer side of the wheel, there is a snake, an Egyptian god and a sphinx.

Here the snake represents the life force plunging into the material world; the Egyptian god, Anubis, welcomes the souls to the underworld. The topmost sphinx represents wisdom and knowledge. And in the corners, there are four fixed zodiac signs, i.e. an angel representing the Aries zodiac, a lion for the Leo sun sign, an eagle for the Scorpio zodiac sign and a bull for the Taurus zodiac sign.

This week ensures that there will be a spontaneous ending and beginning of something you have been aspiring for a long time now. Of course, these changes will be for your betterment, but remember that not all changes are easy, even if they lead you to your destiny.

So make sure you make the most of this time by focusing your intention on what you truly want. This card indicates that the universe is working to bring you the love you deserve, but you have to work with the universe. You have a good possibility of true love coming your way according to your weekly tarot predictions. So now is the time to put yourself out there; it’s time to meet new people.

Tarot card of the week: The Star
Element: Water
Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The Star Tarot Card

Horoscopes tarot reading suggests that your tarot card is “The Star”. This card pictures a naked woman kneeling in a nearby river. She holds two water cans in her hands; the water can in her left hand represents the subconscious, and her right hand is for subconscious thoughts.

She pours water to nourish the earth and continue the cycle of fertility. From the other container, she pours water on a dry land divided into five rivulets, representing our five senses. Her one leg is on the ground, symbolising good common sense, and the other leg is in water means her intuition and inner voice. Her nakedness is a sign of her vulnerability under a vast starry night.

The huge star behind her represents her essence, and all the other seven small stars represent all the chakras in our bodies. This week ensures that there will be several peaceful, loving phases in your life. Phases will be filled with calm energy, mental stability and a more in-depth understanding of yourself and others around you.

This week will also help you grow and improve your health and other issues that could only be resolved briefly. Moreover, this week brings positivity and calmness, which will help you clarify your relationships. This is because you may have passed through terrible life challenges in the past.

Well, now you have managed to escape this situation without losing hope. So, keep up this faith and continue self-healing, as only this loss helped you discover your resilience and inner power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Where could I find genuine weekly tarot predictions online?

InstaAstro presents you weekly tarot predictions by Tarot Swati. Moreover, there are other predictions which you can read on our platform; health, love, student, family, nifty etc.

2. Which tarot card is predicted for Leo zodiac sign, and what does it signify?

The predicted tarot card is “Four of Wands” for the fire-based zodiac sign. The excellent depiction of the card is harmony, homecoming and relaxation. However, reversed depiction represents personal celebration and transition. In accordance with the card, the upcoming week will bring emotional support, professional security and rejuvenation of old bonds.

3. What is portrayed on the Fortune Wheel?

As its name suggests, the Wheel of Fortune card is the lucky one. But it also shows that nothing stays the same; even if you’re lucky today, things could change tomorrow.

4. Do cusps in a tarot reading give a dual benefit?

Because they are made up of both zodiacs, the cusps are bound to have both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the likelihood of receiving a mix of two cards increases for those on the cusp.

5. What kind of questions should be asked in weekly tarot predictions?

Open-ended questions, like will I get that job? Or what will be my relationship status in the upcoming week/ month? Or will I be financially stable in the coming month/ week? These questions are answered sincerely per the predicted tarot card for your zodiac sign.

6. How many tarot cards should be drawn at once?

It is said that either you could pick a single card or three cards at a time while doing a tarot card reading. Although it also depends on the tarot card reader who is reading for you.

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