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Weekly Numerology Predictions: 3rd September to 9th September 2023 

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Welcome to the world of weekly numerology predictions by Tarot Swati. Do you know that numbers have been granted some special powers in numerology, that they can reveal the mysteries of your love life, finances or even career? Yes, you read that right! Numerology says that numbers also contain some vibrations that can influence your destiny. So, as we step into another week of September, let us focus on what the numbers have to say about you this upcoming week! So, it is your chance to get proper and free guidance on different aspects of your life, whether your health or career.

Weekly Numerology Predictions by Date of Birth 

If you think that numerology is all about numbers, then you must read our weekly numerology predictions by Tarot Swati for the upcoming week. Trust us; our weekly numerology is a one-stop for all your problems or doubts and might also help you to unlock the secrets of your life. 

Numerology Number 1 Predictions 

First on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 1. The upcoming week comes with the energies of positivity, opportunities and celebrations for you. Career-wise, either will you get promoted or might see stronger chances of promotion as per the lucky number for Libra. Students appearing for an important exam this week might get favourable results. So, whether you are a student or a working professional, the weekly numerology will significantly help you to work hard towards your goals and desires.


Numerology Number 2 Predictions 

The weekly forecast by date of birth for number 2 advises you to be very careful while driving this week. Not paying attention or your carelessness might lead to small accidents or injuries. However, taking risks in your career, finances or even love relationships is not advised as you might feel loss or rejection. Your weekly zodiac sign that being lazy or procrastinating your daily tasks at work might put you in danger. So, call some courage and try to complete your responsibilities on time to avoid problems. Your love life might face a rough patch this week as you and your partner are not on the same page. 


Numerology Number 3 Predictions 

Number 3 weekly numerology predictions say that this week, you might get presented with certain situations that require your decision-making skills. In this case, vastu numerology advises you to analyse both situations and then think about the final decision. This could be related to your workplace, health, finances and even career. Staying away from rigidness or delay is highly advised as per the weekly zodiac sign. Financially, get ready to welcome multiple sources of income this week. 


Numerology Number 4 Predictions 

If you have a major crush on someone and want to move things forward with them, don’t worry the Cupid has turned in your favour. As per your numerology weekly horoscope, there are strong chances that they will also return this week. Talking about the different aspects of your life, the upcoming week might create some favourable opportunities for you rather than serving everything on the plate. It is you who has to grab the opportunity and make the most out of them, says virgo lucky number. Health-wise, the week seems stable and fine for the number 4. 


Numerology Number 5 Predictions 

Lucky number for Libra predicts that the people working in an artistic field’s luck will shine this week. Moreover, if you ever feel stuck, then divine guidance might come to your rescue. Weekly zodiac sign also predicts that this guidance will encourage you to hone your skills and create something out of the world. If you are someone interested in spirituality, then the vastu numerology suggests you incorporate some new manifestation techniques this week. At last, this week might bring up the hidden manipulator inside you, manipulating others to get your work done. So, try to be careful of that as per your weekly numerology. 


Numerology Number 6 Predictions 

This week, people who have numerology number 6 might plan a short trip with their family members. Moreover, when it comes to investments, your weekly zodiac sign hints that the future might turn out to be beneficial and lucky for you. As a result, you might get some overseas opportunities this week that would get a boost to your business as per Virgo lucky number. If you appear in a job interview this week, then fair chances are the results will be in your favour. 


Numerology Number 7 Predictions 

Next on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 7. The energies of this upcoming week might make you a bit moody and irritable. As a result, your major focus will be towards proving your point even if it hurts the feelings of others. So, the message from the universe is to work on your communication skills otherwise, your relationships might be affected. However, at the same time, you must yourself getting obsessed with things. Be it your career or love relationships, staying away from situations that take your obsession to the next level is advised. 


Numerology Number 8 Predictions 

For number 8, the numerology weekly horoscope advises you to be friends with the ‘law of attraction’. Doing this will help you come out of your problems quickly, be it personal or professional. Moreover, this week will restore your faith in god, making you a bit inclined towards religious activities. Those looking for a better job opportunity might get lucky this week, as per the vastu numerology. All in all, this week is all about accepting rewards from the universe and showing gratitude for what you have. 


Numerology Number 9 Predictions 

Last on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 9. The overall energy of this upcoming week revolves around complications in relationships, betrayal and emotional imbalance. Your weekly forecast by date of birth wants you to focus on your mental peace. However, there will be a time when you might feel that the universe has not been kind to you lately. In this situation, letting go of the things that cost your mental peace is the best option. 



Here comes our weekly numerology prediction by Tarot Swati to an end. No matter what situation unfolds in the future, the universe will always have your back. And if anything goes south, then taking the help of weekly numerology is the solution for you. We will be back next week with more helpful insights about your future. Until then, don’t forget to follow InstaAstro for more horoscopes about your love life, career, health, finances and much more! 

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