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Weekly Numerology Predictions: 24th September to 30th September 2023 

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Weekly Numerology Predictions: 24th September to 30th September 2023

Welcome to the world of weekly numerology predictions by Tarot Swati. Finally, your wait for personalised numerology predictions is over. Will your love life bloom this week? Or will you be able to outshine yourself among your colleagues? Well, all these questions can be answered with the help of weekly numerology.

Just think of the numbers as your personal guide who guides you through the ups and downs of the upcoming week. It tells you about everything, right from the opportunities ready to knock at your door to the challenges that might increase your worries. So what are you waiting for? Let us ask for guidance from the numbers for the upcoming week. 

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Weekly Numerology Predictions by Date of Birth: 

Are you curious to know what the numbers and the universe have in store for you? If yes, then get ready to enter into the world of numerology with our numerology predictions by Tarot Swati. We will take you where each number holds a different story waiting to be heard. 

Numerology Number 1 Predictions 

First on the list of weekly numerology predictions is number 1. This week might bring an opportunity to put a full stop to all your family disputes or feuds. Moreover, you will get to strengthen the bond with your extended family members this week as per your vastu numerology. However, this week has also come up with a warning about taking care of your health by being more serious about it. Financially, your weekly forecast by date of birth hints towards an investment leading you to long-term returns. 

Lucky colour: Pastel shades of Yellow 

Lucky Gem: Ruby

Numerology Number 1 Predictions 

Numerology Number 2 Predictions

The lucky number for Libra suggests you maintain a balance in your emotional aspects this week. If there has been a past hurt, then this week has brought the opportunity to let go of the things that bother you. When it comes to your social life, the element of understanding is what you will miss the most. You will find that the people around you are not able to understand you and assume the worst scenario possible. Instead of getting affected by all of this, try working on your confidence and letting go of the things that only take a toll on your mental peace. 

Lucky colour: Dark tones of Green 

Lucky Gem: Pearl

Numerology Number 2 Predictions

Numerology Number 3 Predictions 

Number 3 weekly numerology says some of you might receive long-awaited proposals or opportunities. But still, here is the catch! The vastu numerology wants you to be friends with patience and calm even after you get the right opportunity. For students, this upcoming week seems extremely lucky, as per the Virgo lucky number. If there is been an exam scheduled this week, there are fair chances that they might score more than they expected. When it comes to your love relationships, this whole week will be all about on and off situations. 

Lucky colour: Shades of Brown 

Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire

Numerology Number 3 Predictions

Numerology Number 4 Predictions 

As per the weekly numerology predictions for the number 4, this week might drop a few fluctuations in your lap. However, the Virgo lucky number says that if you don’t want to get hurt or exploited, then you must learn to take a stand for yourself. Also, the energy of this week guides you to work hard towards your goals with zero expectations. This way, you can save yourself from getting disappointed in the future, says the weekly forecast by date of birth. At last, if you are someone looking for a marriage proposal, then this week is not the right time for you. 

Lucky colour: Sea Green 

Lucky Gem: Hessonite

Numerology Number 4 Predictions

Numerology Number 5 Predictions 

The numerology weekly horoscope for the number 5 says that the energy of this week hints towards growth and upgradation. Maybe you might receive an opportunity at the workplace to make significant growth, or maybe a significant profit at business will take you closer to your goals this week. However, this week also blesses you with an opportunity to invest in luxurious things such as cars or property. Doing this will lead you to a better financial condition. 


Lucky colour: Mustard Yellow and Blue 

Lucky Gem: Emerald

Numerology Number 5 Predictions

Numerology Number 6 Predictions 

Weekly numerology predictions for number 6 hint this week might trouble you with some ups and downs. Moreover, your weekly zodiac sign predicts a betrayal from a close friend, financial loss, or theft shows on the cards this week. But you need to understand that whatever situations the universe presents you with this week are based on your past karmic deeds. All in all, this week has come up with a message to turn your past bad karma into a good one if you want to avoid punishment from the universe. 

Lucky colour: Deep Grey 

Lucky Gem: Diamond

Numerology Number 6 Predictions

Numerology Number 7 Predictions 

Next on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 7. The only area that demands your attention this week is your communication skills. This is because your weekly zodiac sign predicts that you might cross your limits in order to prove your point to others. So, it is better to bring a more peaceful and calm touch in your communication to avoid problems. Also, getting obsessed with something might not show you favourable results this week, says the lucky number for Libra. 

Lucky colour: Black and dark shades of Blue 

Lucky Gem:  Cat’s Eye

Numerology Number 7 Predictions

Numerology Number 8 Predictions 

As per number 8, the numerology weekly horoscope, the upcoming week brings an opportunity to fulfil all your dreams. If you have been planning on something for so long this week, the universe might get it done for you. But your weekly zodiac sign senses that the luck shines for those still living in the hope of getting back together with their ex-partner. As per the Virgo lucky number, there are fair chances that you might get what you want in your love life this week. 

Lucky colour: Maroon and Brown 

Lucky Gem:  Blue Sapphire

अंकज्योतिष संख्या 8

Numerology Number 9 Predictions 

Last on the list of weekly numerology predictions is number 9. As per your weekly forecast by date of birth, the energy of this upcoming week revolves around passion and obsession. No matter what your situation is, your utmost priority will be towards your desired dreams and goals as per vastu numerology. However, at the same time, this week demands you to be patient when it comes to working towards your goals. But don’t forget to take care of your health amidst the obsession towards your goals and ambitions. 

Lucky colour: Red and Darker tones of Blue 

Lucky Gem: Red Coral 

अंकज्योतिष संख्या 9


Per the numerology predictions, you need to take a leap of faith and work hard towards your goals this week. We will come back next week with more exciting insights about your love life, career, finances and even health with the help of numerology.

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