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Weekly Numerology Predictions: 10th September to 16th September 2023 

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Weekly Numerology Predictions

Welcome to the world of weekly numerology predictions by Tarot Swati. You think that only the universe or the stars hold the power to send all the surprises and exciting opportunities your way. But that is where you are wrong! Numerology is another thrilling branch of astrology that has been given the superpower to show you the guiding path that can lead you to your destiny. Think of weekly numerology as a secret code that sends you a hint about what’s happening in the upcoming week. Right from your romantic relationships to the work-life balance problems, it covers everything.

So, get ready to witness how these numbers can add an element of magic to your life with weekly numerology predictions by date of birth. 

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Weekly Numerology Predictions by Date of Birth: 

It is your chance to see your love life, career life or even finances grow with the magic of Vastu numerology. Tarot Swati has decoded the message from the numbers, especially for you! So, let us interpret what the numerology predictions have to say to each and every one of you. 

Numerology Number 1 Predictions

First on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 1. This upcoming week seems extremely good for your bank balance and will lead you to finance upgradation. Moreover, if there is anything that has been stuck for quite some time this week, it will start moving forward. It could be your relationship or work-related application, says your weekly zodiac sign. And this week, the luck shines for those working in sectors related to travel tourism and event management.

  • Lucky colour: Orange, Red
  • Lucky Gem: Ruby 

 Number 1

Numerology Number 2 Predictions

Next on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 2. The energy of this upcoming week hints towards new partnerships or collaborations that might benefit you in the future. Also, as per the lucky number for Libra, this week comes as a golden opportunity to execute all the amazing ideas you had in your mind. If you are someone working for sectors related to social media or something that demands creativity, this week might serve you well in the form of exciting opportunities. But wait for the little twist in your love life! Your numerology predictions free senses reunion with your ex-partner this week. 

  • Lucky colour: White
  • Lucky Gem: Pearl 

Numerology Number 2 Predictions

Numerology Number 3 Predictions 

For numerology number 3, the weekly forecast by date of birth predicts that patience might become your greatest partner this week. The more patience you keep this week, the greater that the universe might drop the right opportunity or good news in your lap at the end of this week. Just understand that the universe has its own plans, and what is meant for you will come to you only at the right time. When it comes to your finances, your numerology weekly horoscope advises you to keep a check on your savings as this week, some unwanted expenses may trouble you.

  • Lucky colour: Shades of Yellow
  • Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire

Numerology Number 3 Predictions

Numerology Number 4 Predictions 

Get ready to witness the magic of the numbers as they will turn situations possible that were impossible before. This week, the Virgo lucky number predicts that rather than waiting for the opportunity, some of you would go the extra mile and create opportunities for yourself. For those of you who have recently appeared for a medical exam or are someone working in this field, this upcoming week, the wheel is turning for good. Also, this week is the time to shake things up in your love life using the right tactics or strategies per the vastu numerology.

  • Lucky colour: Grey, Black
  • Lucky Gem: Hessonite

Numerology Number 4 Predictions

Numerology Number 5 Predictions 

For numerology number 5, the upcoming week brings a warning to work on your communication skills. This is because your outward personality may attract some controversies in your life this week. This is why your weekly zodiac sign guides you to adopt a calm and composed approach while communicating with others. Moreover, some of you might be surrounded by doubts and confusion regarding your career. At last, this week is not the right time to speak your mind; instead, try to be a good listener and avoid unnecessary problems. 

  • Lucky colour: Shades of Green and Light tones of Brown
  • Lucky Gem: Emerald

Numerology Number 5 Predictions

Numerology Number 6 Predictions 

Get ready to receive blessings from the universe if you own a makeup or beauty salon this week. Make use of your courageous spirit and let the world know how powerful and capable you are. This might lead you to extreme growth and success this week, per your weekly zodiac sign. Singles might get lucky and cross paths with someone with a very charming and attractive personality. However, at the same time, the thought of getting rejected might trouble you, but you need to understand that the universe is working in your favour. So, this week is the time to open the doors to your heart and welcome love and romance. 

  • Lucky colour: Silver, Red
  • Lucky Gem: Diamond

Numerology Number 6 Predictions

Numerology Number 7 Predictions 

The numerology predictions free for number 7 predict that someone near and dear to you might go against you and backstab you this week. Just to be cautious, avoid sharing any important information about you with your friends, extended family or even colleagues. Also, your weekly forecast by date of birth predicts that you may feel neglected or left behind by your friends or family members this week. However, this energy is not limited to your personal relationships. Even in your career, you might feel that you are not doing enough or trapped in a black hole. 

  • Lucky colour: Blue, Green
  • Lucky Gem:  Cat’s Eye

Numerology Number 7 Predictions

Numerology Number 8 Predictions  

Next on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 8. As per the lucky number for Libra, some ups and downs might knock at your doorstep this week. Moreover, this week, your karmic debts will take centre stage and bless you accordingly per the numerology weekly horoscope. When it comes to your finances, you need to stay away from instant money-making schemes in the near future. Take this as a warning sign from the universe to balance out your karma otherwise, get ready to reap what you have sown in the past. 

  • Lucky colour: Shades of Yellow and Golden
  • Lucky Gem:  Blue Sapphire

अंकज्योतिष संख्या 8

Numerology Number 9 Predictions

Last on the list of weekly numerology predictions is the number 9. As per your weekly forecast by date of birth, this week might bring mixed energies for you. If you are someone who expects a lot from people, be it your love relationship or even friendship, this week you might get disappointed. Talking about your expectations, there will be something that might make you want the things that you don’t have. Virgo lucky number guides you to count your blessings this week instead of cribbing for the things you lack. 

  • Lucky colour: Shades of Red
  • Lucky Gem: Red Coral 

अंकज्योतिष संख्या 9


Well, that’s a wrap on weekly numerology predictions by Tarot Swati. Remember that the universe is working in your favour no matter what the situation appears to be. We hope this upcoming week blesses you with excellent luck, fortune and success. We will be back next week with more valuable insights and guidance about different aspects of your life. If you want more in-depth information about your love life, career or even finances, you can find us. So, follow InstaAstro for free and accurate personalised readings. 

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