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Weekly Love Predictions: 5th March-11th March 2023

By March 4, 2023December 6th, 2023No Comments

“Love is what makes the ride worthwhile”. Isn’t it best to start our blog with a famous quote about love by Franklin P. Jones? Welcome to weekly love predictions, folks. Will you go on a dreamy candle night dinner with your partner or crave their attention this week too? Stop wondering, as Astro Rajiv has come to your rescue. Take the help of InstaAstro’s lowdown on free love horoscope by date of birth. 

Weekly Love Predictions by Date of Birth

Folks, let us explore whether the cupid will be on your side or leave you in awe. Scroll through to know your love astrology by date of birth. 

1. Aries Love Predictions 

First on the list of weekly love predictions is this fire sign, Aries. Let us discuss your love life based on birth chart for you this upcoming week. It is time to start shopping and packing your suitcases as your love horoscope forecasts a romantic vacation with your partner. If you have been planning to take a break and go on a vacation, now is the correct time. Take this as a green sign from the spirits and start booking flights for your romantic destination.  

Talk To Astrologers2. Taurus Love Predictions 

We have good news for single Taurus. What is it? If you have been single for a long time and searching for the ‘perfect’ one, look no further because your love life astrology predicts that soon you will cross paths with your perfect one. In other words, some of you may enter into a new relationship

3. Gemini Love Predictions 

Geminis, it is in your nature to expect a lot from the people around you. But, unfortunately, your unrealistic expectations from your partner often become a reason for your pain and agony. Speaking practically, expecting things from your partner is not harmful, but it will be heartbreaking for both of you if your partner does not fulfil them. So, if you tend to expect a lot from your partner, your love forecast astrology to put a full stop to that. 

4. Cancer Love Predictions 

Cancer, it is time to discuss your weekly love predictions. Sometimes you and your partner cannot see eye to eye, which brings unnecessary arguments. This upcoming week your mental health may suffer due to your relationship. It is suggested to clear the air. 

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5. Leo Love Predictions 

Leo, if your partner has been cribbing about planning a vacation, it is time to give what they want. It is a good time to take a short break from your work and take your partner to a place they have always wanted to visit. You may feel guilty about not giving your partner the time and attention they deserve. So, the spirits have presented a chance to clear this guilt. 

6. Virgo Love Predictions 

Next on the list of weekly love predictions is this earth sign, Virgo. The natives of this zodiac sign are known for their gullible nature. Your love horoscope suggests you not apply this formula in your relationships. Listening to all sides and then making your opinion would benefit you. If you take your decision and act only by knowing just one side, get ready to welcome uninvited fights and stress in your relationships. 

7. Libra Love Predictions 

Roll out the red carpets as Libra arrives in the house. Libras, comparing your partner with someone else seems normal, but it is not normal for your partner. If you compare your partner with your ex-partners, we suggest you stop right now. Unknowingly, you are jeopardizing your relationship. Furthermore, doing this would make your partner feel that you are still clinging to your past relationships and are not faithful. 

8. Scorpio Love Predictions 

Welcome aboard, Scorpions. Consider what we say if you plan to take your relationship to the next level and propose. Your weekly horoscope predictions say you will likely get a positive response if you propose this week. So what are you waiting for, go and propose to your partner. And don’t forget to plan according to your partner’s dream proposal. 

9. Sagittarius Love Predictions 

Sagittarius, your weekly love predictions have a lot to say. So, please pay close attention to what we will say next. Some of you already have a lot on your plates, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot balance your personal and professional life. This situation does not seem well for your relationships as your partner craves your time and attention. So, taking time off your work and trying to create harmony between your work and your partner is advised. 

10. Capricorn Love Predictions 

Hey Capricorns! Let us talk about your weekly love predictions. Your love forecast astrology predicts that your partner is dealing with a rough patch and is in dire need of emotional support. This is your test to prove your love to your partner and show you are with them, come what may. 

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11. Aquarius Love Predictions 

Aquarius, welcome to your love life astrology free. Of course, you cannot express the feelings of getting a special gift from your partner in words. Right? Aquarius, we don’t want to spoil your surprise, but some of you may get a special gift from your partner. Additionally, this coming week is an excellent time for your relationship as this is the chance to get closer to your partner. 

12. Pisces Love Predictions 

Last but not least, we have this water sign on our list of love life prediction. So, Pisces, it is time to get your backpacks ready. Why? Because your weekly love predictions say that you and your partner may go on a trip. Not only this, but this long journey would also become a reason to elevate the spark in your relationships. But don’t get too excited here. If you want to spend your long journey in solace, here is some advice you must follow. Instead of losing your temper, handling the situation calmly can avoid unnecessary quarrels with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What chart will look for a future spouse? 

For those who want to know about their future house, it is advised to look at the placements of planets in their kundli. If the planets are placed in a good position, the natives will live a harmonious and happy marriage. But the wrong placement of planets in the seventh house may invite problems in married life. 

2. Which planet is for love and relationships?

In astrology, Venus is the planet for love, romance and relationships. It is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra and governs the zodiac’s second and seventh houses. It also associates with beauty, art and luxury. 

3. What zodiac signs are lovers?

Aries are Impulsive & Romantic Lovers. They may be quick to jump from lust to love. They need a lover who won’t drive them up a wall because when under emotional pressure they can let the things around them fall apart.

4. What zodiac signs are unlucky in love? 

It is said that love finds you, but for the zodiac signs such as Cancer, Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn, love has lost direction and has headed towards someone else. In other words, these zodiac signs are unlucky in love and struggle hard to find a soulmate for themselves. 

5. Where can I get a free love horoscope by date of birth? 

If you are searching for a free love horoscope by date of birth, say no more. Head to the official website of InstaAstro, never to miss an update about your weekly love predictions by date of birth. 

6. What is the house of love zodiac? 

Out of all the twelve houses in astrology, the 5th house is considered the house for love and romantic relationships. 

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