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Weekly Love Predictions: 11th June to 17th June 2023

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Weekly Love Predictions

Everyone wants to know what is in store for them regarding love. While it is easy to fall in love, it may be a little tricky when making it work. Now, astrology is here to save the day. Accurate love predictions can tell you all about your love life based on birth chart. This InstaAstro free love horoscope by date of birth, given by Astro Rajiv, is highly accurate and detailed. By reading these weekly love predictions, you can know what will happen in your relationship in the coming week. 


Weekly Love Predictions by Date of Birth

Wanting to know what is meant for your relationship in the next week? Scroll down to your zodiac sign, read your love life astrology free predictions, and find out what is on its way towards you and your partner:

1. Aries Weekly Love Predictions (March 21-April 19) 

As Per your love life prediction, you will have several opportunities to enjoy yourself with your partner and spend quality time. In addition, this week will present you with chances to have heart-to-heart conversations with your lover. You will notice more vibrancy, happiness, and peace in your relationship. In addition, this period will allow you both to look at your relationship from a new angle. 

Aries Weekly Love Prediction

2. Taurus Weekly Love Predictions (April 20-May 20)

Taurus people can look forward to some weekend getaway with their partner, allowing them to feel refreshed and relaxed. The weekly love horoscope details say that you can fulfil all your partner’s wishes, making this trip quite memorable for them. Not only will your partner have a happy time, but they will also love you more. 

3. Gemini Weekly Love Predictions (May 21-June 21)

The love life astrology free predictions indicate a time of commitment and stability. Your week will prove to be very happy and prosperous for you because you will get the opportunity to work on your future plans as a couple and also get a chance to establish your relationship on the journey towards marriage.

Gemini Weekly Love Predictions

4. Cancer Weekly Love Predictions (June 22-July 22)

Per your weekly love forecast astrology, you may experience unhappiness in your relationship, including conflicts that will make you question your and your partner’s dynamic. However, you can also solve these conflicts through clear discussions and conversations.

5. Leo Weekly Love Predictions (July 23-August 22)

The upcoming week presents some situations where you and your lover will end up in meaningless conflicts and fights. In addition, you will also find yourself overthinking about these petty issues. Your love life based on birth chart reading, says that you should not keep overthinking about these issues. Instead, work through them collectively.

Leo Weekly Love Predictions

6. Virgo Weekly Love Predictions (August 23- September 22)

For committed people, the weekly love astrology by date of birth predictions predicts a happy period. However, don’t lose heart if you’re single. This week you may get a chance to connect with someone who will become your partner. This person will make your life better and support you through your highs and lows.

7. Libra Weekly Love Predictions (September 23-October 23)

According to the Libra weekly love predictions, you should be very careful about your relationship and avoid risking it at any cost. Many people will criticise your love life, but you should ignore them. Remember that these people don’t wish well for you and are waiting for you to end up in some problem.

Libra Weekly Love Predictions

8. Scorpio Weekly Love Predictions (October 24-November 22)

The InstaAstro free love horoscope by date of birth says that your partner will be expecting emotional support from you this week. As a dutiful partner and lover, you should make your presence known and do your best to care for them. You will see that this small step will make significant, positive changes in your relationship.

9. Sagittarius Weekly Love Predictions (November 23-December 21)

Your weekly love predictions highlight that you may have to spend your week worrying about your partner’s well-being. You may be focusing on their declining health and worrying yourself sick too. However, don’t worry because this bad phase will pass, and your partner will be healthy again.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Predictions

10. Capricorn Weekly Love Predictions (December 22-January 19)

This week, things may not be as sweet as you wish. You and your partner will be caught up in your professional duties because of which both of you won’t find the time to spend with each other. Furthermore, you may also feel irritated or frustrated with each other. However, things will soon get better, and your relationship will improve.

11. Aquarius Weekly Love Predictions (January 20-February 18)

Your love forecast astrology predictions say that you unnecessarily doubt your partner, because of which your love life is deteriorating. Your weekly love horoscope wishes to remind you that your partner is loyal and they love you a lot. Don’t let baseless thoughts spoil your equation with your lover.

Aquarius Weekly Love Predictions

12. Pisces Weekly Love Predictions (February 19-March 20)

Per this free love prediction by date of birth, your partner is going through a tough time, and they need your support and love. It is advisable to shower them with the attention they need, love them, give them emotional support, and be by their side. You will see that these acts will make a special place for you in their heart, and they will love you unconditionally.


We hope you enjoyed reading these love life astrology predictions. If you wish to get more detailed love forecast astrology predictions, don’t hesitate to connect with us through our website. Our experienced astrologers can help you get the answers you seek. In addition, for more such predictions blogs on different topics such as health, career, and finance, head over to the InstaAstro website now! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What are love predictions?

Love predictions are curated by astrologers regarding our love life. These horoscope predictions can tell us what is coming our way when it comes to our relationship. Be it people in happy relationships, or single persons, everyone can read these predictions.

2. What do the Libra weekly love predictions say?

The Libra weekly love predictions say that you will spoil your relationship by listening to others and letting external factors control you. It would be best to listen to your heart and mind, trust your partner, and love your partner and relationship.

3. Are these weekly love predictions accurate?

The weekly love predictions by Astro Rajiv are pretty accurate and on point. Not only this but all other InstaAstro predictions are curated by experienced astrologers. So, don’t worry because your future is safe in our hands!

4. What should Aquarius people do next week according to their weekly love predictions?

Per the weekly love predictions for next week, Aquarius-born natives should focus on their partners and stop questioning their loyalty. It would be wise to remember that your partner loves and cares for you.

5. Where can I read more predictions?

Through the InstaAstro blog section on our website, you can read more predictions, such as health, horoscope, and even stock. Moreover, you can also read your monthly and yearly predictions on our website.

6. Can astrologers give me predictions about my life?

Just like these weekly love predictions given by Astro Rajiv, other astrologers can easily predict your future for you. All you have to do is head over to the InstaAstro website, sign in, and connect to an astrologer.

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