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Weekly Horoscope Predictions: 3rd September To 11th September

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Weekly Horoscope Prediction

As human beings, we like to be prepared for every event or occurrence in our life, and it is customary to think like that. Astrology facilitates this thought and helps us predict what lies ahead of us and how we can achieve it. InstaAstro’s Weekly Horoscope Predictions for 3rd September to 11th September by Tarot Swati are here to spill the beans on what September has in store for you!

Weekly Horoscope Predictions 

We hope you had a great first week of September, and if not, find out if the second week is a game changer for your zodiac. Read to find out!


The first fire sign, Aries, has an average start to the week lined up for them. However, the beginning of the week may not turn out as you want it to. Thus, this might affect your thought process. 

Remember to take good care of your parents and maintain a good relationship with them. The middle of the week will bring new hope and adventures for you as there are chances you might meet someone influential. Moreover, the end of the week will give you a sense of direction and stability. 

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According to the Weekly Horoscope Predictions, the Moon will bestow positivity and happiness on natives of this zodiac at the beginning of the week. Moreover, this is the week where you can change your negative family equation and try to work towards the idea of a happy family. Confidence is your biggest strength, and this will benefit you on your professional front. 

Your love life might go through subtle issues, but they will be resolved by the end of the week. 



Financially, this might not be the best week for you. You will make too many hasty financial decisions and regret them later. Things will go slower at work, and your family will keep you busy. You might not have any time for yourself. 

However, by mid-week, you will have fresh experiences and eliminate the slow pace of work and life. In addition, confessing your love or feelings to the one you like during this week is suggested. Lastly, please do not neglect your health, as it is a significant factor in determining your week.


Natives of this zodiac will have a brilliant first few days of the week with the Moon having their back and blessing them with positivity. As a result, you will be stable and grow exponentially this week. Moreover, you might come across an old friend or acquaintance from the past and get along with them. 

The mid-week will be a little heavy on you emotionally, and your personal life might suffer during this time. Arrogance can become your biggest enemy if you lose control over your emotions. In love, natives of this zodiac can make their relationship stronger with deep understanding or make it worse by doubting their partner. Avoid indulging in overthinking, and things will be alright.


Leos will have a blissful year regarding household economics and monetary growth. However, being a fire sign, aggression will make things go downhill, so try to remain patient and don’t lose control over your actions. Professionally, things will be great and full of opportunities for you. But, business partners might have a fallout or go through conflicts in their partnership. So, don’t trust people easily and know who your well-wishers are. 

In terms of love, the week is filled with romance and physical intimacy for you. The end of the week is a great time to confess your love to the person you love. 


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For natives of this zodiac, the Weekly Horoscope Predictions suggest that this week will be fantastic for you. There will be more than one source of revenue for you at the beginning of this week. Hence, this might lead to excessive spending throughout the week. Thus, avoid overspending and invest the money earned instead.

For to-be parents, this might be the week for the arrival of their baby. Therefore, start planning about the overall expenditure and caregiving for the child. Moreover, your love life will be a hit, and this is the week for romance in full bloom for you.


The week is all about expanding your business and growing at your job. There are also high chances of a promotion coming your way! This is the right time for investing, and you will get high returns. However, be cautious of your colleagues as they might not be happy with your success at work. 

By mid-week, your health will improve from the previous week, and you will do well physically. And as far as love is concerned, natives of this zodiac might meet their soulmates this week.  


The Weekly Horoscope Predictions for Scorpio suggest that this week, the natives will reap the seeds they sowed in the previous weeks. Moreover, professionally things will be hectic and exhausting for you. Therefore, you might want to change your current job, and this is a good week to do so. 

Romantically, things will be a little turbulent. However, since Scorpios are quite the charmers, they will sail through rough waters of quarrels and arguments.



The planetary positions for the beginning of the week are not favourable for natives of this zodiac. Therefore, do not invest in assets as there will be no profits. 

However, spiritually the week is excellent for you, and you are likely to form a deeper connection with the divine. At the workplace, there will be a few failures and rejections. But keep working hard towards your goals, and you’ll do better. Finally, in matters of love, your partner might surprise you with a little something this week. 


For natives of this zodiac, the Moon is in a good position for this week. So, your emotions will be stable this week and remain under your control. Moreover, this will be a week full of new experiences and surprises. And, you will finally be able to achieve a work-life balance.

All the love birds are advised to avoid getting into unnecessary quarrels and conflicts. Instead, keep faith in your relationship; good things will come to you. For students, this is a crucial time and studying hard right now will help you in your exams later this year. 


For natives of this zodiac, this is a week full of hope and excitement. For adults, there will be financial benefits at work. Moreover, there will be a substantial increase in your bank balance. But, most importantly, peace and harmony will grace your home and prevent all conflicts and problems from occurring. 

For those in love, this is a great week to take things forward and propose the idea of marriage. However, make sure not to visit many crowded places as it can be detrimental to your health.


The water sign, Pisces, has a great beginning of the week lined up for them. This is because the Moon is in the right place in their birth chart. Natives of this zodiac will have a fulfilling and fruitful week. There will so much to learn, and it will be an intellectually stimulating week.

The only thing to look after is your health! Do not take your health lightly because of your busy lifestyle, and avoid eating out too much. Moreover, since Pisceans are loving and caring individuals, they will fall in love with somebody just like them by the end of the week. 

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