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Weekly Health Predictions: 28th May to 3rd June 2023

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Weekly Health Predictions

InstaAstro welcomes you to another exciting edition of weekly health predictions. So, get ready for some weekly accurate health horoscope from InstaAstro! From May 28th to June 3rd, we’ve got you covered. We’re like friendly health experts who can tell you what to expect each day. On Monday, some of you might feel super energised; or on Tuesday, you might want to do some adventure, just like juggling oranges while wearing roller skates. But don’t worry; we’ll give you tips to stay balanced! And guess what? Or maybe some of you would discover that you’re really good at yoga and can bend like a pretzel without even trying! Sounds so cool, right? 

Throughout the week, we’ll also share helpful tips to keep your energy up and make you feel great. Folks, our best free health horoscope is no less than a daily vitamin. We’re here to make sure you have a healthy and happy week! So, get ready for some exciting health adventures with Astro Dinkar’s predictions. Let’s make this week awesome!

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Weekly Health Horoscope by date of birth 

Having our free health horoscope weekly is like having a secret code that unlocks the hidden potentials and challenges that lie ahead. So, it’s time to unlock your potential, align with the stars, and be healthier, happier!

1. Aries Health Horoscope Predictions (March 21- April 19) 

First on the list of weekly health predictions is this fire sign, Aries. This week, Aries, pay attention to your stomach and digestive health. You may experience some discomfort or issues in these areas. Also, take care of your diet and try to eat light and easily digestible meals. Avoid spicy or greasy foods that can upset your stomach. Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Rest and relaxation are also essential for your well-being. Listen to your body’s needs and take breaks when necessary. At last, your free health horoscope asks you to prioritise self-care and take care of your physical health.

Aries Health Horoscope Predictions

2. Taurus Health Horoscope Predictions (April 20- May 20) 

Dear Taurus, this week, take extra care of your head and overall brain health. According to Taurus weekly health horoscope, some of you may experience occasional headaches or feelings of weakness. Don’t worry; it’s temporary! Remember to get enough rest and maintain a balanced routine. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat brain-boosting foods like fruits and vegetables. Light exercises like a short walk can also help clear your mind. Avoid excessive stress and find moments of calmness and peace, says your best free health horoscope. By following these simple tips, you can maintain a healthy mind and body. 

3. Gemini Health Horoscope Predictions (May 21- June 21) 

What does the Gemini weekly health horoscope say about the week ahead? Let’s find out. Dear Gemini, this week, your health looks generally fine, but be careful of your heart and blood pressure. Keep a close eye on your medication schedule and take it as prescribed. Along with this, avoid excessive stress or situations that may increase your blood pressure. Remember to take breaks and find moments of relaxation. Engaging in light exercises, like gentle stretching or walking, can help keep your heart healthy. At last, your weely health predictions want you to consume a balanced diet with heart-friendly foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

Gemini Health Horoscope Predictions

4. Cancer Health Horoscope Predictions (June 22- July 22 )

Next on the list of weekly health predictions is the zodiac sign Cancer. So folks, this week, pay attention to any wounds or injuries that may occur. Take proper care of even minor cuts and bruises to prevent infection. Keep a first aid kit handy and clean wounds properly. Also, avoid exposing yourself to risky situations that may lead to accidents or injuries. Don’t forget to prioritise safety measures and be careful in your daily activities. It’s a good time to focus on strengthening your immune system through a balanced diet and regular exercise. 

5. Leo Health Horoscope Predictions (July 23- August 22) 

Dear Leo, this week, you may experience some discomfort in your shoulders or hands. There are some things you need to do for this. First, avoid overeating and take breaks when needed. Second, you may also practice gentle stretches and exercises to keep your muscles relaxed. It’s important to listen to your body and rest when necessary. Remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutritious meals, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep. At last, pay attention to your mental health by engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

Leo Health Horoscope Predictions

6. Virgo Health Horoscope Predictions (August 23- September 22 )

Virgo, as per your weekly health predictions, this week, it’s important to be careful of any asthma-related issues. Take your medications regularly and seek medical advice if needed. During the summer season, make sure to stay hydrated and protect yourself from excessive heat. Don’t forget to take care of yourself by doing relaxation techniques and stress-relieving activities. Remember to listen to your body’s signals and rest when required. At last, maintain a balanced diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables, to boost your immune system. 

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7. Libra Health Horoscope Predictions (September 23- October 23) 

Hello Libras! This week, those with heart conditions should take extra care of themselves. In this case, try to avoid oily and fatty foods as they can worsen your health. Make sure to prioritise rest and engage in light exercises or walks to keep your heart healthy. Listen to your body’s needs, and don’t overexert yourself. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Stay committed to a balanced diet which is low in cholesterol, and take your prescribed medications regularly. As per your best free health horoscope, by following these precautions, you can maintain a healthy heart and overall health. 

Libra Health Horoscope Predictions

8. Scorpio Health Horoscope Predictions (October 24- November 22 )

It is time to discuss about the weekly health predictions of this sun sign, Scorpio. As per Scorpio weekly health horoscope this week, those experiencing migraines should pay attention to their health. If you work on a laptop, remember to take regular breaks to rest your mind and reduce stress. Aim for a good night’s sleep of at least 8 hours to prevent any health complications. Along with this, stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet to support your health. Trust your instincts when it comes to self-care and make choices that prioritise your health.

9. Sagittarius Health Horoscope Predictions (November 23- December 21) 

Attention, Sagittarius! This week, chances are there you could face back discomfort. To stay strong, mind your posture and avoid lifting heavy objects. Also, try to take mini breaks and do gentle stretches if you have to sit or stand for a long time. If the discomfort remains, consult a concerned doctor. Your back’s health is important, so be careful and take preventive measures. With good posture and some self-care, you can keep those back issues at bay, Sagittarius! Your weekly health predictions want you to stay healthy and have a fantastic week ahead!

Sagittarius Health Horoscope Predictions

10. Capricorn Health Horoscope Predictions (December 22- January 19) 

Dear Capricorn, this week it is time to be careful of stomach-related issues like digestion or loose motions. Summer can impact your tummy, so take extra care. Try to avoid spicy and oily foods that could upset your stomach. Along with this, it is necessary to hydrate well and consume cooling foods to beat the heat. Capricorn weekly health horoscope wants you to opt for light exercises and take walks after meals to process digestion. If you still experience discomfort, it is advised to take medical advice. Prioritise your stomach’s health and maintain a balanced diet for a healthy week ahead, Capricorn! 

11. Aquarius Health Horoscope Predictions (January 20- February 18) 

Next on the list of weekly health predictions is this zodiac Aquarius. Dear Aquarius, this week brings good news for your health! You are in excellent shape and feeling your best. Enjoy this period of energy. Maintain your health by staying active and engaging in physical activities that you love. Take walks in nature, try out a new exercise routine, or involved in a favourite sport. Remember to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. At last, don’t forget to nourish yourself with nutritious meals and stay hydrated. 

Aquarius Health Horoscope Predictions

12. Pisces Health Horoscope Predictions (February 19- March 20) 

Dear Pisces, this week brings good news for your overall health. By following the instructions provided by your doctor, you can maintain your great shape and stay healthy. If you suffer from migraines, it’s important to take extra care of your health during this week to prevent any worsening of symptoms. Remember to manage stress levels, get enough restful sleep, and stay hydrated. Avoid doing things that may lead to migraines, such as certain foods or environmental factors. With proper self-care and attention, you can enjoy a week of improved health, says Pisces weekly health horoscope. 


We will be back next week with more fascinating predictions about your health. Let the universe guide you to a happy and healthier life until then. If the horoscope is what intrigues you, head to our website, InstaAstro and learn more about your love life, career, and finance via our weekly predictions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Which planet in astrology is good for health? 

Jupiter is considered a planet of good health. It represents expansion, growth, and abundance. A strong and well-placed Jupiter in the birth chart is believed to promote overall well-being and vitality.

2. Which planet focuses on healing? 

Mercury is associated with healing in astrology. It governs communication, intellect, and the nervous system. Mercury’s influence can support the process of healing, especially in matters related to the mind, intellect, and communication.

3. What are the symptoms of a strong Venus? 

A strong Venus in the birth chart can bring about positive effects on a person’s health. Some symptoms of a strong Venus include a good physical appearance, good skin and a balanced hormonal system. 

4. What are the health issues caused by Ketu? 

Ketu is known as a spiritual and mystical planet in astrology, but it can also have some health issues. Health issues associated with Ketu include digestive disorders, intestinal problems, food allergies, skin conditions, and immune system imbalances. 

5. Which planet in astrology is responsible for mental illness? 

Jupiter and Mercury are closely associated with mental illness, communication, and the nervous system. The imbalanced placement of these planets leads to mental health issues such as anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. It also invites difficulties in communication and concentration.

6. Which house is an illness in astrology? 

The sixth house in astrology is traditionally associated with illness, health, and overall well-being. It governs matters related to physical health, diseases, injuries and daily routines. 

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