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Weekly Health Horoscope: 7th May to 13th May 2023

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Weekly Health Horoscope

Hello People! How are you all? Health is more than just what we eat! Is it also defined in terms of what we go through or have been into in the past? Astrology, the science of depiction, not only allows us to get in sync with what is planned for us in the future. It also helps us to be a part of it. So, is it fascinating how astrology also helps us keep track of our health chart? So, Are you excited to let your sun sign reveal the health horoscope or InstaAstro’s Weekly Health Horoscope by Astro Dinkar? Here, we track the astrological signs per your zodiac to guide us for a weekly analogy. So, are you ready to roll in? Then let’s dig deep and read how the week will unfold for you health-wise!

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Weekly Health Horoscope for the upcoming week (7th to 13th May 2023) are as follows:

1. Aries Health Horoscope (March 21–April 19)

The Weekly health horoscope for the Aries states that you will likely have a severe backache because of some physical injury. Also, You could face many gastric issues, constipation and a lousy tummy. The stars in your free health horoscope advise you not to indulge in salty and spicy food.

Moreover, you could indulge in some astrology to tone down the malefic of planetary combinations in your horoscope chart. Also, you can wear gemstones as per your zodiac sign. Apart from this, eat healthy and drink lots of fluids. Also, exercise will put your gut and stomach-related problems at bay.

Aries Health Horoscope Predictions

2. Taurus Health Horoscope (April 20–May 20)

The Taurus weekly health horoscope indicates that you could deal with skin-related allergies. In addition, the inflicted position of Rahu in your birth chart could also give you a severe knee injury. So, it would be best if you avoided activities like hiking or trekking for this week. Also, if you are already dealing with a blood pressure-related problem, avoid eating salty and packaged food.

As per your zodiac chart, you are advised to eat a balanced diet. Avoid any junk food for the upcoming week. Also, increasing the fluid intake in your diet becomes a must when you have high sugar or blood pressure levels in your blood.

3. Gemini Health Horoscope (May 21–June 21)

For Gemini People, the gemini weekly health horoscope says that you could get a severe injury on your head or leg. Your nakshatras also indicate that you are most likely to have pain in your wrist or elbow because of some old injury. The severity of the pain depends upon the malefic nature of the planets in your 6th house astrology. 

So, you are suggested not to go for a long run, trek or situation that would invite further injuries. Also, for a good and fast recovery, you are advised to eat a lot of protein and a calcium-rich diet. Along with it, taking appropriate amounts of rest is also necessary. 

Gemini Health Horoscope Predictions

4. Cancer Health Horoscope (June 22–July 22)

Cancerians! The best free health horoscope for your zodiac asks you to be cautious if you are already dealing with thyroid or blood pressure-related issues. This week’s astrological inflictions could elevate these risks for your zodiac. So, make sure to eat right if you are already having these problems.

However, if you have just been diagnosed, then change your diet and routine to keep yourself healthy throughout the week. In addition, adding some form of exercises like power yoga or anything that suits you is a must regarding your current condition.

5. Leo Health Horoscope (July 23–August 22)

For Leo health horoscope, there could be gastric issues for the upcoming week. However, other than this, your entire week will be enjoyable. The planetary combinations are not harmful for the forthcoming week; however, you are advised to eat a lot of fibre.

Gastric problems majorly arise when our gut and stomach aren’t performing well. So, it would be best to increase your fluid intake for your internal organs to keep going on the right track. As summers have come, this gives you an excuse to indulge in your favourite coolers.

Leo Health Horoscope Predictions

6. Virgo Health Horoscope (August 23–September 22)

The Weekly health horoscope for Virgo predicts that you could face a sore throat if you are not cautious of what you are eating. As with the changing weather, our body finds adapting difficult. Therefore, it would be best if you found ways to comfort your body so that it doesn’t respond to making you sick during that change.

So, when the weather becomes cold, indulge in some hot ginger tea. Also, you could titillate your taste buds with some hot soup. Moreover, if you catch a cold, properly get medicated by your doctor; otherwise, it could become a phenomenon. Otherwise, you will be in excellent health for the entire week.

7. Libra Health Horoscope (September 23–October 23)

Horoscope predictions for Libra health state that people with blood sugar or hypertension must be extra cautious for the next week. The nakshatra for your zodiac could severely put you in trouble if you have already been diagnosed with these problems. However, slight lifestyle changes could tone down the effect.

But you would need to do some weekly health remedies as well. For example, Venus in your zodiac horoscope could be inflicted. So, wearing your birthstone or keeping a pink/ white coloured handkerchief t-shirt could be helpful. These astrological remedies are really simple and could easily be performed by anybody to deal with the inflicted planetary positions of your nakshatra chart.

Libra Health Horoscope Predictions

8. Scorpio Health Horoscope (October 24–November 21)

According to the Scorpio Weekly health horoscope, you could deal with eye-related issues. It could be an allergy or strain with increased work pressure. However, other than this, your entire week will be healthy and happening.

To avoid any further irritation, make sure to maintain your eye hygiene. For example, wash them with cold water and take proper rest. Also, take small breaks in between your work and divide your work into small daily tasks. This will keep your eyes relaxed and fresh and allow you to work with a concentrated mind.

9. Sagittarius Health Horoscope (November 22–December 21)

Your stars indicate that you could have to deal with a severe headache if you are stressing too much. It would be best to remember that some things are not in your control, so don’t waste your time and energy on them. However, Anulom Vilom is a great way to release all this unnecessary tension from your body. It will also induce positivity within your brain cells and give your body fresh oxygen.

Besides this, you are also advised to avoid things that don’t concern you. Meditation is also a great way to set boundaries and avoid overthinking.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope Predictions

10. Capricorn Health Horoscope (December 22–January 19)

The Capricorn weekly Health Horoscope predicts a healthy week. Although if you are going on a long trekking or hiking trip, you could face a lot of leg pain. So, postponing this plan according to the best free health horoscope is better.

Also, if you have been planning this trip for a long time, you could do some weekly health remedies to tone down the malefic of planets. Moreover, you are advised to wear your birthstone as per your zodiac sign to tone down the malefic of inflicted planetary position in your horoscope chart. 

11. Aquarius Health Horoscope (January 20–February 18)

Aquarians, you could face a lot of congestion in your chest. However, it won’t be limited to causing you uneasiness; if you aren’t treating those symptoms well, it could turn into severe chest pain. Also, as per the stars in your horoscope nakshatra, you are advised not to indulge in something that is cold or could further irritate your throat.

It would be best to warm yourself up with this changing weather. Include more soups and teas in your routine. Moreover, complete your medication course so the symptoms don’t return. Also, remember that precaution is better than cure, so in advance, you can be prepared for these symptoms to tone them down. 

Aquarius Health Horoscope Predictions

12. Pisces Health Horoscope (February 19–March 20)

The Pisces weekly Health Horoscope brings all the nakshatra analogies to the conclusion that you could have severe pain in your back and stomach. Back pain could result from sitting for long periods in bad posture. Regarding your stomach, you are strictly advised not to indulge in junk or spicy food. Even packaged foods are off the list for the upcoming week.

Along with this, you need to increase your fibre and fluid intake. Also, chant the core mantra for your parental planet, Neptune, to tone down the effects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Where can I get a trustworthy weekly health horoscope?

Astro Dinkar, our most famous and skilled astrologer, provides your weekly health horoscope via InstaAstro. Weekly forecasts are also available for tarot, numerology, love, and careers.

2. What planet rules over matters of health?

In terms of health concerns, the sun is the most important planet. If you have any of these circumstances, “Surya Jal Arpana” is one of the greatest cures, according to several astrologers. Even if you have a high temperament, this is still helpful.

3. Can I have two distinct horoscopes for my health?

Astrologically speaking, having two different horoscopes is impossible. Even when we look at natal charts, a person may only have a strong affinity for one zodiac sign. However, if you were born on the cusp, you might slightly influence two different zodiac signs.

4. What distinguishes a horoscope from a prediction?

A prediction is a broad assertion of any upcoming event involving a person or location. A horoscope, on the other hand, is a forecast based on your zodiac sign.

5. What astrological houses are advantageous for weekly health?

The second, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses in astrology are all related to your health. As a result, the locals’ health could be negatively impacted by any malefic planet connected to these houses.

6. What gem might be advantageous for improving your health for my weekly health horoscope?

One of the lucky stones for your health is amber. It is well known to encourage both physical and mental calmness. It is also known to cure any diseases currently afflicting your body.

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