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Weekly Financial Prediction: 29th Jan to 4th Feb 2023

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weekly financial predictions.

A weekly financial prediction could help you solve or alert your mind to future financial problems. No matter how harsh it is, it will save you from drowning in debt or any financial predictions. 

Read out what this week’s financial predictions say as per your element or zodiac sign. Tarot Swati, our team astrologer, has forecasted these predictions for your convenience. 

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Weekly financial predictions for the upcoming week (from 29th January to 4th February 2023) are as follows:

Is it the right time for you to invest? Can you go for your startup? Will you get an appraisal? Any question related to your managing or incoming finances could quickly be answered by looking at these predictions. So read yours to know what all possibilities lie in front of you:

Element: Fire 

Sun Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius 

For the fire element zodiacs, the free wealth astrology predictions say that the coming week could give you a tough time. To avoid that, make sure you are not splurging money impulsively. Instead, take one step at a time when managing your finances. 

This is the time when you should balance your finances. For example, you could invest in shares or bonds, or property. Also, analyse your money decisions again to utilise every penny mindfully. 

You could go for a new venture if you are into business. Also, if you are doing a job, coming up with new and influential ideas would surely get you in a good position among your colleagues.

Technical Analysis

Element: Earth

Sun Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

According to the money horoscope, the earth’s zodiac signs will have a tough week in terms of investment. So if you have been planning to invest your money for a long time, then keep it aside for the coming week. 

free kundali

Also, going for a new venture isn’t advisable for the new week if you are a businessman. Moreover, as per your cash flow forecasts, if you want to switch your job, this could also affect your financial status in general.

Make sure not to make any confrontations in your workplace. Of course, there could be times when your work gets someone else credit, but make sure not to indulge in a fight at this time. 

Also, you might feel stagnant at a point in time, but this is just a phase; it will pass away. Good things will come your way; you must keep calm and wait a while as per your weekly financial predictions.

weekly financial predictions.

Element: Air

Sun Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius 

According to your free money astrology, the financial week for the air zodiac signs will be perfect. So everything will be in your favour.

Finally, you will see all your hard work reaping positive results. There will be rewards and appreciation waiting for you as you complete your employment to your full potential.

If you want to plan an investment, then this is the right time. Moreover, if you have been waiting for a promotion and it got delayed, you could get lucky this time. You might get that promotion or appraisal you have been waiting for so long. 

Just keep working with the same zeal and passion, and good results will come your way. However, don’t get overwhelmed with the positive outcomes and get distracted from your track.

positive outcomes of Market

Element: Water

Sun Signs: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio

The weekly money horoscope predicts that the coming week for the Water element zodiac signs will be rewarding. Have you been working to your full potential and still need to get good results? Worry not!

The coming week is going to bring you that expected appraisal or promotion. But moreover, if you are into business, it could be a profitable deal settlement. 

Any past investments will now reap positive results for you. Also, you could invest without any hesitation this coming week. In accordance with your free wealth astrology, if you have issues related to property or money, that will be resolved at the end of this week.

These weekly financial predictions will assure you of financial stability and positive results for your past financial investments. 

weekly money horoscope prediction


These predictions starting from Aries weekly finance horoscope till Pisces, are purely based on their elements. They help you calculate how your finances will be in the upcoming week. Moreover, they give you an idea of whether you should be rescued from any financial investments. 

To know more about predictions and other astrology-related topics, visit the InstaAstro website or download the app. You could also read weekly tarot, numerology and love horoscopes on our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does Scorpio weekly finance horoscope predict?

Per your financial predictions, you will have a very happening financial week. Any awaited promotion or appraisal could happen this week. Moreover, any past investments will also reap good results for you.

Where could I find free wealth astrology?

InstaAstro gives you free wealth astrology on a weekly basis. Moreover, you could also read a monthly prediction for your finances. Additionally, there are tarot, numerology, love, and career horoscopes for your convenience.

Can financial predictions be made based on tarot cards?

In general, tarot cards cannot predict your financial future. But there are a few tarot cards; if they come in your favour, they could depict a part of your financial stature. 

Which tarot card is associated with the Capricorn zodiac?

Capricorns are born with strong personalities. They are known for their optimism and positivity. But, on the other hand, their intense behaviour isn’t visible to everyone. So, their suitable personality tarot card is “The Death”.

How are financial predictions useful?

A financial prediction lets you plan your financial future. Whether or not you should invest. Or if you will get a money flow or not. So, when these questions are answered, you get a clear picture of how to handle your finances.

What is the financial prediction for numerology 3?

Numerology 3 people are lucky when it comes to financial wealth. So they will get several opportunities to rise and shine. But that doesn’t mean they have it all easy; they need to put in their passion and enthusiasm to make it to the top finally.

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