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Venus: The Ruler of all Romantic Relationship in Horoscope

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Compatible Zodiac Signs in a Romantic Relationship

A relationship is all about giving and receiving love. It is the placement of Venus in a love horoscope that decides a person’s perception of relationship and affection. Moreover, the harmony and compatibility between couples are blessed by Venus. In the case of romantic relationships, an astrologer needs to check the placement of Venus in both the partners’ love horoscopes. Furthermore, that is why an experienced astrologer prefers to detect the position of Venus in the fire, earth, air, and water elements in all twelve zodiac signs. Thus, have a look at the presence of the Venus Sign Calculator in all signs.

Venus in Different Elements

There are four elements (Fire, Earth, Air, & Water) related to all zodiac signs. The analysis of these elements is vital for understanding an individual’s love, nature, and relationship orientation. As Venus Sign Calculator is the ruler of all love horoscopes, check out how Venus reacts in different elements with reference to the twelve zodiac signs.

Venus in Fire elements (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

Venus in Fire people prefer a relationship that is very idealistic and self-centered with visions of romance and relationship.

  • Aires Venus – Such people are interested in a flirtatious romance that demands spontaneity and physical touch.
  • Leo Venus – A true romantic power couple who never likes to get rejected.
  • Sagittarius Venus – The entertainer who loves to explore new things and do adventurous things.

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Venus in Earth Elements (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn)

Venus in Earth people prefer a relationship that is firm, long-lasting, and reliable.

  • Taurus Venus – Real lovers who are extremely romantic; they can seek love outside relationships.
  • Virgo Venus – Sensuous people who are sweet lovers, practical, and organized.
  • Capricorn Venus – People with a hidden passionate side and eroticism.

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Venus in Air elements (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius)

Venus in Air people prefers a relationship that demands open communication that is verbal and clear.

  • Gemini Venus – They are ambiguous and like to find pleasure when pursuing their curiosities.
  • Libra Venus – These people are total aesthetes who prefer physical sensuality.
  • Aquarius Venus – These people decline to define their relational bonds through group conventions.

Venus in Water elements (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

Venus in Water people prefers a relationship that is receptive to emotional expressions of affection.

  • Cancer Venus – They love to build a relationship based on trust, loyalty, and fortification.
  • Scorpio Venus – These people are intense and mysterious, and they love karmic bonds.
  • Pisces Venus – These people are spiritually romantic couples who function at their highest vibrations.

If you want to know the status of Venus as per different elements in a romantic relationship, talk to qualified astrologers available online. Moreover, they can let you know the status of Venus in the love horoscope so that you can understand the level of compatibility with your partner.

The failure and success of a romantic relationship depend upon the status of Venus planet in the horoscope of natives. Therefore, chat with online astrologers or take help from them to make things happen in your favor.

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