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Vedic Medical Astrology to Predict Health Problems for all Zodiac Signs

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Astrology to Predict Health Problems

Medical astrology is the outlet of astrology dealing with health concerning the twelve zodiac signs. Indian Vedic medical astrology predicts how malefic planets apply their destructive influence on a person’s health and cause diseases and injuries. Moreover, each zodiac sign and each planet has a connection with varying diseases. The world is passing through the worst times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, Rahu and Ketu, along with Jupiter, are responsible for the viral diseases. Rahu and Ketu are related to infectious diseases as they are a factor of infection. Lord Jupiter symbolizes vitality. So, any combination of Rahu and Ketu with Jupiter indicates bacterial, viral, fungal, and prion infection. Read the content to know more about the association of Vedic medical astrology with human health concerning twelve houses, planets, and zodiac signs.

The Connection between Houses and Health

Before jumping to any conclusion, it is good to know which planets can impact human health. Bad and malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu cause numerous health problems and injuries to natives. Other planets also have adverse effects on human health when they receive bad aspects. As per Vedic medical astrology, different houses affect different body organs. These include:

• First house – Complete human body, especially the face (facial bones, head, and brain)
• Second house – Teeth, throat, larynx, neck, right eye, and cerebellum
• Third house – Right ear, collar, shoulders, lungs, breath, blood, and hands
• Fourth house – Chest, breast, ribs, stomach, and digestive system
• Fifth house – Heart, spinal cord, and mind.
• Sixth house – Kidneys, bowel, intestines, and stomach (It is also known as the ‘house of sicknesses’)
• Seventh house – Naval cavity, skin, and waist region
• Eighth house – Sexual organs, anus, urinary system, and pelvic bones
• Ninth house – Arterial system, hips, and thighs
• Tenth house – Knees, joint, and hams
• Eleventh house – Legs, ankles, and ear
• Twelfth house – Feet, toes, lymphatic system, and left eye

Planet-borne Health Problems

• Sun – High fever, ocular problems, head injuries, heart diseases, skin diseases, and bone fractures
• Moon – Heart diseases, lung diseases, sleeplessness, asthma, water-borne diseases, diabetes, menstrual disorder, cough, and cold
• Mars – Head diseases, leprosy, blood pressure, female organ diseases, UTI diseases, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, rectal conditions, and chickenpox
Mercury – Chicken-pox, epilepsy, navel diseases, bone fracture, typhoid, vertigo, madness, paralysis, skin and mouth diseases
• Jupiter – Liver diseases, kidney problems, lung diseases, diabetes, lack of memory, blood poisoning, dyspepsia, and abscesses
• Venus – Face and eye diseases, venereal diseases, sexual incompetence, impotence, urethral diseases, hernia, and general debility
• Saturn – Weakness, stomach pain, loss of limbs, rheumatic pains, blindness, muscle pains, paralysis, hysteria, deafness, tumors, and baldness.
• Rahu – Lung problems, feet diseases, difficult breathing, hiccoughs, stammering, poisoning, and pain problems
• Ketu – Lung problems, fever, diseases from unknown causes, intestine worms, low blood pressure, speech defect, brain diseases, and phobias

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Zodiac signs associated with body parts

• Aries – Head, brain, and face
• Taurus – Throat, neck, lips, and ears
• Gemini – Lungs, hands, arms, and shoulders
• Cancer – Stomach, breasts, chest, digestive organs, ribs, and elbows
• Leo – Heart, back, spine, wrists, and forearms
• Virgo – Intestines, lower spine, fingers, abdomen, and spleen
• Libra – Kidneys, skin, and lumbar region
• Scorpio – Urinary organs, bladder, anus, pelvis, nose, and appendix
• Sagittarius – Hips, thighs, nerves, and arteries
• Capricorn – Knees, joints, bones, teeth, and skin
• Aquarius – Legs, ankles, and circulation of blood
• Pisces – Feet, toes, and lymphatic system

Summing up

Vedic medical astrology foretells more about various diseases and injuries with twelve zodiac signs, houses, and planets. If you are suffering from any sort of ailment and health issues, you can ask experienced online astrologers from India about Astro solutions. You can also check your health status after consulting with professional Indian astrologers available online.

Natives who use smartphones can also reach famous astrologers via online astrology apps, suiting their time and comfort preferences.

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