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What Is Vasi/Vesi Yoga In Vedic Astrology?

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What Is Vasi_Vesi Yoga In Vedic Astrology

You must be thinking about what Vesi Yoga is. How is it related to Wisdom, stability and Happiness, and how can we check that? We will discuss this all further and will see how we can check this in our Kundli’s. Not only you or me, but everybody wants stability and wisdom in their lives so that they can make the decisions about their lives that are beneficial for them. So let’s move ahead and know what is Vesi Yoga.


Vasi Yoga in Astrology

The Vesi Yoga is formed in the birth chart because of the Sun. When the Sun is there in your Kundli and any of the following planets is there from the second away of the Sun, Vesi Yoga forms. The planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars. These planets should be there, and the planets Moon, Rahu and Ketu exist in the second away, so the Vesi formation doesn’t take place in the Kundli. 

Veshi Yoga in astrology relates to many personalities within you, and when the formation of Vesi Yoga is done on different planets, it has different effects on the personality. If planet Jupiter is there in the second away from the Sun, you possess immense knowledge, and with your knowledge, you can manifest the life you want. If the planet Venus is there, it is second away from the Sun, so you develop your skills and build the second house of your Kundli to have a peaceful and good life.

If the planet Mercury is placed second away from the Sun, then your logical mind will work very well, and you will be able to achieve the dreams you want. If the planet Saturn is there, then Karma will be there for you, and you will achieve the things you want with the Good Karma. And if the planet Mars is there, then your hard work and dedication will help you manifest the life you want. 

One of the most important factor that has to be noticed in the Vesi Yoga, that these planets in the second away with Sun help in positive energy but if any of the formation has Rahu, Ketu and Moon combined with them, then you might not receive the benefits of this auspicious yoga. 

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What are the Benefits we receive from Vasi Yoga?

There are many benefits of Veshi Yoga in astrology, and it can make your life very happy. Stay happy in life is a part of the positive effects of Vesi Yoga, and when you are happy, you make others happy as well. This helps in making your willpower strong, and you become very a person who is trusted by everybody with their secrets and situations or we can say difficult faces of life.

Your positive attitude will help others to overcome their issue and helping someone when in need makes good Karma for us and good things will happen with us. You will be bold and will have great health and your hard work will pay off the results you were manifesting for. 

Is there any negative effect of Vasi Yoga?

Vesi Yoga in astrology can create negative effects as well as it has a negative combination of planets on your birth chart, and because of this, you might feel negative energy. This can create low confidence, you can feel lazy, and also manifesting the life you want will be difficult.

People from your family might get upset with you frequently, and it can also happen without any reason. Health can also be as a negative effect of Vesi Yoga, it is suggested to be very careful during this phase and consulting an astrologer will be beneficial.  

What can be done to increase its effects?

There are many ways that you can do in your daily life to increase the effects of vasi yoga in your birth chart. We should always respect everyone, which means respecting the elders as well as the younger ones. We should always focus on working towards our goals.

Not only this, but staying focused and working hard can help you easily manifest the luxury, happiness, and good health will be easy. Just respecting others’ hard work is not enough, as appreciating others’ hard work also plays an important role in this. Be more hard-working, knowledgeable, and honest, and everything will be smooth, which will increase the Vasi Yoga as well. 

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How to check Vasi Yoga in Kundli?

If you understand reading Kundli, you can check your Kundli, and you should check the planet Sun’s placement in your Kundli and check the planets for the second house and look for the planets Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. If it is there, the Vesi Yoga will form, and if the planets Rahu, Ketu and Moon are there, then the Yoga will not form. You can always consult with an experienced astrologer, as they will be able to help you understand whether Vasi Yoga has a positive influence on you or a negative impact on what you should do and what you should avoid. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the famous personalities with Vasi Yoga in their horoscope from India?

Narendra Modi (14th Prime Minister of India)Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Cricketer)Rajnikanth (Actor)

2. What are the positive effects of Vesi Yoga?

The positive effects are social status, wealth and good health.

3. Is it mandatory to do the steps to increase the effectiveness of Vasi yoga?

It is suggested that the steps can increase the positive effects of Veshi yoga in Astrology, and we can do it or avoid doing it.

4. Can we check the Vasi Yoga in our Kundli on our own?

Yes, you can check the Yoga in your Kundli on your own if you are able to read the Kundli, else getting in touch with the astrologer is always suggested.

5. What is the significance of Vasi Yoga in Kundli?

This Yoga in the birth chart brings good fortune, knowledge and good health. It also brings positivity to the life.

6. Is Vesi Yoga rare?

No, this Yoga is not rare, but it can be hard to have it in the birth chart.

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