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Valentine’s Day 2024 Full Week List

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Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma

You must have come across several scoops that tell you what Valentine’s day has stored for you based on your zodiac signs. But have you come across a scoop that tells you what Valentine’s weekday matches with your zodiac sign?
How should you express your love to your partner? Based on your personality traits, are you a hug or kiss person? If you want answers to these questions, scroll through to learn everything about the Valentine Week list. 

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Valentine’s Day Week: Feb 7 to Feb 14 Day List 

Day 1: Rose Day, Feb 7

Valentine’s Day begins with gifting a rose to your special ones. Last Valentine’s Day, just like every guy, you gifted a rose to your crush. You waited for a whole year for her response, but nothing happened. You never started your journey a year later; you are standing at the same station you started your journey with. Did you gift a red rose or a white rose to your crush? The colour of the rose makes a real difference.

Gifting a red rose to someone means expressing your love for them. The white and yellow ones depict friendship, joy, and happiness. If you are a newbie, think twice before giving the rose to your crush. The zodiac sign that suits the vibe of roses is Gemini. Taking their partners on a romantic date or going to the grocery with them, there is nothing a Gemini cannot do for their love. 

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Rose Day, Feb 7

Day 2: Propose Day, Feb 8

Here comes the second day of Valentine week, ‘Propose Day’. Have you prepared a script on how you would propose to the girl or boy you love? Will you propose by singing their favourite song, or will you dedicate a poem to them? You have thought of it all. Haven’t you? But you are waiting for the right moment to come. Well, what else could be the best way to propose to your partner on ‘Propose Day’? So mark the calendar. 8 February day is when you will propose to your crush or partner. Virgo and Leo are the zodiac signs that will not think 

Propose Day, Feb 8

Day 3: Chocolate Day, Feb 9 

What should you do to bring a smile to your girl’s face? Gift them their favourite chocolate and see their winsome smile for the day. Chocolate Day stands third on the Valentine Week list. February 9th is observed as Chocolate Day. 

Now is the time to talk about the zodiac sign that matches the vibe of Chocolate Day. Chocolate is there to blow away your Monday blues. If you are dealing with a broken heart, chocolate uplifts your mood. So you don’t need an excuse to eat chocolates. Similarly, Pisces is the zodiac sign you won’t need a reason to go to.

Chocolate Day, Feb 9 

Day 4: Teddy Day, Feb 10

Moving on, next in the valentine week list 2024 is Teddy Day. For some people, food is the way to their hearts. But boys, pay attention for girls, a teddy is a way to their hearts. So gift your girl a cute little teddy bear and make her yours. You can also write a small note along with the teddy to make it more memorable. Do you know what zodiac sign matches the vibes with Teddy Day?

Before you make any guess, let us tell you that it is none other than Taurus. Can you tell what the one similarity between Teddy and Taurus is? Both Taurus and teddies have a calming and soothing effect. Let us make you understand with the help of an example. Teddy and Taurus are always there to give you company. 

Teddy Day, Feb 10

Day 5: Promise Day, Feb 11 

Enough with the gifts. Now is the time to impress your crush with your words. Guys, always remember one thing, commitment is the first green flag a girl looks for in her man. So, for this, ‘Promise Day’ is the best occasion to show your girl you care. Make her promise that you will always listen to her never-ending talk. Girls, you can promise your guy that you will cheer for his favourite football team next time in a match. 

Zodiac signs such as Libra, Taurus and Capricorn have learned to love in layers. Now what does that mean? They cannot open in front of their partners at once. If you are lucky, you will witness several versions of your partner that they have hidden from the rest of the world. Holding their partner’s hand and confessing their love in public seems less relatable to these zodiac signs. For them, love is an intimate thing and should be expressed in private. If you don’t want your partner to be complaining about you not being expressive, now is the perfect moment to show commitment. 

Promise Day, Feb 11 

Day 6: Hug Day, Feb 12

Before talking about what day of Valentine’s week suits the personality of your zodiac sign, let us talk about the significance of hug day. 

February 12 is ‘Hug Day’ in February Valentine week. Do you have a person whose presence feels like a warm blanket? If not, then we have something for you that can help. Valentine’s Day week is the best occasion to upgrade your relationship status. If you are the type of person who cannot express feelings easily, now is the time to show what you feel through gestures. Don’t forget to hug your partner and make them believe that come rain or shine; you will stay. 

Now is the time to talk about the zodiac signs that match the vibe of hug day. Sun signs such as Aries, Scorpio and Virgo never feel shy to give their partners a tight and warm hug. Moreover, these zodiac signs top the list of the most expressive signs ever. 

Hug Day, Feb 12

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Day 7: Kiss Day, Feb 13

Last is Kiss Day, the second last day of Valentine’s week. Here comes another gesture to express the love in your heart for your partner. Kiss Day is observed just a day before Valentine’s Day, i.e. on the 13th of February. Zodiac signs such as Aquarius, Sagittarius and Scorpio will never let go of a chance to display their love and affection for their partner. So whether they are sitting in a restaurant, with friends or family, these zodiac signs would not shy away from planting a sweet kiss on their partner’s cheek. 

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Kiss Day, Feb 13

Different Valentine’s Day traditions across the world

South Korea 

Down the streets of South Korea, you will find couples holding hands and exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day. But the real fun begins two months after Valentine’s Day. All the love sicks or singles celebrate April 14 as Black Day. Well, if you are single, too, then we don’t need to explain what the singles in Korea would do on a black day. 


Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently in the land of the rising sun. According to the traditions, February 14 is the best way to express love to your crush or partner with chocolates. But the chocolates you gift change everything. How? Give us a moment to explain. ‘Honmei’ chocolates are given to men you can’t stop gushing over. 

But why should your male friends or colleagues be left behind? On the contrary, ‘Giri’ chocolates are gifted to your male friends, colleagues or family. Mix these two chocolates up and be ready to face some drama. But we haven’t finished yet. Now that the females have done their part, it is the chance for males to take the stage and reciprocate their feelings. As a result, March 14th is observed as ‘White Day’ in Japan, where men express their feelings to the women they love. 

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The whole world would celebrate the spirit of love except Brazil. Why? Please don’t assume that Brazilians are against love or something. Instead of February 14, Brazilians celebrate the spirit of love on June 12th. Can you guess what Valentine’s Day is called in Brazil? Dia dos Namarados. 


As far as romantics go, the Taiwanese are the best. Why? Because they celebrate Valentine’s Day not once but thrice a year. Yes, it is true. Besides Valentine’s Day and White Day, the Taiwanese celebrate love on July 7th. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What zodiac sign is born on Valentine's day?

Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac, is born on Valentine’s Day. Despite being known as the water-bearers, Aquarius comes under the category of an air sign. This zodiac sign spans between the 300th and 330th degrees of celestial longitude.

2. What zodiac is a rose?

Out of all the twelve zodiac signs, if there is one sun sign that represents the flower rose is Libra. Why? Just like roses have the enigmatic charm to impress anyone, Libras can leave a long-lasting impact with their gentleness and compassion.

3. What sign is the moon in on Valentine's Day?

As you know, the moon changes its position after every 2.5 hours. This Valentine’s Day, the moon will be placed in Sagittarius.

4. What zodiac signs are lovers?

Zodiac signs such as Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini are the most romantic partners one can wish for. Their love is nothing less than a typical Bollywood/Hollywood movie. They spare not a single moment to spoil their partners.

5. Is February 14th an Aquarius?

People born between January 20 and February 18 fall under the category of the Aquarius sun sign. Born with the gift of compassion, Aquarius is one of the most empathetic and down-to-earth zodiac signs.

6. What zodiac sign is lucky in love?

Out of all the twelve zodiac signs, Taurus is the one that has the blessings of Cupid. Why? They are the luckiest signs when it comes to love because of the planet that rules them, Venus. Dubbed as the planet of love, Venus denotes love, compassion, romance and desire.

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