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Unique Physical Features that Make a Woman turn all Heads

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It is quite common for a man to get attracted to a woman. It is natural and spontaneous. All men are different. So are their interests and preferences. There is a long list of the physical features of women that men like to see. From curves to a toned body and from facial shape to glowing skin, every feature matters the most. Interestingly, astrology also defines the unique features of a woman that makes her catch all eyes. When it comes to knowing the features that entice a man, health and fertility are seen as important ones. Read this content and find out some unique features that make a woman look attractive with reference to astrology.

Attractiveness is the prime factor of beauty

The science of astrology also validates that there a few unique features that add more style and character to the prettiness of women. Science has also proven that the below-mentioned features give women the ability to attract all men. These features include:

• Natural look with fewer cosmetics
• A killing smile with whiter teeth
• Shiny, full, and long hair
• Red lipstick and red dress
• Smart women with a noticeable height
• A high-pitched voice with youthfulness
• A wider waist to hip ratio (7:10)
• Long legs and long arms
• Heaving bosom with a narrow waist
• Fashionista who grooms herself

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A woman enriched with all these features is not less than a ‘Miss World’ who is called beauty with brain. A good sense of humor and charming looks take things to the next level and make a woman every men’s dream girl. Move ahead and find out what astrology has to say about the beauty of women.

Astro combinations and prettiness of women

Prettiness is not just a word that you can link with women only. It is just a factor showing that a pretty woman can bring charm to anyone’s life. As per astrology and history, all influential women have had a very attractive persona. They are known for their grace, elegance, and attractiveness . Their killer looks and facial expressions make them a central attraction everywhere. These features not only deliver women an attractive appearance but also make them different from the crowd. Have a look at certain characteristics and planet conjunctions in a horoscope that deliver women exceptional features of prettiness. These include:

Lagna Lord is aspected by Jupiter, Venus, Moon, or Mercury.
• Mercury lies in Gemini or Virgo.
• Mercury stays in Lagna (ascendant).
• Moon has an aspect with Venus or vice versa.
• Moon is powerful but Mercury and Venus are normal.
• Moon lies in Taurus and Cancer.
• Moon, Mercury, or Venus are lodged in Lagna (ascendant).
• Moon, Venus, and Mercury are exalted in their own house.
• Moon, Venus, and Mercury are present in their own house.
• Venus lies in Libra, Taurus, or Pisces.
• When females have Venus in Pisces or it is exalted.

You can simply check your horoscope to find out the presence of the above-mentioned Astro combinations in your birth chart. These combinations are vital for analyzing the looks of a woman. If you are unable to understand the position of these planets in a female horoscope, then talk to love horoscope experts and astrologers available online. You can also download an astrology app to get customized Astro solutions sitting at home.

Women and girls can chat with online Indian astrologers to know what these combinations give in the form of attractive physical features.

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