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Top Colors Married Women Should and Shouldn’t Wear This Karwa Chauth

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Karwa Chauth

Every year Karwa chauth festival comes with lots of happiness, blessings, and enthusiasm for all, especially married women who observe a long fast for the long life of their husbands. This occasion also marks the fashion statement of women who are real fashion enthusiasts. Karwa chauth is not all about observing a fast, it is also about doing solah sringar and wearing new dresses. This festival is celebrated in the month of Kartik on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha. On this one-day festival on November 4, 2020, married women seek the blessings of Goddess Gauri for their prosperous married lives. They observe fasts and break it at midnight after seeing the moon. Let’s read the content and find out what colors should and shouldn’t be worn by married women along with details of solah sringar.

Solah sringar things to mark the auspicious day

Without a doubt, solah sringar are the sixteen objects of beauty that all married women prefer to wear on a big occasion like karwa chauth. Astrologers believe that a few items in solah sringar help women ward off evil forces. The following are 16 beauty-enhancing items that married women should wear. These include:

  • Wear Sindoor or vermillion on forehead for the long lives of their husbands.
  • Always wear Mangalsutra around the neck.
  • Wear Mang teeka on forehead to double beauty.
  • Wear Kajal to make eye dramatic and beautiful.
  • Wear Bindi on forehead regularly or on special occasions.
  • Wear colorful or red Bangles that escalate the beauty of a suhaagan (married women).
  • Wear golden Rings around fingers.
  • Wear Karnphool that looks like earrings.
  • Wear Bajuband or armlet on the upper arm.
  • Wear Kamarband around the waistline.
  • Apply Mehndi on hands and palms. It is really mandatory for women.
  • Wear Toe-ring or bichhua.
  • Wear Gajra made of jasmine or other scented flowers.
  • Wear a traditional or ethnic saree in the red color.

Colors that Married Women Should Wear

From traditional saree to suit salwar and from lehnga to ethnic wear, there are lots of colorful dresses that can make a big difference to the occasion. Married women can take inspiration from Bollywood Divas and their karwa chauth look. The following are some of the unique colors that can add more stylish to the fashion statement of married women.

  • Cherry Red: Wear a saree or lehnga in a cherry red hue for a conventional Indian bride look.
  • Metallic Golden: This color suits well the skin of Asian women. Make a difference with a palazzo style suit in this tone.
  • Purple Red or fuchsia: Dress up this bright color to get a vivid bride look.
  • Salmon Orange: Wear this superb shade to expose your glowy skin.
  • Marsala: Give a sophisticated look to your total outfit with a difference.

Colors that Married Women Shouldn’t Wear

Two above-discussed passages put a light on solah sringar and colors to wear. The following is a brief list of colors that all suhagaans should avoid on this big day. It includes:

  • Black color: It is a very inauspicious color that married women should never wear.
  • White color: It is also considered inauspicious in the Hindu religion.
  • Blue color: This color always looks good, but women should not worship wearing this inauspicious color.
  • Brown color: It is a classy color related to malefic Rahu and Ketu planets. So, women should avoid wearing this on big occasions.
  • Grey color: This color is also inauspicious and should be avoided.

So, it is quite clear that there are some colors that you should and shouldn’t wear to add more gleam to solah sringar look. If married women want to know more about the effects of colors on this occasion, they can talk to a professional online astrologer and take its services sitting at home.

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