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Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): Your Path For Focus and Intuition

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Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Have you ever felt like you can sense what other people are thinking or feeling? Do you sometimes get strange sensations in your forehead, between your eyes? Chances are, your Third eye or Ajna Chakra is activating. All things visuals and strong imaginative power depend on the Third Eye Chakra. It is the sixth chakra on the spine of the human body. Your third eye is associated with intuition, imagination, wisdom, and awareness beyond the physical senses (spiritual).

When this energy centre is open and balanced, you may experience greater clarity of thought, vision, and insight. However, for many of us, our third eye remains inactive due to stress, distractions, and lack of awareness. The good news is there are simple techniques to awaken this chakra and tap into your inner guidance system. Let us know it all in detail.

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What is Third Eye Chakra?

The Third Eye Chakra is also known as Ajna Chakra, where Ajna means “brow” and chakra means “energy point”. You all must have heard of the Third-Eye opening of Lord Shiva. That’s exactly where humans have their Third Eye Chakra. It is located in the forehead part of the spine, precisely between the eyebrows. In today’s age, people associate the Third Eye Chakra with mindfulness and spiritual development. Besides spiritual awakening, this chakra signifies how well we understand the world and its behavioural patterns. 

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Components of the Third Eye Chakra

Additionally, the 3rd Eye Chakra symbol, element and colour are significant for knowing the benefits of keeping a balanced Ajna or Third Eye.

  • Symbol: The Third Eye Chakra symbol is an inverted or downward-facing triangle with 2 lotus petals, Ida and Pangala, along with the Seed mantra “Om” in the centre. It denotes the power of knowledge, awareness of negativity, and seeking answers through spirituality.
  • Deity: Ardhanarishvara is the deity form of Lord Shiva and Mata Shakti. It has links to Ajna Chakra, indicating truth, knowledge, awareness and goodness.
  • Element: The Third Eye Chakra element is the light, which denotes the path through which you make yourself aware of your environment.
  • Colour: This Chakra colour is Indigo or Deep Blue.

How Does the Third Eye Chakra Work?

The Third Eye, or Ajna Chakra, has a direct line of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind. When it is open or activated, you receive intuitions, inspired ideas and psychic powers. You develop a deeper sense of wisdom and clarity in your thoughts and choices.

Let us understand this function with the help of a personal life incident. There was a girl named Jenna. Jenna always had a hard time making decisions. She second-guessed herself constantly and lacked confidence in her own intuition. After learning about chakras, she realised her Third Eye Chakra was blocked. She started doing daily meditations focused on opening her Ajna. At first, Jenna didn’t notice any changes. But after a few weeks, she started having visual dreams and strong gut feelings about situations. She trusted her intuition more and felt more decisive. Her headaches and tension also decreased.

Now, whenever Jenna needs to be on her toes and faces sudden deadline situations, she knows exactly what to do and succeed, as her Third Eye Chakra is functioning properly.

Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

Now, the next station is your Third Eye Chakra Symptoms or Signs. Certain behaviours of yours may indicate whether you have a balanced/open Ajna or it is blocked or imbalanced. Let us get served with this information in brief.

Third Eye Chakra Opening Symptoms

Awakening third eye symptoms keep you clear-headed about everything, and in some cases, you tend to find answers to things that are beyond reality. Some common signs of opening the Third Eye are as follows.

  • You have a stronger sense of intuition and insight. You can perceive beyond the physical and tap into a deeper level of wisdom.
  • Your imagination becomes more clear and visual. You may be able to visualise more clearly through meditation and daydreaming. Creative inspiration flows more freely.
  • You feel an inner peace and calm. There is a sense of relief and balance. Your mind is less confused and distracted.
  • You may become more sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, and the energy of others. This can be managed by taking regular grounding breaks.

Third Eye Chakra Blocked Symptoms

When your Ajna Chakra is blocked, you experience underactive Third Eye Chakra symptoms. Some common behavioural signs that show Third Eye Chakra imbalance are:

  • You struggle to focus your mind and maintain clarity of thought. There is mental fogginess and confusion.
  • You have trouble visualising or thinking symbolically. Creativity feels blocked.
  • You experience frequent mood swings, anxiety, or depression. It’s hard to find inner calm and balance.
  • There is tension, pressure, or pain in the forehead, temples, or between the eyebrows. Headaches are common.

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How To Activate Third Eye Chakra

There are several ways you can open and activate your Third Eye Chakra. Give these techniques a try to strengthen your intuition and creativity and enhance your spiritual connection:

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations 

  • “My intuition is strong and clear.”
  • “I trust my inner wisdom.”
  • “My mind is open to new insights and opportunities.”
  • “I am wise, intuitive, and connected to my inner guidance.”

Third Eye Chakra Crystals

  • Amethyst – Aids intuition and spiritual awakening.
  • Lapis lazuli – Stimulates wisdom, intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Fluorite – Helps expand consciousness and enhances mental clarity.
  • Clear Quartz – Brings clarity in mind and helps avoid negative thoughts.

Third Eye Chakra Yoga

  • Child’s Pose – A resting pose that relaxes the mind and energizes the body.
  • Headstand – Invert your body and improve concentration. Use a wall for support.
  • Seated Twist – Twists the spine to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Shoulder-stand Pose (Sarvangasana) A 90-degree or L pose, keeping your legs horizontal in the air enhances body strength and calms the mind.

Meditations for Third Eye Chakra

  • Third Eye Meditation – Focus your attention on the area between your eyebrows. Visualize a glowing indigo light.
  • Candle Gazing (Sambhavi Mudra)– Stare at a lit candle in a dim room. Let your mind relax and be open to the visions that may arise.
  • Transcendental Meditation – Repeat a mantra beej word “Om” or “Ajna” to help focus your mind while taking deep breaths.
  • Holotropic Breathwork – Push yourself to rapidly breath until a point when you forget about the real world and enter an altered state of consciousness.


When you open your Ajna Chakra, you open yourself up to deeper wisdom and insight. Start by incorporating the practices of meditation, visualization, and mantra into your daily routine. Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities in your life. Once your third eye is open, you’ll start to see the world with more clarity and awareness.

Greetings! I’m Ritu Mahali, a content writer at InstaAstro. Your positive feedback motivates me to continue creating valuable content. If you found this blog beneficial, feel free to connect with our in-house astrology experts by clicking here and gain insights to stay ahead of life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is the Third Eye Chakra located?

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the centre of the forehead, between and just above the eyebrows. It is similar to Lord Shiva’s position of the Ajna or Third Eye.

2. What is the Third Eye Chakra responsible for?

The third eye chakra is responsible for intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to perceive the world beyond the physical.It allows us to tap into our inner guidance and access deeper levels of consciousness.

3. What causes Third Eye Chakra blockage?

Stress, lack of sleep, excessive stimulation, and lack of spiritual practice can all contribute to a blocked Third Eye Chakra.

4. How do you open your Third Eye Chakra?

Meditation, Affirmations, wearing auspicious crystals and Yoga can help balance your Ajna or Third Eye Chakra. Once balanced, it is opened.

5. What body parts are governed by the Third Eye Chakra?

The Third Eye Chakra is related to your eyes, nose, ears and brain. It focuses on your memory power, concentration and ability to think clearly.

6. How powerful is the Third Eye Chakra?

The Ajna, or Third Eye, is one of the most important chakras. Once it is opened or balanced, it gives you insight, clarity of thought, and vision beyond the physical world i.e. spirituality.

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