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All You Need To Know About Surya Tilak In Ram Temple 

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Surya Tilak In Ram Temple 

On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, the birth of Lord Ram, a unique event unfolded on 17th April 2024. As Lord Ram celebrated his first birthday at his Janambhoomi, Ayodhya, a special performance of Surya Tilak or Surya Abhishek was observed, marking a special celebration. 

The Surya Tilak took place on the day of Ram Navami at 12:16 PM at Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. So, take a brief overview of what happened and how the Surya Tilak on forehead was executed. 


What is Surya Tilak? 

Surya Tilak, also known as the Surya Abhishek, is an important ritual in which devotees apply tilak on their foreheads to seek the blessings of Lord Ram and Lord Surya. Likewise, on the day of Ram Navami, a sacred and unique bright celestial occurrence took place. During this event, the rays of the sun illuminated the Ram Lalla idol as a Surya Tilak on forehead. 

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The Surya Tilak Importance in Hinduism 

If we have to discuss the ancient and mythological reason behind the Surya tilak ram mandir, Lord Ram is said to be a member of the Ishvaku clan, who was believed to be the descendants (children) of the Lord Sun (Surya Dev). 

Moreover, the Ishvaku family is also known as the Suryavanshis, which means “descendants of the Sun”. Therefore, Suryavanshis is said to be one of the most ancient and powerful clans in Hindu mythology. Lord Ram’s connection to the Ishvaku family and the Suryavanshis is significant because it highlights his roots and his association with the Sun God, Surya. 

How was the Event of Surya Tilak Executed? 

Many Indian scientists have worked to make this event special. According to online information, an optomechanical system with high-quality mirrors and lenses was used to direct light directly on Rama Lala’s forehead. A team of IIA Bengaluru has also been a part of this remarkable event, using many scientific techniques to exactly place the Sun Rays in the middle of Lord Ram’s forehead. 

Moreover, the scientists also explained that three strategically placed lenses and mirrors were used where the first one was placed on the top floor of the temples and reflected the sun rays on the other lenses and mirrors. 

It has also been added that the main objective of all the scientists was to illuminate the light on Lord Ram’s forehead to celebrate Ram Navami. This event will take place every year on the day of Ram Navami. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. When and where did Surya Tilak take place?

The Surya Tilak, or the Surya Abhishek, took place on the day of Ram Navami on 17th April at 12:16 PM at Ram Mandir Ayodhya.

2. How is surya tilak made?

The Surya Tilak was made using high-quality mirrors and lenses that directed the sun’s reflection directly towards Lord Ram’s forehead.

3. Why is there a Surya tilak on Lord Ram's forehead?

The importance of Surya Tilak dates back to the ancient mythological story where it’s believed that Lord Ram used to be the descendants (children) of the Lord Sun (Surya Dev).

4. What is the science behind Surya tilak?

The science behind Surya Tilak is that the tilt mechanism was used to reflect the sun’s rays towards Ram Lalla’s forehead. The mirrors and lenses were kept in a tilted position so that the sun’s rays directly illuminated his forehead.

5. Why is Surya Tilak performed on Ram Navami?

The Surya Tilak is performed on the day of Ram Navami to mark the birth of Lord Ram. It has been further saying that this special event will occur on the ninth day of the Chaitra month every year.

6. What is Surya Tilak importance?

The Surya Tilak is considered auspicious because it reminds us of Lord Ram’s roots, where he belonged to the Ishvaku family and the Suryavanshis.

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