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Solar Eclipse On 4th December What It Means For You

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Solar Eclipse


The final solar eclipse of 2021 will occur on 4th December, Saturday and this will be a Total Solar Eclipse. The eclipse will be completely visible in Antarctica and only partially visible in other parts of the world. Incidentally, it will not be seen from India, although the effects of this eclipse will be felt far and wide. InstaAstro brings certain precautions that one should take to avoid any kind of negativity or harmful effect on their daily lives due to the eclipse.

Time And Duration: 

The partial eclipse will begin at 10.59 am IST and total eclipse will take effect at 12.30 pm IST. The full eclipse will end at 01.33 pm and the partial eclipse will complete at 03.07 pm.
The duration of the total solar eclipse will be for 4hours and 8 minutes

Astrological Significance: 

December 4, Saturday is the new moon day of Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. At this time the solar eclipse will take place in Scorpio or Vrishchik sign in Jyeshtha and Anuradha Nakshatra. Meanwhile, Scorpio will be occupied by Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu. Scorpio is a sign affected by the main intentions behind any work and its subsequent karmic cycle that is sown.
Jyeshtha Nakshatra, in which this eclipse is happening, is the eldest one and hence it is all about power, leadership and ego which shall be affected. This also affects the righteousness of people. It brings its effects in such a manner that even small troubles can bring huge overreactions. Ideas and opinions become rigid and flexibility for gaining better insights is affected. This time will also bring out the inner jealousy and betrayal.

Collective Prediction For Solar Eclipse: 

The year 2022 and its cycle shall be completed with this Solar Eclipse coming into effect. The theme will be that of Karmic Retribution, ‘Out With The Old and In With The New’. There will be unexpected global and personal events that shall come into play. An overdrive of unwanted emotions such as possession, lust and greed will come to surface creating much drama. Simultaneously, the eclipse will remove shadows from any hidden agendas or secrets. By the effect of ‘Ketu’, there will be a strong urge to remove anything unwanted or unpleasant in life which may be a huge weigh-down. Big companies and organizations will see upheavals and their market value turning volatile. Ketu is also privy with Mars in this case which means global crisis in the form of illness or natural phenomenon. All over theme for the energy of eclipse will be a huge transformation in all personal and professional aspects of life.


What Not To Do During This Period: 

Eclipse denotes darkness of that which is otherwise bright; in case of humans, it is the mental and spiritual light which is affected. To maintain your positive perspective and avoid any negative effects of the eclipse please take note of the following:

  • Remove or avoid interaction with anyone who brings negativity in your life (relatives, friends or colleagues).
  • Avoid any major decisions at this time as emotional state will be sensitive and heightened.
  • Avoid shifting houses at this time as well as currying favors with any higher officials as it may backfire.
  • Avoid breaking rules or getting rebellious at this time.
  • Do not speak negative about any person and do not get into confrontations as they will turn ugly.
  • Stay away from any negative social media influences.
  • Avoid drama at all cost, whether at home, at work or in your social life.
  • Do not let feelings of jealousy or betrayal overpower your mind.
  • Avoid working with Fire at this time.
  •  Avoid driving, especially during the eclipse.
  • Do not eat or cook food during eclipse time and throw away any leftovers.

What To Do During This Period: 

As eclipses are the time to let your inner-light shine, make sure to do things that make your feel mentally and emotionally positive. Look for answers in meditation, prayer and similar spiritual practices. Let spiritual pursuits be your immediate aim instead of material pursuits.

To further strengthen your mental and spiritual state please take note of the following:

  • Surround yourself with Positive People.
  • Respect authority and rules.
  • Keep your to-do list ready and stick to it.
  • Chant your mantras and amplify any spiritual practices that you may be doing.
  • Do conscious breathing practices and practice mindfulness.
  • Practice caution when addressing any sensitive issues at work or at home.

Once eclipse is over, make sure to take bath and say a prayer of gratitude.

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