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Solar Eclipse 2021: Timing, Date, and Mantras to Avoid Ill-effects

By June 4, 2021October 18th, 2023No Comments
Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse of 2021 will take place after the first lunar eclipse of 2021 that occurred on May 26, 2021. The annular solar eclipse is about to happen and will take place on June 10, 2021. Solar eclipse or Surya Grahan is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the Earth receives no sunlight due to the sudden placement of the Moon between the Earth and the Sun. On Thursday, June 10, people will witness the first Solar Eclipse of 2021. Indians can see this big event from North East areas, like Arunachal Pradesh. The rest parts of India will miss this occurrence.  The eclipse will be visible from Russia, Canada, and Greenland. Read this content and find out more about the timing and date of solar eclipse 2021. Also, know about some unique mantras that can help you get rid of the negative consequences of the eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Dec 2021: Date and timing

Total, annular, and partial are three major types of solar eclipses. This year, when Moon passes in front of the Sun, it will create an annular solar eclipse. The solar eclipse brings both good and bad fortune for natives of the twelve zodiac signs. The date of the coming eclipse will be June 10, 2021, with starting time of 1.42 pm (IST) and an ending time of 6:41 pm (IST). Check out the following aspects associated with the solar eclipse.
• Date – June 10, 2021
• State – The Moon comes between the Sun and Earth
• Time – 1:42 pm to 6:41 pm IST
• Type – Annular Solar Eclipse
• Sun covered by – 94.3 percent
• Visibility in India – No
• Global visibility – Europe, much of Asia, North Africa, West Africa, North America, Atlantic, and the Arctic

Mantra for a solar eclipse during Sutak Kaal

Vedic astrology sees Sutak Kaal as an inauspicious period before a solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will be seen partially in India, so there will be no valid Sutak period. It is believed that chanting mantras during solar eclipse bless natives with immense power and remove this mortal world’s sufferings. As per Hindu scriptures, one should not indulge oneself in any auspicious activity during the eclipse period. Professional Indian astrologers suggest chanting the following mantras to make the most out of the solar eclipse 2021.

“ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नोः सूर्य: प्रचोदयात”
“oṃ ādityāya vidamahe divākarāya dhīmahi tannoḥ sūrya: pracodayāta”

“तमोमय महाभीम सोमसूर्यविमर्दन। हेमताराप्रदानेन मम शान्तिप्रदो भव॥“”
“Tamomay Mahabhima Somasuryavimardan. May Hemtarapraden Mam Shantiprado Bhava”

“ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये। प्रसीद-प्रसीद श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं महालक्ष्म्यै नम:॥“
“Om shri hrim shrim kamalālaye kamallaye prasid-prasd r rm r mahalakshmyai namah॥“

“ॐ ह्लीं बगलामुखी सर्वदुष्टानां वाचं मुखं पदं स्तंभय। जिह्ववां कीलय बुद्धि विनाशय ह्लीं ओम् स्वाहा।।“
“Om Hlim Baglamukhi Sarvdushtanam Vacham Mukham Padam Stambaya Jihvaan Keelay Wisdom Vinashay Hil Om Swaha”

“विधुन्तुद नमस्तुभ्यं सिंहिकानन्दनाच्युत। दानेनानेन नागस्य रक्ष मां वेधजाद्भयात्॥“
“Vidhuntud namastubhyam simhikanandanachyut dananaen nagasya raksha maa vedhajadbhayat”

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Make the most out of Solar Eclipse 2021

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